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Hi! Welcome to TruthForFree.com’s LINKS page, where you will find all sorts of great links to resourceful web pages. To get right to the links, CLICK HERE or use one of the link categories above. All links should open the selected website in a new browser window. To get back to this page, just close or minimize the browser of the site you are viewing.

All of the links on this page have been previously screened prior to adding them, so it is the belief of TruthForFree.com that the sites listed here are safe for viewing by all members of the family. Periodically I screen the links on this page to make sure they remain suitable for all viewers, however, because each link targets a site not owned or affiliated with TruthForFree.com, I have no control over its content. Also, it should probably be noted that, while I believe the selected links on this page contain encouraging, resourceful and uplifting content, there may be aspects of the content on some of these sites that do not expressly reflect the opinions of TruthForFree.com. Please use discernment! I sometimes receive e-mails from folks complaining about the links here, because some of them may contain opinions that are not aligned with the content directly offered on this site. I think it’s important that we recognize that each of us in the body of Christ are on a journey of faith – many of us at different stages of that journey – and (as Scripture itself declares – 1 Corinthians 13:12-13) we all see as through a dark-colored glass and we only know in part.

I have, at times, received angry letters from people who want me to remove a link because of some minor issue or difference of non-essential points of view and they altogether neglect the feast of truth and godly insight that the brother or sister in Christ they are condemning has to offer. I am just as passionate about adherence to truth and do not wish to help propagate serious errors in doctrine – especially those that concern the Gospel of Jesus Christ and which tend to legalism and religion instead of life, truth, joy, freedom and peace in the Holy Spirit. But it is arrogance to think any of us have “arrived” and are without the need for more growth, more love, more humility. If, however, we maintain an attitude of love and a humble, teachable spirit, we can still find great opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship with one another in HIM. All of us will miss the mark at times. But love can keep us growing together under the supreme direction of our one Lord; Jesus Christ. If, despite the afore mentioned consideration, you still believe you have found a site listed here with seriously questionable content, please e-mail me and I will look into the request as promptly as possible. Thank You!

For questions about anything on this site and/or to make a request to have a link to your site added here, please feel free to contact me.

Sending a request to add your site does not guarantee that it will be listed. Your site will be previewed thoroughly and considered. A decision not to list a submitted site does not mean I think it is inappropriate for family viewing or that it is not a great site. It just means that, for whatever reason, I don’t believe it fits the content and purpose of this site. I try to respond to all e-mail requests for site submission but sometimes I do not have time. Generally, if your site is accepted, it will generally be posted within a week (often within 24 hours if I have time). Feel free to e-mail me a reminder though and especially if I have replied to you already and told you I would add your site. I get busy sometimes and miss stuff.



  • A Wilderness Voice: This site, authored by my friends Michael Clark and George Davis, features a number of incredible articles and prophetic teachings on the Christian life. Michael and George are sincere brothers in Jesus who are broken vessels with a powerful testimony and a lot of encouraging comments to share with the body of Christ. Excellent site! Highly recommended! I’ve met both these guys and they are, as the ol’ Phil Keaggy song used to say, “TRUE BELIEVERS!” Everything shared on their website is also 100% free of charge!
    URL: //awildernessvoice.com/


  • Family Room Media: On a Sunday morning in the fall of 1989 about 35 people gathered in a barely functional facility for the first meeting of a new “church plant.” Everyone there was tired of “church as usual.” They hoped that God would respond to their passion for Him with an outpouring of His Spirit. Eleven years later they found they were still burned out on “church as usual” so they cancelled the programs and sought God for His heart. That’s when they began a journey away from organized religion toward a more relational expression of Father’s life within and among them. Family Room Media is not a “cyber church” or part of any “movement”. They don’t claim to have all the answers but they are eager to encourage others with the joy they have found walking with Jesus and the freedom He gives. Family Room Media was birthed out of that passion and hope that their site and the media products offered will be a catalyst among those who are yearning for more than dynamic meetings or catch-all programs. They also want to provide the opportunity for others to share their insights and express their gifts. Perhaps this site will be instrumental in connecting people with like-heart and vision. I strongly recommend their video series “Church Outside The Walls”!!! This is a great production and truly the only one of its kind I’ve ever seen on the subject matter of life outside the walls of religion! Part one is also available online to view for FREE and David has also offered a free PDF version of his awesome book for visitors of TruthForFree to download (see the ebooks page under downloads)!!! David Fredrickson, Loren Rosser, and Bob Humphrey, directors of Family Room Media, are great brothers with an infectious sense of humor. I know you will be encouraged by their testimony and the materials they have labored to produce to encourage the body of Christ.
    URL: //www.familyroommedia.com/


