What You Won't Find In A Christian Bookstore

By George Davis, Michael Clark, & Kirk Pearson


Why did the Greek words presbytery (the elderly), apostle (envoy or sent one), and deacon (servant) remain un-translated into the Anglicized form? Why was the Greek word presbuteros (older or elderly) translated priest? Why was the word “office” added throughout the New Testament when it is not in the Greek text? Why indeed! There is little doubt that these words remained un-translated and others were mistranslated so the clergy could redefine them, interpreting them with the strongest institutional and hierarchical connotations. Was this mere ignorance, or a means of creating a ruling class of super saints?

You can examine this 1800 year old conspiracy in the incredible book “The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy” by our good friends at awildernessvoice.com. The book is available in either HTML (webpage) or PDF download. Use the links to view the document (or just click on the picture at left). The book is also available free of charge from the authors’ website. This is, quite honestly, one of the best books I’ve read explaining several huge aspects concerning why the modern-day church is likely obsessed with ecclesiastical authority. Many well-meaning pastors have fallen prey to false teaching on this subject and drawn others into this deception with them. This book wonderfully highlights the true story of how our Bible really has been tampered with over the years by religious hierarchs seeking to control and manipulate God’s people. Excellent book written by three great brothers in the Lord! Highly recommended reading!

While not written for everyone, this book is dedicated to those analytical ones who have dared to ask the forbidden question, “What is wrong with the church?” It is dedicated to all those who are willing to pay the price to see Christ’s Ekklesia restored. It is written in the deepest respect and honor for those of whom the world is not worthy, who laid down their very lives to expose this conspiracy. Some may ask, “what qualifies Michael, George, and Kirk to write such a work?” to which we might answer: Nothing, except perhaps that it reveals an indescribable burden, a passion that can only be characterized by the heart of a Father yearning to see His children set free from their oppressors, and a desire for the final deliverance of His family from the conspirators’ hands. Be sure to visit their website and the many fantastic articles and ebooks they have available, ALL OF WHICH ARE 100% FREE TO DOWNLOAD!!! You can also order hard copies of their books and even audio books at no charge! These guys are true brothers in Jesus and I have met them in person and have corresponded with them often. In fact, they were some of the first brothers to encourage me as I was making my own first steps outside of the religious machine… They ask nothing for what God has freely given them to share with the body of Christ. I encourage you to check out their site and, if you feel the Spirit of God leading you, send them a “thank you” (their address is on their site under the Contact page).


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One Response to The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy

  • I think the material is great and need to view just where we got to today and why it;s so ineffective in many ways , growth is restricted due to the instutionalization process has been my guess for quite some time.

    I think the truth is long over due and perhaps we can enage one more time in the pursuit of truth and a real connection, minus all the added filter grids that came along, promoting a unrestraind love. Be great, thanks super article. Getting people to think for themselves is treasure of wisdom indeed.Thanks so much.


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