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“The Man Behind The Message” is a message that Keith spoke live to a small group shortly before publishing an article called “For Prophets Only” in his newsletter at Last Days Ministries. I am not certain of the exact date of the publishing, but I believe it was sometime between 1980 and 1982 (not too long before Keith’s plane crash).

This is such an excellent examination of the prophetic gift as Scripture presents it and will help bring balance (for those that have ears to hear) to a grossly misunderstood and often abused subject. Keith offers that “if you think you’re a prophet”, please hear this message, but even if you’re not interested in the subject or don’t believe you have a prophetic gift, I encourage you to listen to this message as Keith so beautifully conveys the need for Christ’s followers to really and truly follow Him.

As Keith himself put it: “I’m not called to be a Prophet, I’m called to be a Christian – A servant of the living God! To live up to that wonderful word – That is my only goal.” However, in much of today’s church system (and even among many outside of it) a lot of so-called “prophets” fail some of the most basic qualifications of Scripture. They often lack God’s love and temperance, are overzealous, and spiritually proud. Rarely do they demonstrate true fruits of the Holy Spirit. Neither do they often demonstrate the attitude and character of Christ. Even those who have the best of intentions, may fall into error and delusion if they are not careful to keep their eyes on the Lord and allow His love, mercy and truth to transform them.

I really believe that this is an area where the devil can manipulate well-meaning Christians and we have seen those that have thought they were operating in a prophetic anointing, but which were instead manifesting demonic influence, their flesh, and became slanderous, hateful, course-tongued and arrogant to the extreme (all while claiming to speak “in Jesus’ name”); unwilling to accept any admonishment or loving rebuke or words of caution from other brothers or sisters in Christ. These types of people we should “leave them alone” as the Lord and His apostles said. We can pray for them and we should also pray, especially, that God continues to work in our hearts to transform us (day by day) into His image.

I hope this message encourages you as much as it did me. I have posted links to the audio version of the message on this site (click here to visit the audio page). The video is also available on YouTube by clicking here (or view below) and the original article text is available on Keith Green’s website here.

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