What You Won't Find In A Christian Bookstore

by Johnny Johnson

Matthew 11:19 – “The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her deeds.”

Jesus was called a friend of sinners because; He was! It was not meant as a compliment but as a slur. Who would say such a thing? The religious folks of His day.

If Jesus was born in our day and age, I envision Him in Levis, a T-shirt and tennis shoes – not dressed for success like so many TV evangelists. And we would find Him, not hanging out in “church world” getting blessed… but He would be found in the alleys of the inner-cities; in a place that many modern day Christians would never be found because it doesn’t fit into their “comfort zones”. If we were to follow in His footsteps we would be rejected and maligned by religious folks just as Jesus was.

Taking it to the streets can be dangerous, I know this first hand, the last time the Lord led me to the streets to share the gospel with Street Kids, it wasn’t during daylight hours while the sun was a’shining, but the midnight hours because street kids sleep in their “squats” (abandoned buildings) during the daytime. My brothers and sisters in Christ ventured by my side into some frightening and very dangerous situations. These kids knew we were “for real” because we met them on their turf and their danger zones, even staying over night in their squats to fellowship with and love them.

I have a “yellow streak” down my back like most people, but through Christ I have what we used to call “Holy Ghost boldness”. Sometimes believers leave it up to the few “street preachers” to reach the lost while we bask in our lovely carpeted sanctuaries and comfortable pews. Most church growth comes, not from the lost seeking refuge, but from Christians who have been wounded by a previous church group. We try all kinds of “bait” to lure the lost through programs, music and entertainment, which the world sees as weak and powerless.

I’ve heard preachers proclaim, “it takes MONEY to reach the lost!” NOT SO! Jesus and even John the Baptist had the greatest impact on multitudes of people without spending a dime… Oh how far we’ve fallen from the original recipe of outreach from the New Testament believers M.O. (modus operandi). It takes no seminars, no evangelism training conferences or special experience. The key is simple; LOVE and being close to the heart of God being Spirit led.

If all the people who claim to be followers of Christ surrendered to the will of God, left their comfort zones and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, we could and would reach our dying nation in “no time flat”! We are God’s hands and feet and mouthpiece in this desperate critical time when people are crying out for answers…

Jesus is the answer. Please ask the Holy Spirit to equip and send YOU to reach your city, because “time is of the essence” Jesus is coming SOON!


Johnny “No Land” Johnson is a close friend and brother in Christ. The previous post is from his Facebook page called “Hard Truth“, which purposes to approach the truth in a “very realistic” fashion with love, grace, and mercy. Because of the nature of this truth, Johnny advises discretion; promising to hold nothing back (in the hard truth that sets us free). Johnny invites questions, thoughts, and testimonies and If you want to chat privately with him, you can e-mail him at jjmuralman@hotmail.com. Johnny is a trusted friend whom I’ve known since I was very young. We’ve been through a lot together. Johnny loves the Lord and God has used him and his wife Lynne to encourage my wife and I (and so many others) on so many occasions. I’ve witnessed the Lord work through him so genuinely and powerfully, so many times and I thank God for this amazing brother in Christ.

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