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May God bless all of you and your families this holiday season and beyond! It’s been quite a year and we’re optimistic for the next. To those struggling and those hurting, our heart is with you as we’ve been through some trials and have shared in the company of loved ones whose trials have been great at times this past year as well. Be encouraged because the Lord is close to the broken-hearted, He upholds the righteous, He knows our names, and He will never leave or forsake us. Hold fast to Him each day. Our prayers are with you. May the Lord show His love greatly to you and heal you and fill you with unspeakable joy and sustaining grace both now and throughout every day of the year. While this holiday season will certainly be observed differently by many, we place our trust in the reason for the season, Jesus Christ and thank God for sending His Son to save us from our sins and restore us to relationship with the Father.

We were at a Christmas nativity production recently and it was lovely, but something the narrator said tweaked me slightly… He touted the birth of Christ as the most important event in history. I do agree and I am so thankful, yet I couldn’t help but wish he had continued his comments to include the cross of Jesus, His death and resurrection; for without that gift, none of us would be saved and none of us would know the blessing of His Holy Spirit dwelling within us. The fact that God humbled Himself to rescue sinners by shedding His own blood is a more amazing gift than I can fathom. Far more beautiful than any lighted tree, host of wrapped presents, or holiday cheer (though I enjoy all of those things)! It is the true gift that God blessed us with in Christ Jesus that causes my heart to be filled with real joy, not just on Christmas, but every day (and even through every trial)! THAT is the merriness of this celebration I wish to share with you all and it is with that heart in mind that I say MERRY CHRISTMAS and the happiest New Year to all of you from my family! God bless each and every one of you!!!

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My wife Tammy, me (Dave), my mother Ruth, and our little dog Zoey


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2 Responses to Merry Christmas

  • Why is it that Christians will stop being part of a denomination and stop being financially tied to a church etc, but will not stop the pagan tradition of celebrating Christmas. They are equaly unbiblical. Where is the commandment to celebrate it? Is this how we are to remember our redeemer? Your website is called truth for free, celebrating Christmas has nothing to do with the truth, it is a lie.


  • Well don’t you sound like a cheery person Marc! 😉 I’m quite familiar with your argument Marc, and you’re of course free to your views, as am I. For the record, Christmas is not actually a pagan holiday (though this argument has been falsely touted by many groups for years). In fact, it’s not any more pagan than the days of the week you use all the time, which stem (originally) from false gods. The Christmas holiday (in America at least) is actually a hodgepodge of tons of different cultural traditions, most of which have no pagan connection at all. But I’m curious, which part of my comments led you to believe I was endorsing paganism?

    Do I need a commandment to enjoy time with my family? Do I need a commandment to justify giving gifts to each other, sharing meals with family and friends, sledding in the snow, having fun with blinking lights on the house, singing songs that praise God for the gift of Christ to save the world? Forgive me for saying so, but criticizing things like that sounds an awful lot like religious legalism to the extreme. I am not advocating paganism or new age Christianity or any such nonsense. If you have different convictions about how you wish to celebrate with your family or not celebrate, I respect your freedom to hold those convictions, but to criticize me because I enjoy celebrating a time of gifts and family and praise of the Lord Jesus and say that is not “truth for free” and that I am celebrating paganism is simply ridiculous my friend.

    I have friends who have differing convictions about the holiday than me and we remain brothers in Christ and give mutual respect and love for each other. I know that others have different opinions from me and there are times I hesitate to post some things because I want to be sensitive to others and I have no heart to cause an unnecessary offense for anyone. But I must also say, honestly, that I love the holiday and the memories of time spent with family and Christ being central to our celebrations. The holiday for me means that my boss closes the office and I get several days off to spend with my family and friends. What would you have me do? Insist on working through the holiday because there’s no commandment in the Bible to take time off for Christmas? LOL… Sorry my friend, I’ll happily take the time off and I’ll quite enjoy the friendly cheerful greetings of strangers at this time of year, and I’ll continue worshiping the Lord and prayerfully seeking that He continue to demonstrate His love and joy through my life to those I come in contact with. I have no interest in legalism of any flavor and believe me legalism exists out here in the “out-of-church crowd” just as much as inside the four walls of church buildings. In fact, I’ve met plenty who claim to be “free of religion” that are even more religious now than they were before and they seem to have increased zeal to magnify everyone else’s spiritual inferiority to themselves. Quite honestly, it doesn’t manifest the character of Christ at all and says a lot about where their head and heart is at, most cases… Yet I also understand the anxiety some have about these kinds of things as they are exploring their newfound freedom from religious legalism. I have had to struggle through a lot of this as well on my own path and God has often brought me face to face with my own spiritual arrogance at times, when I really thought I was in the right… Many of my attitudes have had to undergo transformation by the Holy Spirit and I’ve found that Lord will also often use things and people that I had not expected to soften my heart and teach me.

    I encourage you to lay this anxiety before the Lord and be careful not to let it make you self-righteous in your approach toward others in the family of God. I’m just saying that there is a potential trap there the devil would like to throw. I certainly won’t judge your heart because you have a different conviction about something like Christmas than I do and I sincerely respect those convictions. While I am not sorry for saying Merry Christmas or celebrating a holiday with my family, which for me is centered in the love and presence of Christ my Savior and Lord, I am sorry if my freedom and perspective offended you. That was certainly not my intention. I think we all need to see past the surface of many of these kinds of things and get at the heart of the matter. I would invite you to share further why your heart is so moved in the direction you believe concerning Christmas. I love it when people share, transparently and graciously, how God is working in their lives. I am happy to listen my friend. It also may help folks like me to better understand where you’re coming from so that I can exercise more sensitivity to my brothers and sisters in Christ, if I have failed to do so… and maybe, if your words are shared in the spirit of love rather than mere religious criticism and annoyance, I will be more inclined to consider your alternative point of view. We all have a lot to learn in terms of how to function alongside each other in love. I fail, you fail, we all need God to help us. God bless! 🙂


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