  • LifeStream Ministries: This site, authored by Wayne Jacobsen, features a number of fantastic articles and resources pertaining to abundant Christian living. Wayne is author of the books, “The Naked Church“, “He Loves Me: The Relationship God Has Always Wanted With You“, “In My Father’s Vineyard“, and others. Wayne is a sincere brother who is a broken vessel with a powerful testimony and a treasure of encouraging and convicting comments to share with the body of Christ. If you enjoyed Michael Clark and George Davis’ writing, Wayne will be a blessing too! Excellent site! Highly recommended!
    URL: //www.lifestream.org/

    Also be sure to check out //www.koinonianet.net/, which features more articles by Wayne Jacobsen and other Christian brothers and sisters who have a passion to see New Testament life restored to the Church (see the “Relational Christianity” link further down this page for more details!
    URL: //www.koinonianet.net/

    ALSO RECOMMENDED: //www.thegodjourney.com/, a really great Podcast site featuring bro Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings talking about tons of topics. These guys (who both hail from an institutional church background and served as pastors before leaving organized religion behind) are genuine people. Both Wayne and Brad are real guys and often really funny too! These Podcasts are often a total blast!
    URL: //www.thegodjourney.com/


  • His-Kingdom Website: This is a great website by some great friends of mine; Scott and Annette Brians (added 12/26/2006). The site includes some really fantastic articles on the subject of modern “churchianity” as well as other prevalent issues such as “the truth about tithing” and a discussion of the believer’s responsibility in secular involvement in government, politics, etc. As Scott says on his site, “Have you ever wondered whether the assumption ‘what I see must be the real deal’ is correct? The religious establishment of Jesus’ day steadfastly believed in what they were doing. Everyone, the leaders and the followers alike, were absolutely convinced that they were fellowshipping – between themselves and with God – as God desired. They were in great error. Jesus, the Master, said as much.” I’ve talked with Scott and Annette on the phone and Skype and regularly correspond through e-mail with them and can tell you they are GREAT people that I am happy to have as friends. Highly recommended site!
    URL: //his-kingdom.net/


  • www.inthebeginning.com: Great site by a recent acquaintance; bro Curtis Hall from Buckley, WA. Curt’s website has some great content and it totally accessible for blind web users. Thanks for the link Curt!
    URL: //www.inthebeginning.com/


  • www.donewithreligion.com: This is a great website, created by my friend Mike Donahoe. Done with religion does not mean done with God. It means being done with trying to please God by performance. Done with religion does not even necessarily mean being done with “organized” Christian gatherings. But it means we no longer submit to mans rules and regulations. Mike shares through his website that “We realize that the Church is the body of believers and not a place we go. We want to take our eyes off of following man made rules, regulations and gimmicks and focus entirely on Christ and living a life like His. The postings and sites listed here are meant to help you put your focus back on the one who died for us. While going to church is not a bad thing, making an organization our first love is. We realize that the true Church is not a building we go to, but the people who have accepted God’s grace through Jesus Christ.” To that I heartily say AMEN bro! Mike is such a great brother in Christ who has been an encouragement to me and I am proud to consider him a friend.
    URL: //www.donewithreligion.com/


  • The Gel Blog Website: Nice site by a cool bro named Roy Hershberger, featuring blogs/articles written by Roy about his journey with Christ. Roy’s just an orginary guy whose desire is not to build some kind of Web ministry or some kind of religious organization or method of “doing church” with his site, but simply to share how the Lord has been encouraging him along the path and to explore some thought-processes that have been transforming along the way. The site is basically a blog site; a place to share what’s on his mind (not pushing any particular agenda). I have really enjoyed a number of Roy’s musings and this guy, indeed, “gets it”. You may not agree with everything, but Roy’s intention is not to build followers of himself or force his opinions on anyone, but to simply share some discussion. Roy has a great attitude and some very interesting examinations of various topics!
    URL: //www.kbproweb.com/gel/


  • The School of Christ (formerly Watchman.net): This site, hosted by Chip Brogden (a very sincere brother in Christ that I appreciate very much), features some of the most encouraging, challenging and thought-provoking articles on the Christian life you will find. [Note: This site has no correlation to the ministry of Watchman Nee] Chip has a great e-newsletter (which I also subscribe to) and has started a “School of Christ”, which intends to instruct Believers in the way of the Lord Jesus, without adding all the typical religious junk found in church world. There have been some excellent lessons and Chip does not share from an attitude that he knows everything, but rather simply as a brother on the journey. Good stuff! I do encourage readers to engage a dialogue with the author to inquire about the availability of his writings because, for years, virtually all of them were available free of charge and in recent years chip has started charging for them (by compiling them into actual books and audio CDs). It may simply be a requirement of the publisher, so I encourage people to ask Chip (with all respect and love). For now, though most of you know that I tend to be pretty strict about promoting only sites that do not charge for ministry-related materials, I am leaving this link up because I have always appreciated Chip’s writings and they have encouraged me many times over the years and I have no reason to believe that his heart has somehow changed from a genuine desire to see God’s people set free from religion to run after only Him. I am hopeful that there is a logic reason for the new direction to charge for materials. For the record, virtually all of Chip’s articles are still available free on his site (including the excellent e-newsletter) and this is very encouraging!
    URL: //theschoolofchrist.org/


