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Hello and Merry Christmas to all of our friends, family and visitors to the site…

I have some difficult news to share concerning the status of my wife’s pregnancy and wanted to let everyone know what’s going on so you can keep us in your thoughts and prayers. The information I have to share today is very difficult for me to talk about and I’ve been talking about it a lot the last two days with family, but I wanted to let all of our friends know so you can keep us in your prayers.

Tammy and I went in for an ultrasound and checkup the other day at the hospital. Our hope was to find out the sex of our baby and make sure everything was moving along normally. It was an exciting and happy morning… We got up together and went to our first early appointment and then went and had a nice breakfast together. Then, our doctor talked with us later that day and gave us some very difficult news. She said our baby is not going to live. Apparently there are numerous, serious abnormalities present… the worst one being that our baby does not have a brain. This was crushing news and we have been shedding a lot of tears the last couple of days. There’s a bit more to all of this, but that’s the nutshell version. There is much we still don’t understand.

We’re scheduling another ultrasound with a different doctor (maybe a totally different hospital) just for our piece of mind to make sure there has been no mistake (because I’ve heard of mistakes being made about this same kind of thing before), but our doctor says there is less than a half of a percent change there is any mistake. If the second scans come back with the same results, they tell us they will need to induce labor for Tammy. I don’t know if I’m using all the right terms for all this. This has been very hard and very confusing. BUT… We’re not giving up that easily! Not a chance!

We love all of you so much and we simply ask for your continued thoughts and prayers. I know that God knows the end from the beginning and He has a plan through everything. We’re trusting Him.

Feel free to write back. I will reply as I am able. The next several days are going to be long and busy. If you’d like to send Tammy a note to encourage her, please write me for our address.

Big hugs to all of you. God bless!

In His grip,
Dave & Tammy

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3 Responses to Please Pray for Us & Our Baby

  • Hi Dave & Tammy. I wanted to let you both know that you are in my prayers. I barely came across this website about a little over a month ago and have been sincerely blessed by it. Hang in there and know that God is right there with you both.


  • Thank you for the encouragement Landus! 🙂 God bless!!!


  • Dave & Tammy: So glad to know that Tammy finally made it home to you, I think the last time I checked in via email with you, she was still in Australia. I just read your blog about your baby & I am stunned! All that comes to mind for prayer is FATHER GOD … let your Kingdom come & Your Will be done in Dave & Tammy & baby’s life upon this earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!! I know God LOVES you both beyond comprehension & He will make a way where there is no way! Grab hold of Jesus w/ every thing you have & never let go! I am standing w/ you guys before the Father now … GREAT GRACE in Jesus Name … Jule


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