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Hi everyone!

Just got some really great news today… Mom is being released from the hospital to go home! Thank you all so very much for praying for her!!!

My wife and I were able to get out of town and over to see her the last couple of days, which was a big shot in the arm for her. My sister from Chelan, WA (along with the kids; my awesome nieces) also made the trip and my sister from Seattle was there too and we were all together with her and had a wonderful time.

When we first arrived, the news was not so great… at least from the nurse that was attending her. She painted quite a dismal picture for us and didn’t supply much hope at all. Mom was also in quit a bit of pain and discomfort. I read to her from my phone, all the comments from those of you who shared emails with me that you’d be praying and also the comments from friends, family and acquaintances from off Facebook that were praying. She was so moved by this. My wife and I also prayed for her.

As we were there visiting, along with my family, the doctor came in and gave us an update on her situation and looked her over a bit and said he was impressed with how well she was recovering. The damage caused by the internal bleeding (something to do with her blood-thinning medication) was beginning to heal. I don’t remember all the technical terms he used, but her blood was improving even as we were there in the room. The doc said she was mending well and should be able to go home before too long. By the next day, mom was also looking and sounding more like herself and the nurse that had been so dismal before, literally changed her tune and was suddenly more positive.

Then, today, my sister let us all know that the doc has released her to go home! Even better, Lord-willing, she might be able to spend the holidays with us!

I know that God heard all the prayers and I thank all of you so very much for that!

Mom still needs more healing and I know we would appreciate your continued prayers. My mom is now 80+ years old and she’s quite a lady! I love her so much! She is one of the great reasons I am serving Jesus today. The doc said she is showing some early signs of dementia… but I know, especially after seeing how rapidly she has been recovering from this present incident, God is able to heal this too!

Thanks again, everyone, for your love and prayers. I really cannot say enough how much it means!

God bless you all my friends!!!!

In His grip,

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