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The Widow’s Mite – by Gary Carpenter

This is an excellent message by Gary Carpenter! Most of us have read the story in Scripture of the widow who cast in the last of her income to the Temple treasury and most of us have probably heard this story right at the open of an invitation to give money into the offering during a church service. Great emphasis is often made concerning Jesus’ acknowledgment of this poor widow who so sacrificially gave all she had. But have we missed something monumental in this passage? Could it be that the institutional church taught it to us wrong? Gary offers some convicting and sacred cow-smashing observations in this incredible examination of the full context of the passage. This message is a must hear! You will never think of the story of the widow’s mite in the same way again…

Every church-attending Christian who is familiar with this story (as well as every person who has stood behind a pulpit and used it to take up an offering) ought to listen to this message. Gary comes from an institutional church background (like so many of us), but he is not a typical preacher! Gary cares deeply about the truth (regardless of whether it’s institutionally popular or not) and he doesn’t charge money for his ministry! In fact, he gives all his teaching materials away for free through his website! Gary’s heart is the Gospel truth and that people are encouraged and set free in their relationship with Christ. That makes him tops in my book! –Dave (TruthForFree.com)

This message originally appeared on the old TruthForFree website and is now re-posted here. You can also find links to it on the Audio Teachings page under Download.

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One Response to The True Story of the Widow’s Mite

  • Wow! I just listened to Gary Carpenter and the true story of “The Widow’s Mite” what a revelation of truth. I for the first time in a very long time have hope. My life must be an open book of truth, I am far from that at this time but God used this man to help me see His truth about a false doctrine that I have heard in Church’s all my life. I challenge any Pastor or Leader to listen to this truth and study it out for yourself, and I do not want to forget about those that sit in the pews believing all that a man says is truth without studying it out for yourselves. And may God have mercy on the souls that do not repent. I know that I am repenting right now!!! God help me.


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