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Happy New Year my friends,

That’s my friends Johnny and Lynne Johnson in the picture to the right there… More about them in just a moment…

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to post anything. There’s been a lot going on in my household over the past few months. First, my wife and I bought our very first home! What an experience! While it has been fun, it has also been a little stressful but God has been so good through it all. Then, this last week, my wife and I have been incredibly ill with some kind of flu bug. This was no ordinary flu either. We have literally been bed-ridden for a week! No energy to even sit up in the living room and do something so mundane as watch TV. We’ve just been in bed the whole time. With God’s help though, I think we’re starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel here. Today is the first day I’ve felt a little strength coming back. Thank God for that!

I know everyone really gets on this New Year’s resolution stuff and “God’s given us another year” and all that (and I’m not meaning to necessarily downplay those good notions) but sometimes, often times in fact, I am thankful for just another day! Who really knows whether God has given any of us another year… We’ve barely started it yet. Every day the Lord puts breath in my lungs and gives me the means to take care of the things I need to take care and that includes my wife, job, and other responsibilities (as well as the joyful things like this website and contact with friends and family and my awesome little puppy), I am just so thankful to Him for that. Every day is cause for praise. Every breath is cause for joy! This is something I have really been thinking of while lying sick in bed this week. I had to get up today to get to the grocery store for some food but every time I’ve tried I would get dizzy and almost collapse. Finally, after praying for about 20 minutes (sitting on the edge of the bed because I couldn’t even stand up) and asking God for His strength in the midst of my weakness, I was able to get to the store and get home successfully. I really credit that small task to His strength because I’ll tell ya, I did not have it in me. I can’t remember ever being this ill any time in recent years. It has been a miserable week in terms of not feeling good, and I am also reminded that there are others who are in worse shape than us and needs God’s strength and love to continue on as well. May be we be more mindful of others as each new day passes and may we be quick to respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit when He calls us to act.

Most all of you who visit this site know that I make a pretty big deal out of “Truth for FREE” (emphasis on the FREE part). It gives me great joy to never have to ask for money or even donations for myself or for any aspect of this website, and that’s still the case today. But I am going to share a need related to some close friends of mine, Johnny and Lynne Johnson, who are going through a very difficult time financially right now. Johnny and Lynne are free believers like us and in need of some love and support from the Body of Christ. Rather that repeat everything I’ve already written for their donation page at Pledgie.com, I’ll just invite you to read it at your leisure and pray about whether or not the Lord might have you share something. I know they have been praying for an answer from the Lord for help and trusting Him and this was an idea I came up with, just before Christmas. My friends did not ask me to do this and have not asked anyone for money in this time of need. I originally posted this on my Facebook page as well and a few people have already responded and they have already been able to cover a couple of immediate bills that they had nothing to pay with.

If God has blessed you with anything on this site and if you have a little extra you can part with, I do not ask for it for myself and certainly do not intend to offer any guilt trip to do so, but please consider blessing someone else today that is in need… even if it’s not my friends… Whomever the Lord may put on your heart, I encourage you to follow through in the grace of God and share God’s love in a meaningful way.

Thank you!!! Well, I’m still not 100% back to health yet, so I’m going to return to my pillow. God bless you guys!!!

In His Grip,
Dave Yeubanks




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