  • PrepareHisWay.com – Great website with some very good articles by acquaintance, Rory Moore, that features articles on various subjects (such as walking with God outside the four walls of organized religion). What I liked about Rory’s site (when I first reviewed it a few of years ago) is that, though he presents strong convictions (which you may or may not always personally agree with), he declares right on the home page, “If you read something here you disagree with, pray for us, God is not finished with us, and we welcome correction from the scripture.” I appreciate that kind of humility and evidence of a confident, yet teachable spirit. The site features good articles on tithing, book recommendations, links, testimony, and even live Bible studies! Best of all, Rory doesn’t charge anything for what he shares at the site. Please note: Rory appears to believe in “Oneness” theology (and this was recently brought to my attention from someone more familiar with Rory than I am at this point – and I have noticed leanings toward this mindset on his website, though it does not strike me as overwhelming). Oneness theology generally disregards the notion of the Trinity in exchange for a more “singular” explanation concerning the Godhead. I am not certain how strictly or extensively Rory holds to this concept. I know other sincere Believers that have been persuaded by this view and I understand their general logic, though I personally disagree with the doctrine and feel it is Scripturally untenable. That having been said, I am not willing to automatically slap the “heretic” label a brother like Rory for this, only because I know that so many of us who have left behind religion, have found ourselves in a place of re-establishing many of our foundations. It is reasonable to expect that some past influences will not wash out over night and that doesn’t mean that a person is estranged from God or that they are “dangerous” necessarily. God is gracious and long-suffering and still can work in our lives and minister through us to others, even though we exhibit imperfections in aspects of our understandings of doctrine. From everything I have read from Rory (and I have NOT read everything), I believe he is a genuine brother in Christ with a sincere and deep love of God and a desire to grow in truth and to see others set free from religious legalism. I have not experienced him being pushy about any of his personally-held notions concerning the nature of the trinity, except that he does mention that the word “trinity” is not used at all in Scripture (which he is correct about). I offer this note just so that readers are aware that he appears to hold to Oneness ideology and this is not a doctrine I personally agree with. I absolutely believe in the doctrine of the trinity. I encourage readers, if they have a similar concern about this, to contact Rory directly and use discernment as you explore ANY website, including my own. It is likely you will bump into things on any Christian’s website that you either challenge or disagree with. Hopefully, we will be humble enough to examine these challenges and be willing to allow the Lord to cleanse us from error as we submit to His guidance one day at a time. I offer this invitation concerning my website as well and I am always open to questions and comments concerning anything presented here.
    URL: //www.preparehisway.com/


  • Tithing Discussion Resources – This page contains a wealth of excellent information on the much debated issue of tithing and whether or not such is a New Testament principle. After examining the statistics of this website (in terms of most visited pages), I noticed that the articles related to the subject of tithing happened to be some of the most frequently accessed – so, for the benefit of visitors to this site, this link provides quick access to all of the articles, books, and website links currently recommended for this subject. God bless you in your research.

    SPECIAL NOTE: You can also access an abridged version of this study with your Internet-capable mobile phone or PDA device! Now, have these great resources at your fingertips anywhere you are! Simply type in tagtag.com/tithe on your PDA/phone’s keypad to visit “the tithe guy’s” webpage. This page is ONLY viewable by portable devices and, PLEASE BE AWARE, tagtag.com is an ad-sponsored site and TruthForFree.com has no control over the advertising displayed. Regular web browsers also cannot normally view the content.


  • Should The Church Teach Tithing? – This information-packed website contains some the best resource documentation on the subject of tithing that you can find anywhere on planet earth! This is truly no exaggeration! My good friend, Russ Kelly, is an accomplished theologian with a Th.D. and a Ph.D. from Covington Theological Seminary in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia and has written one of (if not the) finest books ever produced on this subject. This is no exaggeration. In my opinion, Russell’s work should be required seminary reading as a textbook standard. If you want to really understand tithing as the Bible teaches it – in contrast to the typical version of tithing practiced in most churches today – you need to investigate Russ’ work. I really cannot recommend it highly enough. It is that good! Even better though, Russ makes the entire work freely viewable from his website and you can download the entire e-book from this site free of charge as well. Hard copies can be purchased through virtually any online bookseller (such as Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble).
    URL: //www.tithing-russkelly.com


