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Hi friends! I wanted to take a minute to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. The “whatever” part is just me being silly. I suppose it’s mostly for those of you who have personal convictions that lead you to choose not to celebrate Christmas; I hope you won’t count me as too much of a pagan (ornery grin). I say that with all love and respect (and just a tad bit of humor) because, yes, I do have some close friends who don’t do the Christmas thing for various reasons and it’s all good. So often these days it seems that a lot of people are overly sensitive about their brand of political correctness or the lack thereof. As followers of Jesus we should realize that there will often be other brothers and sisters who do not agree with all of our personal convictions about things. This really shouldn’t offend us and we should never behave arrogantly toward one another about these things. Doesn’t the Scripture say that love covers a multitude of sins?

I’m sorry to say that I’ve met a lot of folks in the out-of-church crowd who just seem to have no sense of humor sometimes. It really baffles me. Here we are, supposed to be set free from stuffy, religious pride and legalistic mindsets and yet some of us are worse than those we complain about. Many times we don’t even give each other enough grace to walk in the freedom of Christ themselves without our frequent, guilt-laden and sometimes arrogant commentary. I would never suggest that we should all lay aside our personal convictions and group hug into some kind of false new-age kind of unity, but at the same time we should remember that God’s love makes us free and we should be mature enough to extend grace for one another and trust the Lord enough to lead each one while each of us diligently walk responsibly as the Lord leads each of us. By all means we should pray for each other and, by all means, there should be the freedom to have a conversation… but there should not be any posturing over one another. We really need a sense of humor too and to stop getting offended at every little thing.

So, all of that to say, Merry Christmas or whatever! Whatever each of you believe about whether to celebrate Christmas or not because of some personal conviction, do whatever you do as unto the Lord. I can’t possibly cover every possible range of opinion on the matter, so I’ll just say “whatever” and say it with a smile. I hope each person will set it in their hearts and minds not to act offended towards others who don’t have the same conviction, whatever that conviction may be. In saying Merry Christmas, I’m quite sure that most folks who say that do not intend anyone harm by it (just as I’m sure that those who believe otherwise do not intend ill by their intent to follow their sincere convictions). I’m pretty certain that they’re not trying to cast a spell or prescribe idolatry and mass deception on the masses as some sort of demonic plot. For me, the matter is simple. I love the colorful lights, the trees, the presents, the music, the snow, all of that. I like how people generally treat each other just a little nicer. I like the holiday cheer and to hear people greeting one another with kindness and doing nice things for each other. I like the time spent with family and friends, the laughter, the song, and the light-heartedness. Yep, I even like listening to ol’ Bing Crosby as he sings in tongues (Mele Kalikimaka – hehe). There is also a great deal of nostalgia at this time of year for me. I had some great times with family as a kid and this season brings all those good memories back.

I, of course, also choose to remember the gift of our Savior and what that means for all of us. For me, Christmas time isn’t about Catholic Mass or pagan origins. It’s a happy, joyous time, centered in Christ’s love, the freedom and joy God gives, and the relationships He has allowed us to share with one another. Indeed, as it has often been said, this celebration should not simply be at Christmas time but all year. In fact, the whole message of TruthForFree.com is FREEDOM!!!! I want, more than anything, for Christians to understand that they can be free and allow God’s love and grace to impact their lives all year long. So, my message is consistent… but absolutely I think it’s great to celebrate the freedom that really does exist every day, all year long, for all who can embrace that revelation.

I so much appreciate all of you who have visited my page over the years and those who have contributed articles, comments and encouragement to me and my family. It’s so awesome to be free in the Lord and I am so thankful for the family of God. I pray all of you have a wonderful Holiday season from Christmas through the New Year and beyond! May God richly bless you and continue to lead you after His Truth.

Lots of love this Holiday,
David & Tammy

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3 Responses to Merry Christmas or whatever!

  • I think it important to extend that same sense of freedom to those who are not even in the faith. I am finding my relationships are better when I do not try to impose my beliefs on others. If I want to help them, I can pray for them. Although I do celebrate Christmas because of others around me, knowing it is not Jesus real birthday anyway, it is tradition not reality. What does Jesus say about following the traditions of men rather than the truth of God? We all find peace about it in our own way but I’ve cut the tree thing as it is definitely pagan. Good excuse though, no room in my small apt. One day I think we will be held to account but the most important is the reason we do or do not do things. He knows the thoughts and intents of the heart…


  • Well said Shirley! 🙂 I agree that it’s very important to extend the same sense of freedom to those who are not in the faith. I work occasionally with an agnostic woman who honestly admits she’s not a believer. I say she’s agnostic because I’ve noticed that when I extend respect for her and refuse to belittle others who don’t think exactly like I do, she seems more open to hear a different point of view and I notice her saying things like “if God exists”. We’ve even chatted about the topic of demon possession, which she believes is just schizophrenia. We both laughed about some of the ridiculous ways a lot of Christians react to this subject. You know what? I’ve found it easier to talk with her about the subject than I ever have, even among folks who believe. She noted that it’s funny how so many Christians so often just assume that any mental disorder must be demon possession. I quickly responded (with a teasing grin) how it’s also funny that a lot of people who don’t believe in God always assume the demon possession must be schizophrenia. She laughed and got the point too. She smiled and said, “Yeah, that’s a fair statement.” Anyway, my point is that I agree with you… Love, honesty, transparency and a sense of humor goes a long way.

