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Note from Dave of TruthForFree: The following was originally a post on my friend Johnny’s Facebook page (November 10th) “Hard Truth”. The original two-part post has been combined into a single post for viewing here. Follow-up comments are welcome and Johnny also welcomes personal comments or questions directed to his email.

TRANCE’DANCE in Church-world
Which Witch is which?
Part 1

by Johnny Johnson

I rarely mention names in my posts because I know God can save people involved in the occult and I’m not on a witch-hunt. The information I will share may be all one needs to know and flee from Charismatic Witchcraft. That being said, if you want to know the name of this person I am exposing on this page let me know. Perhaps your own teens may be involved and this post might trigger some “catch phrases” you’ve heard them say.

Satan’s capacity for wicked imagination seems bottomless. Furthermore, he is not the least bit intimidated by today’s postmodern church leadership. And just when I think the devil can’t get any more brazen introducing his dark spiritual substitutes for revival into the spiritually empty sanctuaries of church-world, he pulls another rabbit out of his hat.

Currently there is a female “prophet” who has made quite a name for herself in the USA and abroad she proudly admits that she is a “New Mystic.” In my opinion she is none-other than a witch; a witch who is unleashing one of the most powerful manifestations of evil upon an unsuspecting and spiritually blind generation of believers.

She is a sparkling dark prism and pioneer traveling the perfect timeline of Satan’s agenda against the Church. Because I love you, I have no choice but to warn you of this agenda. As of 2007 the venom was injected purposefully into innocent believers crying for something deeper with God. This happened via advertised events that her “ministry” hosted promoting Ekstasis or Trance Dance. This forbidden fruit of ancient paganism is wrapped in sugar-coated bible scripture verses and presented to Christians as a new form of “true worship”.

This method of worship causes one to:

    “transcend their mediocre spiritual existence, freeing themselves to enter a celestial state of alternate consciousness allowing them entrance into an astral plain outside themselves.”

She goes on to say:

    “Ekstasis is an ancient Greek word meaning to stand outside of oneself or to be removed to somewhere else”.

Every pagan society throughout history up to the present has and does practice this form of dancing and, when the frenzied apex is reached, they enter into a level of indescribable emotional excitement called ecstasy. This euphoria comes to those people who worship any other god outside of Jesus. To suggest Jesus would respond to any form of occultism is both ludicrous and is blasphemy.

Check out how the New Age Movement defines this experience;

    “The purpose of a trance dance is essentially to bring you to a place in the sacred zone where the spirits can ‘reach you’ …in trance dance, the rhythms and movements combine with the music to create an altered state of consciousness that allows entry into the sacred realm. Allowing the body, and parts of the body, to move to and express rhythms it finds engaging in the moment that leads to this meditative state of mind and allows entry into a deeper mythic realty.” -Circle of Shaman, by Karen Berggren (Inner Traditions, 1998)

Some may be thinking that this lady, this new mystic, might not actually know what she is doing, or might not be “hip” to the ramifications of this form of worship. However, she has admitted publicly that before she came to Christ that she was heavily involved in the Occult and the New Age movement, (not that there’s a difference).

Knowingly, in her own words, she has “combined Ekstasis, worship, beats, electronic musical expressions, dance, prayer and a powerful prophetic flow to create a Christian ‘Rave’ experience.” She goes on to say that “this new expression of abandoned worship allows you to put feet to your faith as you dance and flow, pressing into the presence of God and experiencing the deep mysteries of intimacy with the Lord… the One who is truly worth raving about!”

I agree that the Lord is more than worthy to be raved about but, this is the wrong lord… Let me say again, Jesus will reject any form of worship that is steeped in satanic paganism. This demonically-inspired oracle of Satan rose up out of the false revival that swept the world in the nineties known as the “Toronto Blessing or Renewal Movement” and she has taken it to the next level.