  • Gary Carpenter Ministries: I haven’t had the chance yet to meet this brother personally but I have to honestly say I like Gary’s spirit. He appears to have a very sincere heart to serve the spiritual needs of God´s people through teachings which encourage a deeper, more intimate fellowship with God. His ministry’s goal is to provide resources through his website which will assist believers in their spiritual growth and edification. This is achieved through FREE audio lessons (available in a variety of formats), written teachings, and other Website resources. Great site!!! Highly recommended! NOTE: Gary is slightly (very slightly) more “institutionally-minded” than I am sometimes comfortable with, but this is a minor issue as his actions appear to match his words entirely (concerning Gospel issues) and his doctrine (at least in virtually every message I’ve listened to so far) stays on target with Scripture. I disagree with some of his views on the importance of institutional religion (which is very rarely emphsized at all and he doesn’t actually use the words “institutionalized religion” to be fair), but I feel he is a trustworthy brother, he always seems to keep the focus of things right on relationship with Christ (not men, religious systems or wild teachings), and I encourage readers to enjoy his site. There is much good to glean from this elder brother in Christ. There is even a great audio message by him I have featured on the Multimedia page of this site that I encourage visitors to check out.
    URL: //www.garycarpenter.org/


  • Dean & Laura VanDruff: Awesome website with some excellent articles and information. Good people!
    URL: //www.vandruff.com/


  • House Church Central: This is a site that may serve as a worthy resource to those intrigued about and/or involved with the house church movement. There is a lot of information here including a search engine to help you locate a house church in your area if that is your preference. I haven’t browsed this site in its entirety yet, but most of what I read was decent and well-intentioned. I have said many times that I am not personally a huge proponent of the house church movement, but at the same time I see nothing wrong with believers endeavoring to gather together for food, fellowship, sharing testimony and prayer as they walk together along this journey of life. Far be it from me to blanket judge an endeavor which often simply happens to fall under the label of “house church”. My general caution would simply be to watch out for attitudes and methods that strike of institutional-style concepts but which are only played out in a more informal setting. The same kinds of bondages that plague large organizations can grip the minds of smaller groups too. In fact, sometimes they are carried right out of the institutional system and into the “home/house church”. If Christ remains at the center then this may be a positive direction.
    URL: //www.hccentral.com/


  • Neil Girrard: This site features articles and a host of links to intriguing sites that discuss various facets of the Christian life, church government and authority, and New Testament restoration. There are articles by Neil himself, as well as other authors like the late Keith Green and A.W. Tozer. I have corresponded with Neil on several occasions over the years and trust that he is a genuine brother in Christ with a passionate heart for God. I have received some recent emails requesting that I look into his current articles further, stating that they espouse the concept of keeping one’s self saved through works. I suspect Neil is merely referring to the subject of sanctification, but I am exploring this alert further. For the time being, please watch for this as you browse the articles on the website.
    URL: //paidionbooks.org/~paidion/


  • The Double Edged Sword: Joel Spencer offers this blog site featuring (as he puts it) “words of life and purpose that God is speaking to this generation via Prophecy, Presence and Modern Day Parables.” Joel contacted me via e-mail some time ago and shared this link. There are some good insights here by a sincere bro who is interested in real Christianity, not mere religious form.
    URL: //desh412.blogspot.com

    Other quick links to New Testament Restoration websites:
    Note: The following links are sites I have found along the journey and which I’ve drawn occasional inspiration from or at least used as an informational resource. That having been said, I cannot say that I agree personally with every perspective shared on the following websites (in fact, some of these sites present perspectives on “church” that I expressly have a different point of view concerning), but I wholly acknowledge the beneficial elements each site presents as well and which many visitors may find encouraging, informative and educational. I share this preface because, in all honesty, these are not currently websites that I frequent and I may not yet have any personal communication with the authors; therefore, I am not consistently aware of the content presented on each site and cannot formally endorse any of them. As with any website, including this one, please seek the Lord and His truth and weigh all things with Scripture. God bless!




  • Keith Green: Few musical artists have impacted my life more than Keith Green. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Keith, this brother went home to be with Jesus in 1982 (he was only 28 years old) but his life has impacted millions and his writings and music still encourage so many today with the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Much of the same kinds of things that motivated Keith as it concerns sharing the Truth and not for profit, also motivate me today, I firmly believe in Jesus call to give FREELY what we have so freely received. Check out this memory site about Keith and check out his music too.
    URL: //www.keithgreen.com/


  • Jack Helser’s SoundClick Page: Author, Musician and friend, Jack Helser, no longer manages his former website “LordYouAre.com” but still offers some great original music at his SoundClick site and all of it is 100% free to download. I first connected with Jack sometime between 1999-2001 (while I was still participating in the institutional church routine) when someone passed along an article he wrote concerning the subject of tithing. It was excellent. Jack’s the real deal; A cool brother with a keene insight, a great sense of humor, an accomplished musician, a deep love for God and a conviction to stand fast in the truth! Great site! 🙂
    URL: //www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=763223


