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Way back in 1982 there was an album released by Christian musician Steve Taylor. The album was called “I Want To Be A Clone” (which is also the title track) and showed Steve himself (adorned in suspenders with a flashy yellow necktie) walking happily down the isle of a church service, surrounded by plastic clones sitting in the pews. It became an instant hit among a lot of church-i-fied young people (like myself) that were looking for music alternatives to secular rock.

Funny thing about that time was that I rarely paid all that much attention to the lyrics. All I cared was that it was labeled “Christian” so I could listen to it. For some reason, a lot of church leaders had their pantyhose all up in a bunch about Steve Taylor’s music and I really didn’t understand why back then. I just figured it had something to do with the old reasoning that “rock and roll is of the devil.” But just the other day, I pulled out that old album and was checking out the words and I started to laugh… No wonder so many of those religious folks didn’t like us kids listening to this stuff… Below are the lyrics to that song, “I Want To Be A Clone.” There’s also a link to listen or download it. Enjoy! 🙂


Steve Taylor – I Want To Be A Clone!

by Steve Taylor

I’ve gone through so much other stuff
That walking down the aisle was tough
But now I know it’s not enough –
I Want To Be A Clone.
I asked the Lord into my heart.
They said that was the way to start,
But now you’ve got to “play the part.”
I Want To Be A Clone.

Be a clone and kiss conviction goodnight.
Cloneliness is next to godliness – RIGHT!
I’m grateful that they showed the way
‘Cause I could never know the way
To serve Him on my own –
I Want To Be A Clone.

They told me that I’d fall away
Unless I followed what they say;
(Who needs the Bible anyway?)
I Want To Be A Clone.
Their language, it was new to me,
But “Christianese” got through to me;
Now I can speak it fluently.
I Want To Be A Clone.

Be a clone . . .

“Send in the clones……”

(Uh, I kinda wanted to tell some of my friends and people about it,
you know?)

You’re still a babe, you have to grow,
Give it twenty years or so.
‘Cause if you want to be one of His,
Gotta act like one of US!

Be a clone . . .

So now I see the whole design:
My church is an assembly line.
The parts are there, I’m feeling fine.
I Want To Be A Clone.
I’ve learned enough to stay afloat,
But not so much I rock the boat.
I’m glad they shoved it down my throat –
I Want To Be A Clone!

(Everybody must get cloned!)

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