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Recently, my wife and I watched the action-packed movie PRIEST. It’s about a warrior priest living in a futuristic society that is controlled by the Catholic Church. The Church rose to power after its priests defended the people against a massive attack of vampires. Now those vampires are back and one priest requests permission from the clergy to leave the city and find his daughter who has been taken captive. The Church, however, does not wish to acknowledge that there is any mounting threat and does not want the people’s faith in the Church shaken so the priest’s request is denied.

The priest rebels and decides to go rogue…

The recurring phrase throughout the movie up to this point involves the clergy (and anyone else who is subject to their authority) emphatically stating that “to go against the church is to go against God,” and the leader of the clergy (the monsignor) drives in the point that questioning the authority of the clergy is absolutely forbidden. In his frustration with the clergy and their overbearing authority, the priest becomes conflicted in his faith and decides that the only way for him to save his daughter is to “go against God” (because he must go against the church).

The clergy then calls on other faithful priests to go after him, but one (Priestess) decides to go and warn him instead and then reminds him that their true power is not from the church but comes from God! She also tells him that with or without the clergy, they are still priests. I loved that statement because it made me think of how the organized church today wants to create the impression in people’s minds that there is a division between clergy and laity and that only an elite few are allowed to speak on behalf of God and speak directly to God. The truth is that God has called ALL OF US to be priests unto Him. Because of Jesus, we can all come to the Father directly and He can directly speak to us and through us to others. This truth smacks against religion’s sham authority.

So the movie continues with two priests (one a believer and one conflicted in his faith) and a non-believer sidekick called Hicks, who ban together to fight off the vampires and rescue the priest’s daughter and save the day.

That’s the nutshell synopsis of this film and it’s quite violent and dark; however, there are some great lines in the movie and so I threw together a few excerpts from the movie to share them. There is no cursing or violence in the following clip, although I almost added a scene where the Church sends in the authorities to pick up the rogue priest and… well… let’s just say they don’t succeed. 😉 Those of you thinking about renting it, just please know, this is not a “family movie” (or a “Christian” movie) and there are several scenes that would be very frightening for kids. I just found it intriguing to discover the positive messages interwoven through various scenes of the film. I hope you enjoy the little video montage I’ve put together below. There are some subtitles in sections where it’s either hard to hear what’s being said or that I wanted to emphasize.

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4 Responses to Our Power Doesn’t Come From The Church, It Comes From God!

  • Saw this movie myself and I was intrigued by the the same comments/messages… I’ve told many of my friends and aquaintences about this and I thank you for putting these clips together to show them what I meant. Interesting how a group of secular movie makers (I honestly have no clue as to any of their beliefs) can state simple truths… even if they don’t realize it…


  • I agree Bob… Interesting indeed. There’s quite a few movies that have great subthemes like this, although it seems that it is the more dark and violent ones that have it. A few that come to mind are The Matrix, Equilibrium, The Rite, and Stigmata. Maybe I’ll put some more excerpts together for fun. I did one on YouTube a few years ago with exceprts from one of the Resident Evil movies where Milla Jovovich drives a motorbike through a church’s stained-glass window and starts shooting demons. I titled it, “How To Kill A Religious Spirit”. lol


  • Is there any bad words? My boys would like to see it. I’m picky about what I invite into the house; no world and nothing traditionally religious.


  • I don’t recall any bad language Shean (Sgt. Smith) – at least not throughout. There may have been a brief scene or two, but nothing sticks out in my memory. I believe the movie got its PG-13 rating primarily for violence and it is violent (though most of the violence is of priests fighting against computer-generated, non-humanoid vampire-like creatures. There is no sex or innuendo. As for there being “no world and nothing traditionally religious”, well… the movie wasn’t made by Christians if that answers anything and the whole topic of the film is concerning one man’s rebellion against the organized church that tells him “to go against the Church is to go against God.” Because he is left with no alternative, he decides to “go against God” as it were (which really means the church in this case). When he walks away from the church, he begins his quest with a prayer to ask God to forgive him for what he feels he must do. Throughout the film there are occasions where he prays briefly and genuflects (Roman Catholic style). There is a woman priest who is his close friend who also goes rogue. She is the one that maintains the belief that their power does not come from the Church but from God and that, with or without the clergy, they remain priests. She tries to encourage the main character with these words, but he never fully embraces them. He seems to continue throughout the film with the feeling that he is lost because he would not obey the Church.

    There are some very strong spiritual themes in this movie, but it’s also rather dark. Everyone has different opinions as to what they will allow their kids to watch, so it’s hard for me to comment on that. I will say that it may be frightening and disturbing for some children. It’s not a light-hearted film by any means. I can’t remember how I wound up seeing it, but I simply noticed these messages in the film and thought it would be interesting to share them. It’s interesting to me that a lot of films often classified as horror or thriller sometimes have very positive, pro-Christ themes in them. Other examples of this would be movies like the Matrix (awesome movie) and Stigmata (deffinitely R-rated but surprisingly strong message in it that God does not dwell in temples made with hands).

    All of that to say, I won’t actually recommend you let your kids see it. If you’re interested, maybe check it out yourself first.

    Love ya bro,


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