    As for the rest of the details about “Christmas”, I appreciate your attitude, though I respectfully disagree with some aspects of what you shared. I know that a number of Christians believe the Christmas tree is pagan and that it’s wrong to celebrate Jesus because He wasn’t born on December 25th, but here’s why I disagree with that (if you’ll allow me the grace to share an opinion). First of all, simply, I don’t think it matters at all what day Jesus was born to “need an excuse” to celebrate and be thankful for the Gift of God (even if the Catholics invented the holiday to combat overpowering pagan traditions at the time). Every day is sacred because every day has been created by God (just as Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath, which makes HIM the focus, not the day). Secondly, in my opinion, I do not believe the Christmas tree is inherently pagan any more than a cow is pagan. A lot of people who believe the Christmas tree is pagan like to reference Jeremiah 10:2-4, which says, “Do not learn the ways of the nations… For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. They adorn it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so it will not totter.” They say, “Look, the pagan Christmas tree is even mentioned in the Bible!!! God hates Christmas trees.”

    Of course, it would take a whole article to explain all the logical problems with this simple argument. I’ll just mention a couple of the most obvious to me. First of all, this passage in Jeremiah is not talking about holiday celebrations, Christmas, or any other type of family tradition. The context of the passage reveals plainly that the author is talking about carving an idol out of wood for the purpose of worship! Never at any time in history (that I am aware of) has this been the purpose of the Christmas tree. The Scripture also often refers to the cutting down of trees to carve the wood and fashion an idol out of it. It is presumable that this is how the Israelites made the famous golden calf (after the pattern they learned while in Egypt). They adorned it with their gold, which was melted down to create this idol. I’m quite certain they were not building a Christmas tree to place presents for family under and sing holiday carols about Jesus while gathered around. This is not even close to the same thing. All of that to say, I do not believe there is any correlation between the idolatry mentioned in passages like Jeremiah and what we call a Christmas tree today… but that is my opinion.

    I do think many Christians have been subjected to wild conspiracy theories that have distorted passages of Scripture to come up with some of these new legalisms about things like holidays and whatnot. The fact that some of our holidays have, at one time, been the subject of pagan influence, I’m not sure I can accept this is always significant for present-day consideration. For example, the word “ecclesia” (where we get the term “church” or “assembly” if you prefer) was used (long before Christianity) to also describe pagan assemblies. It was adopted by Christians and, really, by Jesus Himself when He changed the whole impression of the word in saying, “Upon this Rock I will build My Church.” So, is the ecclesia pagan? Are cows pagan because of the fact that they were used by godless people to make idols of and then worship? I think this whole topic of “pagan vs. holy” can get kind of ridiculous after a while, though I do understand why it gives some folks pause and concern. I don’t think it’s bad that they wish to be cautious and do all they can do to honor the Lord. That much is good and I have nothing critical to say about that mindset. 🙂

    I agree with you Shirley that we all will have to account one day. Each person must be responsible to their own conscience before God. Some of your freedoms may not be my own and vice versa. So each of us must follow our convictions to the best of our abilities in accord with our relationship with the Father and the leading of the Holy Spirit. If the notion of setting up a Christmas tree causes you to stumble in some way or offends your conscience, then you are right to set aside that tradition and I applaud you for living true to your conscience. Indeed God knows the thoughts and intent of our hearts and whether or not whatever we do is unto the Lord or for some other impure motive. God help us all to discern rightly. God bless you sis and thanks for sharing your perspective, which was wonderful. 🙂 I hope my own perspective in response was not offensive in any way. I love the freedom God gives and just want to encourage others to walk in it and not be afraid of legalistic tendencies that nearly all of us have been influenced by. 🙂 We serve such a wonderful, gracious, loving and magnificent Father whom I sincerely believe loves to see His children revel in the joyous freedom he has so lavishly blessed them with! How wonderful it is to have a friend in Jesus and to no longer be the slaves of religion!


  • Thanks for your comments. You are right concerning the tree, although pagan in origin,
    we can turn others away simply by being legalistic about not having one. Most of all, we need to be sensitive to what is pleasing to God. However, I think some people worship trees more than they realize by taking pride in how they can decorate their homes to impress others rather than God. You have not offended me in any way, as I hope I have not offended anyone. What offends the mind, reveals the heart. If I am to be chastened, the Lord will do it even if through you, and I will welcome it so as to bring me closer to him and to show love to others. Its all good. Merry Christmas.


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