  • Devon Leesley: This is my friend Devon’s personal music site. Devon’s style (in my opinion) is similar to the older Jesus-people rock and worship music of the late 60’s and early 70’s (an era I am, personally, very fond of). If that’s your “cup of tea” check out his page. He also has written some good articles on the Christian walk. All of his songs are offered as free downloads. Devon’s a great brother in Christ and has a heart for God’s truth. Check him out!!!
    URL: //www.soundclick.com/devonleesley/


  • Andrea Wellard’s Facebook Page: Andrea is an awesome artist! Beautiful voice, guitar and piano abilities… and a genuine love for the Lord. Her music, however, does not fit the traditional “Christian genre” (nor do I think that has ever been her intention) and I think that’s cool! Andrea is a genuine artist who loves music, loves people and writes music in an honest fashion. She’s not trying to please a market or a particular audience and that’s what I mean by honest. Soulful and introspective are some of the words that describe the lyrics and sounds she creates. I absolutely love her music. Andrea’s father, Colin Wellard, was the pastor of the institutional church I attended in my youth more than 25 years ago when I lived in Seattle. I remain good friends with the entire family to this day. All of them are incredible musicians and great people. Andrea’s voice and style strike me as containing hints of influence by artists like Nora Jones, Leigh Nash, Missy Higgins and even Avril Lavine but she is yet unique apart from each of them. You can also find her music on Pandora, CDbaby.com, iTunes, eMusic.com and many other places. I believe it was the early Jesus rocker John Fischer who once said: “The world doesn’t need Christian music so much as it needs Christians making music.” That’s what I think about when I hear Andrea sing.
    URL: //www.facebook.com/andreawellard


  • Free Godly Christian Music: This link was shared by a cool sis in Jesus who wrote in recently (thank you Lynn). The website features FREE “worship” music shared by independent artists all over the country that you can stream online or download. No copyright restrictions here and no money-begging; these artists have agreed to have their music published with the Free Godly Christian Music site for the benefit of Christians everywhere. What a switch from the majority of those artists producing albums in today Christian music industry!
    URL: //www.godlychristianmusic.com/Music_Artist_Details.aspx?id=5

    NOTE: I am still building this section and working on updating the links as many of them have changed over the past several months. More links to be added very soon! Also check for MORE music resources in the next section.


    This section of my page features links to various online gospel music resources as well as links to friends I’ve made over the years that have music they compose and would like to share with others as well.


  • Rad Rockers: If you want to hunt down your favorite Christian rocker tunes from years past, these guys are the Mothership resource! They have just about everything you could imagine, including special releases not available anywhere else on planet earth and a ton of cool hard-to-find indie releases and import titles. Check them out!
    URL: //www.radrockers.com/


  • Rock Solid Music: This is one AWESOME resource site! Just about every title you can think of in terms of out of print, hard-to-find Christian music (and music video) from the 60’s to the 90’s is HERE! They carry a HUGE assortment of titles in all formats (cassette tape, CD, vinyl LP and video). Even if the item your looking for was never released on CD, CHECK HERE!!! And even if it’s not listed, write them! This is my all-time favorite resource for Jesus-rock and out of print music. These guys will even remaster your old cassette tapes and LPs and convert them to pro-quality CDs, complete with factory-like, screen-printed labels! At least they used to do that (e-mail them and ask). Awesome site!!!
    URL: //www.rocksolidmusic.com/


  • Christian Music X-Change: This is another awesome resource site that I have used frequently. They also offer an update e-mail notification service to let you know when new titles are added to their inventory. These guys have been in business since 1993 and have a HUGE stock of great titles in multiple formats. They also offer the option to buy music in MP3 format!!! Also of interest is their growing list of CD titles that have been remastered from audio cassettes and LPs. Many of the original authors have granted them permission to provide recording of their albums which were never before available of CD! Very cool! There’s a lot of other cool stuff available from the website as well! Check them out!
    URL: //members.aol.com/cmx/


  • Buddy and Julie Miller’s Official Site – Actually, this is now predominently Buddy’s site, but Julie’s albums are also available for purchase here. Buddy and Julie are two of the coolest musicians on the planet; Buddy and Julie Miller. I was first introduced to Julie’s music in my high school days when my buddy Drew and I attended a concert where she was the opening act. We came for the other band, not Julie, but after Julie’s music and testimony we were instant fans and no longer wanted to see the other band we originally came for. A few years later we went to see Julie and Buddy at a small church in town here and there was almost no one in attendance so we got front row and got to meet Buddy and Julie after the show and Drew got to play guitar with Buddy. It was awesome! Anyway, this is their official site. Great people, awesome music! I love these guys! 🙂
    URL: //buddyandjuliemiller.tripod.com/




  • Psychobunny’s Julie and Buddy Miller Page – As my friends know I am a huge Julie Miller fan (I like Buddy too) and Psychobunny’s fan site is the coolest website related to this awesome duo. Lots of cool pics and information. If you’re a Julie Miller fan too, check out this page.
    URL: //buddyandjuliemiller.tripod.com/


    WARNING: The following websites may be considered “extreme” by some. Inclusion of these sites does not necessarily imply that TruthForFree.com agrees with everything presented by the following ministries; however, we do acknowledge positive resource in the following groups that, at the very least, strongly call Christian ministries to be held accountable to the Scriptures. TruthForFree.com recommends using these pages as a resource for further research, discernment and study but does not advocate using them for purposes of spreading gossip. As with all things, examine in light of the truth of Scripture and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Continue at your own risk.


