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Back in 2006, Wayne Jacobsen did an interview with some folks from Dublin Ireland (Collin Langran and David Rice) who felt God leading them out of the church building (and the traditional church mindset) and into a relational family life with Christ at the center. More than 25 years later and they are still functioning together as a simple family, without the need for institutionalized structure and mindset. They meet together as a family and there are no “pastors” the way we know pastors today. There is no ministry staff on salary either. I encourage you to listen to their story and discover how it is possible to experience fellowship as a family without any religious trappings. While so many of today’s preachers tell us that “it won’t work” without a building, without tithing, without pastors on salary, these are guys are proof that the traditional thinking is WRONG! Jesus designed His body to function (and function WELL) as a Family. –Dave (TruthForFree.com)

To listen to the audio file below, just click the link. To download the entire file, right-click on it and choose Save Target As.

The God Journey – Laying It All Down In Dublin

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