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The following log represents archived Guestbook entries from the TruthForFree website before it was re-designed and moved to new web-hosting servers in May 2010. If you want to leave a comment in the current Guestbook, please visit the main Guestbook page on this site by CLICKING HERE.

Name:michael jay lockridge
Where are you from:houston, texas
Comments:he leadeth me in the paths of righteousnes for his name's sake. ISAIAH 52:8. DOES CHARLES ELLIOTT NEWBOLD JR. HAVE A WEBSITE OR E-MAIL ADDRESS? GOD BLESS
 March 30, 2006 11:03:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Warren Chace
Where are you from:Siloam Springs Ar.
Comments:Former SDA Seeking Truth
 March 26, 2006 04:58:13 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:St. Louis, Mo.
Comments:Just found your site and I'm really enjoying the articles. God bless you and thank you for your search for truth and discernment; for contending for the faith. My eyes are finally being opened and I've loved the Lord for so many years…but I grew so sick and grieved "playing" church.
 March 3, 2006 02:58:42 (GMT Time)

Name:susan erickson
Where are you from:West Lafayette Indiana
 March 1, 2006 20:44:29 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Georgia
Comments:I have spent entirely too much time here this morning (smile). It has been great, and your site is chocked full of Godly wisdom and love. I came here sniffing out the links regarding Tithing, and have had coffee and breakfast with your site. Your site is linked from HarvestNet, and I just wanted to tell you that it has been a blessing to me. God bless you in your endeavors!!
 February 14, 2006 13:09:35 (GMT Time)

Name:Jerry Grant
Where are you from:Atascadero ,ca
Comments:I thank our Lord for this site,anyone looking for fellowship outside man made churches I know many who fellowship simply in the name of our Lord,accross the U.S.God bless
 February 8, 2006 20:54:37 (GMT Time)

Name:Millie Miller
Where are you from:Memphis, TN
Comments:Currently doing research on Tithes and the purposes of it.
 January 27, 2006 16:12:06 (GMT Time)

Name:Lynne Johnson
Where are you from:God, but I reside in Kennewick, Washington
Comments:This is the most awesome website and I am proud in Jesus to know this man of God and have watched him rise above all the circumstances to fulfill a part of his dream. I am being filled with hope even now as I listen to the music and read what I have been starving for the last 10 years, and even in all the new technoglogy I have had a hard time accepting, God used this new "stuff" to come into my "cave" and minister to my heart, soul and spirit. Thank you for your obedience! "God's Truth is out there!."
 October 30, 2005 18:28:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Maegan Spencer
Where are you from:Pittsburg, Kansas (Joplin, MO)
Comments:Hi Uncle David, This is your first born Niece. Love your webb site! Its so Awesome to walk with GOD!! Love and Miss ya!
 June 22, 2005 07:43:15 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Yakima
Comments:Hey Dave!
 April 22, 2005 22:19:14 (GMT Time)

Name:John Drummond
Where are you from:Scotland
Comments:I realy like the look and lay out of your sight. You obviuosly have put so much work into it. Good job.
 April 11, 2005 23:16:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Johnny Johnson
Where are you from:have not figured that out yet
 April 6, 2005 19:40:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Lynne Johnson
Where are you from:not of this world
 April 6, 2005 19:38:55 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Richland, Wa.
Comments:How do I sign up to recieve the Prayer Shack regularly? It sounds like just what the Dr. (our spiritual one) ordered. Thanks
 March 8, 2005 02:25:11 (GMT Time)

Name:Butch Alford
Where are you from:West Richland, WA
Comments:Just wanted to say Hi, don't know if you remember me and Debra or not we used to go to Calvery together! LORD BLESS!!!
 March 7, 2005 03:15:52 (GMT Time)

Name:Henry Robinson
Where are you from:Kentucky
Comments:Tired of legalistic, organized religion.
 March 4, 2005 22:41:56 (GMT Time)