  • FACTNet Discussion Group: FACTNet used to be one of my favorite online discussion groups! I say “used to be” only because I haven’t spent as much time there since I got married (hehe). I still drop in from time to time though. Here you can join the discussion with many other people and share insights related to various topics, which appear to be sadly common in a number of organized religious groups. Read the testimony of others who have been involved with various cult groups and have come out (and read the arguments by those still associated), or read the insights of others who are challenging other more widely accepted groups in Christendom that manifest cult-like attributes, false doctrines and dangerous mindsets and share in the testimony of freedom from religion into rich relationship with Christ. Finally a place where you can discuss these issues with other REAL people in a full, honest, and open debate.
    URL: //www.factnet.org/cgi-bin/discus/discus.cgi?pg=topics


  • Apologetics Coordination Team: A.k.a. “deceptioninthechurch.com”. This is an enormous, incredibly detailed, information-loaded website authored by a brother named Sandy Simpson. Sandy is a missionary in the Micronesian islands where him and his family have served since 1962. Sandy’s first love is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which also explains his sorrow and frustration over the many mounting deceptions becoming more and more prevalent in the organized church today. Sometimes considered radical and quite often controversial, Sandy calls things as he observes and discerns them, convicted by the true standard of God’s Word. Some of his conclusions may be difficult to swallow for some, but I have checked this guy out and he truly does his homework! There are perhaps some minor doctrinal variances or conclusions he makes in some regard that I would not necessarily agree upon entirely, but it would be unfair not to recommend his website, which is a valuable resource to the body of Christ in watching out for wolves among us. Good site. Please don’t use for purposes of gossip or slander. I know that is not Sandy’s heart in this. Consider the information with prayer and diligent examination of Scripture.
    URL: //www.deceptioninthechurch.com/


  • Personal Freedom Outreach: PFO is a non-profit, non-denominational group with three goals: to educate Christians about the dangers and heretical doctrines of religious cults, to use the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach members of those cults and to warn Christians of unbiblical teachings within the church itself.
    URL: //www.pfo.org/index.htm


  • The Apologetix Index: AI is is an online Christian ministry with a two-fold purpose: To provide Christians with apologetics research resources on cults, sects, other religious movements, doctrines and practices, and to help non-Christians find relevant information on the same subjects.
    URL: //www.apologeticsindex.org/


  • Christian Research Service: Authored by Bud Press – a Christian and an Investigative Researcher. As a service to the body of Christ, he provides information, documentation and referral on a variety of issues to individuals, companies, outreach ministries, pastors and the Christian news media.
    URL: //www.christianresearchservice.com/


  • Utah Lighthouse Ministry: Excellent resource for those investigating Mormonism. Lots of articles and book recommendations on the subject. I was first turned on to this site by a friend who actually investigated Mormonism before becoming a Christian. This link is targeted directly to the article on the site called “The Fall of the Book of Abraham”, which reveals some striking arguments against the validity of Mormon scripture and the question as to whether or not Joseph Smith should be trusted as a worthy translator. A must read for anyone interested in Mormon theology, especially LDS folks who are searching for truth.
    URL: //www.utlm.org/


  • Living Hope Ministries: This is one of the most excellent websites available concerning the subject of Mormonism. A very good acquaintance of mine is involved with the leadership of this outreach organization and they produce some AMAZING resources. Best of all, their documentaries and articles are 100% free! You can also purchase DVD sets of their professionally produced videos for a very affordable cost to share with friends and family. Great site and great information!!! Living Hope Ministries is located in Salt Lake City, UT and their heart is to reach LDS people with the light of the truth. Check them out! (NOTE: A check of their site URL on 9/4/2014 revealed that the link was no longer available. I do not know why or if this is a temporary issue. I am hoping the site will come back soon. It really is an amazing resource!)
    URL: //www.lhvm.org/




