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Hi everyone!

I just added a cool new feature to the website… Now you can subscribe to receive free text message updates whenever the website is updated! (standard text message rates may apply) If you want to sign up for this service it’s easy, just CLICK THIS LINK and enter your mobile phone number and carrier! That’s it! You can also unsubscribe any time you like. Text messages are sent personally by TruthForFree and only occasionally.


3 Responses to NEW: Text Message Updates!

  • Dave, have you heard of the web site //www.changedetection.com

    Anyone, for free, can specify any web page (eg your blog page) and if any changes are made to the page the person will be notified by email of the change. This could be their phone’s email thus similar to SMS, and no SMS charge to anyone.

    The changes detected are any text changes, not tags. Thus if you add a blog entry, or the number of comments to a blog changes it triggers an alert.

    Some people use it to alert them of a potential crack to their web page


  • Thanks for the tip Rob. The app I’m currently using for the text messaging on my website can do this as well; however, I didn’t enable that function since I was concerned it might be considered a nuisance by some people (to get a text every time I make any change on the site). Sometime, when I’m working on an article or blog post, there can be several saves of the document as it’s proof read and edited. On these occasions it might be a little overwhelming I thought, so I just set it to send an update when I manually tell it to. I will check out that site though. Sounds cool!


  • Hi Dave, I am in Nigeria and dont know if the text alert applies to people outside America?


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