Name:Dave & Michelle Anderson
Where are you from:Sugar Land, TX (Houston Area)
Comments:Thank you so much for your website and making these articles available. We are on a new discovery of church government, tithe and are exploring home church. Michelle
 January 13, 2005 14:50:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Cody Deter
Where are you from:Kennewick
Comments:Dave. You are an awesome guy.
 December 20, 2004 02:25:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Deanna Rodriguez
Where are you from:Charlotte, NC
Comments:It is refreshing to find so much on your site that encourages the soul to return to true Christianity.
 November 17, 2004 02:20:39 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Orange County, CA.
Comments:I reluctantly left the "church" 5 yrs ago, and have since been in utter isolation, knowing no others of like belief that the churches have become Mystery Babylon." I hope to find others in my area with whom to fellowship. I prophesied long ago that God had a remnant, called out of the church in isolation, that would one day come forth with a message to the churches that they would not like. And that "war' would begin within it, with many leaving. But it would be those staying in the church that are falling away, not those leaving it. I then found myself in that position, isolated. Only now am I finding some others going thru this. But how do we find each other? Perhaps we need an email address listing site, even with the risk of being slammed and spammed? Love, Dave
 October 31, 2004 20:41:20 (GMT Time)

Name:mervin martin
Where are you from:hurley, n.y.
 October 28, 2004 23:58:05 (GMT Time)

Where are you from: 
Comments:I just finished reading your page Message from the Heart….there were so many thing I agreed with, and some I did not…I grew up in church also, and know all to much about tradition etc…later in my married life my husband, and myself along with our children started attending a new kind of church, and for about the first 4 years it was great, we had praise and worship, great fellowship one with another, then the revival/renewal, river, and new wine movement hit big time, and much confusion crept into the church, many people including ourselves were hurt and ostracized, and eventually left the church, I remember once going down for prayer over a health concern, the people who prayed over me took me into a back room behind the baptistery, and began to pray over me, then when that was over one of the men said the Lord had spoke to him, and as a conformation of my belief that the Lord had healed me I was to go out and dance before the church…well I am here to tell you that is not my personality at all, so I did not oblige them, and I believe pressure was being put upon me by someone purporting to hear from God, well God knows me better then anyone, and He would not allow me to do something that I am not being lead or hearing for myself by the working of the Holy Spirit through me….anyway we began to feel very unwelcomed in the body as did many, because we questioned things that were going on, I do not believe revival is in how many times you run down to the altar and fall back to the ground, nor how many times your body shakes uncontrollably, nor how many times you speak in tongues, and then translate the meaning yourself {which by the way is not biblically correct}nor crowing like a rooster, and the list could go on…Satan can come as an Angel of light….real revival begins in your heart, it is a heart change….it is a love for Christ that holds no bounds, wanting to please Him in all you do, and aiming that love at a lost and dying world…helping those that are suffering, showing them the path to Christ…being there for the widows, the sick, the poor, getting outside the four walls….we have now been outside them for 8 years, and have no intention of ever going back again….no church or movement is innocent of making someone feel ostracized, they all have blood on there hands in that respect, all are guilty. That church today has made no great impact on the community, but has dropped in attendance, and influence, and I will not have that blamed on my family, or the many other families that have since left it…we will not be blamed for dousing the Spirit….after all we were the ones hurt and ostracized, because we asked questions, and had concerns, not everything is from God because it is a "new thing". Thanks for your time. Jean
 October 19, 2004 20:57:35 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Chandler AZ
Comments:Im so glad I found this site. I recently stopped going to a church where I was a member, it just wasnt feeling right to me. I still ready my bible, pray, and love Jesus, I just dont think being told how I should dress, or what kind of music to listen to, and who I should vote for is what Jesus would do. Very thankful I have found this resource!
 October 16, 2004 00:41:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Jean Moore
Where are you from:Gouverneur, N.Y.
Comments:I was just introduced to your website, by Jack H.(Lord,You Are) I have been looking it over alittle, but plan to do much more as time allows. I walked away from "religion" several years ago, it has been a very lonely walk and persecution is beginning at a rapid rate. I know I will enjoy your site. Blessings, jean
 September 22, 2004 16:02:26 (GMT Time)