  • Next Reformation Network: (formerly called “Northwest Revival Network”) Founded by Greg Austin, this site features news, information and links to ministries that promote the following mutual vision (as stated on the website) – “NRN was born more than a decade ago as God began to reveal to countless believers the weaknesses and inadequacies of man-made religious structures and humanistic church organizations. These structures presented an inadequate and distorted image of the Kingdom of God. It is the purpose of NRN to assist and not to impede the promises of God and to witness the pouring out of the Glory that God has declared would fill the earth in these last days.
        This organization’s roots are in the Toronto Blessing (or what they prefer to call the “renewal”) movement; however, there appears to be an intended shift away from this original heavy influence. Now, rather than simply providing information about “renewal” concepts and conferences, there seems to be an increasingly stronger lean towards relational Christianity than in years past. This is positive. In fact, they have been endorsing a number of authors who are familiar to the “out-of-church” movement, as well as several articles about the radical Christian life, free of the fetters of religious institutionalism. There are some strong articles that speak out boldly against thedestructive covering and leadership control doctrines prevalent in so many churches today that are holding back believers from maturing spiritually and seeing revival transpire. I really like the stronger New Testament Church emphasis and recommend this site for this reason, but

    please use discernment here, as there is still an institutionally-minded aire about the site and a tendency toward “renewal” concepts (for those who may be sensitive and cautious about this perspective). I am suspicious of some of their views on leadership for example (which appear to align with authors like Frank Viola and Gene Edwards, which sometimes tend to come across as simply a modernized form of the same old institutional concepts surrounding apostolic ministry and religious authority mindsets)

      , but they seem to have a genuine concern to move in the right direction so I want to encourage that. These guys used to be heavily institutionally-focused and that has changed dramatically which may indicate that they are yeilding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Just be aware of these concerns and let the Holy Spirit encourage and lead you.

    URL: //www.nrn.net


  • Harvest Net: This is a great site authored by Bob and Teri Lee Earl, which focuses on the forward marching Church of Jesus Christ. There’s a great resource of articles, prophecies, and revival-related material that is geared towards an “organic” Church mentality rather than “institutional” one. The primary quote/motto posted on the main page of the website states – “The church is never a place, but always a people; never a fold but always a flock; never a building but always a believing assembly. The church is YOU who pray, not where you pray,” to which I can happily say AMEN!URL: //www.harvestnet.org


  • 95theses2000.org: Robert Lund, author of the book “The Way Church Ought To Be” and originally the owner of No Garbage Books (the “No Garbage Books” site has moved and I haven’t investigated the new content yet), has published this site to encourage Christians about revival and the importance of returning to our biblical, gospel roots. A must read on this site is Bob’s Ninety-five Propositions for a Return to Radical Christianity! Some decent information here.
    URL: //www.95theses2000.org/


    Lookup a word or passage in the Bible


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  • E-Sword Bible Software: E-Sword has got to be the most amazing free Bible software program ever invented! This is no exaggeration. E-Sword is loaded with commentaries, dictionaries, atlas maps, graphics, e-books, and a huge variety of different translations and versions of the Bible. You can download the program and all the additional features you want FREE right from the site or you can order a CD from the developer, Rick Meyers, for a small donation.
    URL: //www.e-sword.net


  • BibleGateway.com: This is the host site for the Bible search utility shown above. Find out how you can add one to your website as well, plus there are a whole resource of other Bible-related information here.
    URL: //www.biblegateway.com/


  • Theophilos Bible Software: This is another freely downloadable Bible software program. Not as many resources are included as with the e-Sword program, but a very nice basic Bible software program indeed!
    URL: //www.theophilos.sk/


  • E4’s Bible Study Library: Another free Bible software program with a lot of great features and functionality. This is a CD you order and pay $7.95 for shipping and only one program is allowed per family. Also, add-on features are NOT free.
    URL: //www.freebiblesoftware.com/


  • The Sword Project: Free downloadable “Open Source” Bible study software in both PC and Linux operating system formats. While this program is free, it is not as user friendly as other programs, like e-sword, and is not recommended to be downloaded if you live in a persecuted country because some of the program’s code may make it easier for some governments to track. I recommend this program for Linux users since it is the only free Bible software I know of for this platform.
    URL: //www.crosswire.org/sword/



  • ChristiansUnite.com: Features an awesome selection of online Bible texts, commentaries, books, concordances, devotionals, biographies and more! Nothing to download, register for or purchase; just FREE online resources, viewable right from your browser!
    URL: //bible.christiansunite.com/


  • CrossWalk.com’s Study Resources including the Early Church Fathers: Features the complete assortment of writings from the early Christian Church Fathers! Viewable online, nothing to download! You will also find links to scores of other useful study aids, including Christian history, Bible text, commetaries, encyclopedias, and more!
    URL: //bible.crosswalk.com/History/AD/EarlyChurchFathers/


  • Early Church Fathers: Another site featureing the complete assortment of writings from the early Christian Church Fathers! Viewable in multiple formats!
    URL: //www.ccel.org/fathers2/


  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online (1911 Edition): This site features the complete volume set of the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica – completely searchable. While old, this is still one of the best encyclopedias ever made and is an excellent source for historical research.
    URL: //encyclopedia.jrank.org/ (formerly known as: //www.1911encyclopedia.org/)



