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Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great year so far. I wanted to pass along some information about a new ebook addition to the website. I guess the book has actually been out for a couple of years, but I just recently have been chatting with the author and I was really encouraged by his heart to share freely what he feels the Lord has put on his heart. I’ve almost finished reading the book at the time of writing this post and it is very good. Below is a short synopsis of the content.

Corinthian Elders by Jack Fortenberry. We are to be disciples of Christ but not of Christian leaders. Corinthian Elders addresses the Pauline concern that following leaders will harm our relationship with Christ. The book concludes that following teachers hindered the Corinthians from abiding in Christ and this is corroborated by passages in Colossians where Paul was alarmed when believers were following authoritative leaders.

The author, Jack, was gracious to share this PDF version of the book freely and readers can also purchase a hard copy from Amazon.com. This brother’s heart is in the message, not the money, and for this reason I am happy to encourage those who have been blessed by this book to bless the author in return with your prayers, encouraging feedback, and even financially if the Lord inspires you (such as through purchasing the book from Amazon.com). God bless!

If you would like to purchase a hard copy of the book, visit Amazon.com. If you would like to get other versions of this title to read on other devices like a Kindle, visit free-ebooks.net

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4 Responses to New Book Added to the Site

  • Wow that’s just awesome, I was actually thinking about this today and even did a message outline in my head on this very topic or at least the topic was people taking responsibility for what they believed. In a sense it was to stir people to not rely so much on a preacher or teacher for what they believe but to search the Word and their heart for what they believe. To not have a relationship with God through a preacher but develope a personal relationship on their own time. I will definitely be reading the book to see Jack’s prespective on this topic.


  • Thanks David. This is an exciting book! As a Brit who has been outside the walls of traditional Christianity for some 40 years and who really began to find many ‘out of church Christians’ on the internet in 2003, this book raises some interesting questions.
    Jack writes from the perspective of an elder who has seen his role change over the years. He has a particular interest in the house church movement and House2House in particular.
    I have never held a leadership position but I did meet Tony and Felicity Dale in London in 2002. I do have certain reservations that were highlighted by what seemed to me to be a disproportionate influence they had on what George Barna wrote in ‘Revolution’ in 2005.
    I would love to be able to participate in an online discussion of some of Jack’s thoughts but I have no idea how to start. Any thoughts?


  • Yes Peter, why not start the discussion right here? 🙂 Often times I am reading several books at once and so I sometimes miss things. If you have some insights, I would love it if you shared them… even if they are critical. My hope and prayer is that this website will serve as a resource to those who are leaving behind traditional mindsets to walk in the freedom of Christ. Any discussion to that end is positive. My heart isn’t to play favorites with authors, but to highlight the truth so that all will be encouraged. If others see this discussion following the post about the book, they can take these thoughts into consideration and make a prayerful decision. I may also link to this discussion from the eBook downloads page if necessary. Thanks again for sharing! God bless!!!!


  • Thanks David. Unlike you I never read more than one book at a time – and on rare occasions (maybe once a year) I might read a book two or three times over a few weeks and make extensive notes (put that down to living with Aspergers Syndrome – an interesting way of life!).

    You said that the book addresses the Pauline concern that following leaders will harm our relationship with Christ, and I wanted to see what Jack had written about that. First time through I found a lot of challenging material – food for thought – that prompted alternative or additional ways of seeing the same material!

    After the Prologue is “A Painted Picture” of pastors reconsidering their roles and moving to church planting missions and the development of tribal elders on a worldwide basis – which is very much the mission of House2House initiated by the Dales.

    Then in “Leading or Misleading” Jack uses John 15.3-5 – I am the vine” – to emphasise that only by abiding in Christ may we glorify and enjoy Him, and then 1 Cor 2.5 – faith would not rest on the wisdom of men but on the power of God. He goes on to suggest that as wise men debated their interpretations of apostolic teaching they drew followings, and divisions appeared among the believers who were attracted to various teachings of men. Unfortunately this seems to be a perfect description of life today.

    Bear in mind that the opening sentence of this chapter is:
    My optimism in the painted picture comes from a belief that God is continuing to work in His church by moving us toward a more biblical role for elders.

    I had been following the emerging / emergent / house church movements for a couple of years when it occurred to me that these movements were generally being led by leaders (who had been to Bible colleges and got their diplomas) who could see that something was seriously wrong with the ‘church’ as they saw it, and were keen on change.

    I couldn’t help comparing that with my own experience. I had been a very committed Anglican (I had been treasurer of the local church for 8 years in the 1960’s) but had been drawn away by what I saw as a lack of ‘radical’ Christianity. It was about 8 years later that I became a member of the Worldwide Church of God – a Sabbath keeping church that over the years has not unreasonably been referred to as both a cult and a sect. For nearly 20 years I was convinced that we had more truth than any other church because nobody else kept the Sabbath and the biblical Holy Days properly. That all changed in 1995 when the leadership of the church announced that much of their theology had been misguided.

    This resulted in a very traumatic experience and serious family breakups that have never been healed. The end result was that I was forced for the second time to reconsider just about EVERYTHING I had ever been taught. This was the beginning of another wilderness journey that lasted about 12 years – until I read “The Shack” when it was first published.

    It is with that background that I am questioning whether Jack is able to go far enough because of his Presbyterian and Baptist background. The book is addressed to elders (this comes out in a few places) and he refers to the place of shepherding and the teaching role of elders.

    It seems to me that many of us are being called to go ‘deeper’ but that denominational teaching can only take us so far. Despite my journeying in the wilderness I have never doubted the existence of God. But many others have had to completely reject their beliefs before recognising that there is an enormous difference between the Christian RELIGION and the Christian FAITH.

    Having said all that I believe that Jack has touched on many points that are worthy of further discussion.

    Does this make sense?


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