I have personally experienced this movement firsthand. I’m embarrassed and hangdog-ed to admit I gave in for a short season and allowed myself to be duped and swim in the manifestations of this “strange fire”. Sometimes I wished I had stuck to my guns and convictions, instead of allowing myself to think that these evil and ridiculous “man”-in-festations came from the same gentle, peaceful Holy Spirit whom I’d walked with most of my life. Albeit to say, that’s another notch in my bible; another one of those experiences that I’ve had which has equipped me to help folks who’ve suffered harm in the aftermath of this sham.

According to Charisma magazine, they found a mail-out flyer from 2007 inviting participants to “Come bring in the New Year at the ultimate party in the secret place. Enter into the ‘glory realm’ through the hypnotic sounds of Ekstasis music and the powerful sounds of drum and bass and deep house presented by our electronic music master…” Does this leave any room to question her knowledge of what she is perpetrating? For those who do not know, the New Testament’s original writing is in Greek. (Gr. ekstasis, from which the word “ecstasy” is derived) denotes the state of one who is “out of himself.” Such were the trances of Peter and Paul, Acts 10:10 ; 11:5 ; 22:17 , ecstasies, “a preternatural, absorbed state of mind preparing for the reception of the vision”.

However, there is nothing in scripture supporting any person seeking to place themselves into a trance state.

(Compare 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 ). In Mark 5:42 and Luke 5:26 the Greek word is rendered “astonishment,” “amazement” (Compare Mark 16:8 ; Acts 3:10 ).

Another quote:

    “Ekstasis is a Greek word for moving beyond oneself. Since time began we as humans have realized our ability to have sensations that transcend our mundane existence – to experience a journey to enhanced states of conscious­ness, and find freedom from the perceived constraints of time and space. It is a chance to reclaim our “shamanic heritage” of healing through transformational, cathartic experiences. To dance our way into a trance, where we move beyond ourselves to connect with the divine source and bring back the vision of a fuller, more potent existence.”

Hells bells!!! The blatancy of this esoteric, arcane plan offered to those who have not discovered how to worship God in spirit and in truth, yet are accepting it without question; frightening is it not? She uses the term Hypnotic; definition time:

    Hypnotic: “spellbinding, simply put a binding spell, the definition of hypnotic is spell; magic charm, enchantment, hex, or curse.”

All of these terms come from witchcraft, and to realize that Christians would consider possibly committing spiritual suicide by allowing themselves to be hexed or curse boggles my mind.

The second definition, “binding” means:

    “to truss, attach, constrain, confine, restrict, hamper or hinder.”

Who wants to be hindered by a curse or confined by a hex? This is the promise that is awaiting those who enter into this diabolical abomination. You can count on it!

Another promise is sensations… or maybe I should make that sin’sations… Anyway, manifestations, sensations and other worldly experiences are the order of the day, and Satan is in no short supply. He will keep giving off vibes to lure people into his web of spiritual deception as long as they seek feelings and experiences instead of truth. We are what we eat; Jesus junk-food is abundant and in high demand and it has affected the spiritual health of the body of Christ as an alternate substitute for the sincere milk of the word as well as the meat of the gospel.

    1 Peter 2:1-5 – So get rid of every kind of evil, every kind of deception, hypocrisy, jealousy, and every kind of slander. Desire God’s pure word as newborn babies desire milk. Then you will grow in your salvation. Certainly you have tasted that the Lord is good! You are coming to Christ, the Living Stone who was rejected by humans but was chosen as precious by God. You come to him as living stones, a spiritual house that is being built into a holy priesthood. So offer spiritual sacrifices that God accepts through Jesus Christ.

It is heart breaking for me because I have many personal friends and know a lot of fellow believers who are spellbound and bewitched by this “revival of sensations”, so much so that if I put this chapter into their hands, after reading it they just wouldn’t get it.

If you would like to contact Johnny Johnson, you can email him HERE, or visit his Facebook page Hard Truth.

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