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Hey there everyone!

Hope you all are having an awesome summer (or winter, depending on what part of the globe you’re viewing this website from). I wanted to put out a little update to let you know that the nice folks at Plain Truth Ministries will be featuring one of my articles in their upcoming issue of Plain Truth Magazine. The article is called “Why Do You Go To Church?“. Their fall issue will be out soon and I just got an email letting me know about it so I wanted to pass this along to you – not just because my article will be in it, but because it truly is a great magazine!

If you don’t subscribe yet, sign up! It’s a wonderful magazine!!!! It’s also FREE to subscribe to the online edition and the magazine can be received via mail for a donation. I believe they also ship it worldwide!


Some of you may recognize the name “Plain Truth” as the magazine formerly issued by the World Wide Church of God cult from years past. Well, not exactly… That magazine was actually called “The Plain Truth” and was authored by cult leader Herbert Armstrong (now deceased). Some people may not be aware that, in the mid 1990s, the Worldwide Church of God underwent a massive upheaval. At great personal cost, but with an eye to even greater spiritual gain, they completely renounced their heretical teachings, repented of their error, and embraced biblical Christianity, and moved from the bondage of legalism to freedom in the grace of Jesus Christ. There is a great DVD available that chronicles the story (titled “Called To Be Free” – you can watch the full movie online at Sourceflix.com) or purchase the DVD here.

Plain Truth magazine’s president, Greg Albrecht, who did have prior ties to the WWCG church started his own independent ministry in 1996 called Plain Truth Ministries (visit it here: www.ptm.org), which is a media ministry that exists to rescue people from religion and bring them to freedom in Christ. The magazine is not connected in any way with the former World Wide Church of God and not supported or affiliated with any denomination or church organization. The magazine’s authors, and those they serve are from across the Christian spectrum; many of which do not attend a “brick-and-morter” church. Greg also subscribes to our TruthForFree blog posts and I’ve enjoyed a few nice conversations with him through email. Great guy, great magazine, great service to the Body of Christ!

With that introduction I hope you’ll check out the magazine and consider supporting their ministry. It’s quite good and I am a subscriber myself.


In His grip,
Dave Yeubanks


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  • Gotta get those in my inner circle this info, … this magazine and website, your website,… people need to know the TRUTH!!!


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