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Hi everyone… I wanted to share some news about the TFFBook website that many of you signed up to connect with other like-minded believers on this journey together with Christ “outside the walls” as it were…

After having the TFFBook.com website up and running for several months, I have decided to go ahead and close that page down due to the fact that the site does not appear to be getting used much. It also requires a fair bit of effort (and money) to maintain. To avoid any confusion here, I want to emphasize that I am NOT referring to TruthForFree.com. TruthForFree is not going anywhere! For those of you unaware, I created a “sister” website a few months back called TFFBook.com with the hope of giving like-minded believers a place to connect in cyberspace.

While my hopes were big, I think the likelihood that I was probably trying to re-create the wheel in some respects became apparent the more I worked on keeping the page up… especially considering that there are already perfectly functioning resources that are more popular and efficient like Facebook.

Security was also becoming a greater concern for me. In the short time that the site was live, there had been well over 2,000 malicious attempts to access the site and overload it with spam and other garbage. I’m happy to say that I was able to block most of it, but unfortunately not all. Eventually a serious threat did penetrate the site and cause considerable problems (not just with TFFBook but also every other website on my webserver). I contracted with a company called Sucuri who cleaned all traces of malware from the site and then helped me to secure the site from future potential attacks. Still though, when I consider that many people are sharing details of their life with each other on this site (and possibly other personal information), I would hate for their privacy or security to be compromised in anyway because of possible vulnerabilities with the website or my inability to quickly detect or repair possible security issues. So, in the interest of safety, I really think this is a task best left to the professionals with the money and resources to maintain it – like Facebook.

That’s the “bad” news if you want to call it that… BUT, there is some good news too!

I am going to incorporate some of the features from the TFFBook website into this site (TruthForFree.com)! Soon there will be video and text chat rooms installed! I am also considering adding a Facebook-like chat application to the page; similar to what was used on the TFFBook page and also Facebook. Hopefully, these small additions will make the existing TruthForFree website even more resourceful for all visitors.

Currently, I do not plan to have a membership-based facet to the site (for the same reason that I have decided not to maintain the TFFBook page anymore). There is still some limited membership-like function to the site as it already exists, in that viewers can request subscription to the site’s newsletter and to blog posts (to be notified of comments). Those of you who signed up at TFFBook.com and shared information for your profiles and photo galleries and all that need not worry… All member content will be completely deleted from my web server before the end of October 2011.

I apologize to any of you who really enjoyed the site and had hopes for it maturing into something greater. I did too at first and, even now as I type this, I’m a little disappointed that it didn’t work out like so many of us hoped. But I really feel this is the right direction for now and am excited for what the future holds. I have already met so many great people through this site and know that will continue in the months and years ahead!

As always, this site will ALWAYS be 100% free and I will never solicit any of you for money to help maintain it. This offering is my absolute pleasure to give and with all the awesome letters I have received over the years by people who have benefited by the content, that is the most encouraging thing of all for me! So please keep reading, keep writing, and keep sharing! God is doing some great things and I know He will continue to faithfully bless each one who reaches out to Him.

In His grip,


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