  • Christian Book Distributors (CBD): One of the most resourceful sites for locating Christian books at fantastic prices. I have been a long time customer of CBD and have been very pleased with their service. You can order from the site via credit card or check or you can request a catalogue and order by mail. CBD features everything from Bibles and commentaries to music and software!
    URL: //www.christianbook.com/


  • BibleData.com: This is a great site that features tons of Christian study books and Bibles. They have a wide variety of titles (everything from Bibles and commentaries to music, videos, clothing and church supplies) and great prices. This is also a good place to search for hard to find items. When I can’t find what I’m looking for on CBD’s site, this is usually my next stop.
    URL: //www.bibledata.com/


  • Dake Publishing: Home of the famous Dake Annotated Reference Bible. Website features a bookstore for ordering Dake bibles and an online version of the Dake Radio Show featuring messages by Finis Dake himself from over 40 years ago.
    URL: //www.dake.com/


  • AddALL Used & Out of Print Book Search: This is the ULTIMATE search utility for new, used and out-of-print book searches online! One entry searches a large number of online booksellers. Great resource!!! Highly recommended!
    URL: //www.addall.com/used/


  • ISBN Search: This is another fantastic resource for finding virtually any book on the planet – even out of print titles. You can search by title, author’s name, ISBN number, or keyword. The results will bring up online stores all over the world that may have your requested book in stock. Awesome resource!
    URL: //www.isbn.pl/


  • NoGarbageBooks: Features a wide selection of rare, hard to find, new, used and out of print Christian books.
    URL: //www.biblio.com/bookstore/no-garbage-books-albany (former website URL: //www.nogarbagebooks.com/)


  • AbeBooks: Access the bookshelves of thousands of used, secondhand, rare, and out-of-print booksellers around the world. With over 10,000 independent sellers and 40 million books in Abe’s network! Shopping for hard-to-find books just got easier. This is an awesome site for finding stuff that just seems impossible to locate elsewhere!
    URL: //dogbert.abebooks.com/




  • The New Wineskin Discussion Group is an online community of “house church” folks who seek fellowship centered around Jesus Christ alone. Those who wish to join this Yahoo discussion group are expected to embrace similar non-institutional views, such as an emphasis on meeting informally around the Lord (i.e. in a home) and in an environment where it is believed that every believer has something significant to contribute to the body of Christ, as a priest unto God and a capable minister of His Spirit, rather than emphasizing an official clergy system, a program or a meeting place. New Wineskin holds to the view that Jesus instructed His disciples to model servant leadership through an attitude of humility and service. Concepts which constitute support of a modern hierarchal model of church are rejected, as it is believed that such concepts create division within the Lord’s body. Participants in this group typically do not believe in official titles or positions that create a clergy/laity division within the Body of Christ. The heart here is to share fellowship with other believers who meet informally together outside of organized, institutional, religious types of gatherings. The group is founded and administrated by //www.homechurch-homepage.org. I am a recent member of this group of more than 160 Christians. If this sounds interesting to you, check out the link.
    URL: //groups.yahoo.com/group/new-wineskin/


  • Systemless Singles Discussion Group: This group is intended for Christian singles who love Jesus and want to meet others who love Jesus but are not part of the traditional church setting. If you don’t have a “group” to fellowship with, or you are part of a non-institutional (non pastor) home church, or for any other reason just can’t fathom the idea of one day marrying someone who wants you to attend a “church” every week, this group might be for you. Since I currently see myself as being “outside” of institutional Christianity and have an interest in meeting other brothers and sisters in the Lord who are walking this road also, I was interested to join this discussion group.
    URL: //groups.yahoo.com/group/His_systemless_singles/



  • 1969-79 Jesus Movement; People & Music: Great site about the Jesus Movement of the 70’s! Features information about the music that sprang forth during this phenomenon as well. This is a personal favorite site of mine!
    URL: //www.one-way.org/


  • An Exposé of the Courtship & Betrothal Movements: Fantastic resource site by Robin Phillips, author of the incredible book “The Way of a Man With A Maid.” Robin is no stranger to the Courtship Movement, which is popular in many mainstream churches today. He is the son of the well known authors of the book “Best Friends For Life”, Michael and Judith Phillips, and was raised under this teaching and knows it inside and out. Robin’s site and his book discusses the biblical errancies with the Courtship methodology and the dangers people should be made aware of. Highly recommended book and website! I have cooresponded with the author and have read his book; Robin is a sincere brother in Christ and his book is excellent!!! Every person who has been exposed to the courtship teachings needs to read this book!
    URL: //myweb.tiscali.co.uk/largerhope/Courtship%20&%20Betrothal%20Essays/courtship%20index.htm


  • TheszEyz On The Web: Cool blog site created by my friend, Linda Dorsey (goes by TheszEyz), who is a sister in Christ and a wonderful graphics designer!
    URL: //stilltheszeyz.blogspot.com/ (formerly called: //www.theszeyz.com/)
  • More links to be added soon!!!


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