Where are you from: 
Comments:Nice informative site, well written easy to navigate good colour scheme. Thank you for all your hardwork and effort in making this site
 September 13, 2004 17:06:21 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Midwest
Comments:Thank you for this site, and your input. This is inded a blessig for those of us who are believers but really do not fit anywhere, church wise. God Bless.
 September 3, 2004 05:02:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Thomas Siegel
Where are you from:925 Cedar st.
Comments:Love the site, need help contacting like minded believers in the Knoxville TN area. Any ideas?
 August 28, 2004 02:27:26 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Midwest
Comments:I am glad to see others spreading the truth especially about the false doctrine called tithing. I also believe that organized religion the way it is practiced today is wrong.
 June 17, 2004 23:09:02 (GMT Time)

Name:(*MARSHAL*) K.D. Schofield
Where are you from:Theodosia Mo
Comments:My friends I have been a lawman for more than 15 years but I have never fought a harder battle in my life than trying to live a true christian life. It is a dailey struggle but with the Lords help we will make it through. I still fail the Lord from time to time but I ask for forgiveness and keep fighting. May God have his will in what you are doing. I pray you trust in him to help others and it sure sounds as if you do. God will bless you more than you think if you do this in his will. |(*MARSHAL*) K.D. Schofield
 April 13, 2004 17:18:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Steve West
Where are you from:West Virginia
Comments:Like your site. I have been in contact with Wayne Jacobsen for several months. Spent a day with him in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. He's a wonderful brother. Also speak with George Davis and Michael clark occasionally. I recently left an AOG church and meet in my home with two of my married childrens families. Have you ever read Charles Elliot Newbold Jr? You can find him on the meat in due season site. The link is: //www.meatindueseason.org/newbold/newbold-index.html Stay free in Christ. God bless, Steve
 April 1, 2004 21:06:36 (GMT Time)

Name:John Marklew
Where are you from:Horley – a small town 25 miles south of London, UK
Comments:Hi, recommended your site from contacts in New Zealand. Very thought provoking. Having spent the last 15 years seeking God at the centre of Institutional Church, the last few years of which have been in leadership roles, my wife and I are just begining to discover what being 'living stones' are all about. Are we stupid or what!. Great site, good articles, and Keith and Melody Green are also some of our 'heroes of the faith'. Blessings from the UK.
 March 12, 2004 14:32:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Diego Massanti [aka Insphire]
Email:diego [at sign here] plusmediamusic.com
Where are you from:Argentina
Comments:David, really interesting site, didnt know about it and i reading lot of interesting articles here, becuase it seems that we have some similar points of view. Best Wishes. Me.
 Febuary 25, 2004 08:44:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Tom Siegel
Where are you from:Maryville TN
Comments:I am enjoying your site very much. I live in the knoxville TN area and am looking for a home church or wanting to start one. any suggestions? thanks ,Tom
 January 24, 2004 20:36:29 (GMT Time)

Where are you from: 
Comments:David, I don't get to visit this site as often as I'd like to, but I'm always amazed at how much work it seems you must have put into it! It's a real blessing, but then you always have been too. You're a rare friend in Christ, to many, of course, besides myself who, though I like to call you "Buddy," are such a man of God, that I'm breaking down just thinking about it. I'm sure, though I'm glad for your sake that our Father has such an intimate relationship with you, that THAT (my reaction) is partly due to my own lack in light of YOUR heart so often expressed with such integrity, honesty, and passion, that only the grace of God could keep me from caving in on myself with abhorence, realizing my "ignorant" and willfull hard-heartedness. Yes, the cross of Christ does (or should) suffice to bring one to one's knees in utter abandonment to the mercies of God. The Holy Spirit can certainly use a living, physical testament of His Grace, to really get some of our attentions, at l
 January 24, 2004 07:35:52 (GMT Time)

Name:velva johnson
Where are you from:calgary,alberta,canada
Comments:your site is awsome. thanks for teaching us . it is greatly appreciated.
 December 26, 2003 22:09:43 (GMT Time)

Name:Susi Friedrich
Where are you from:Switzerland
Comments:Hello David! I just send you an Email. It's a long time ago we met each other on the world wide web. I'd like to hear from you again. In His grip, Susi
 December 26, 2003 13:09:33 (GMT Time)

Name:a good Christian who attends a church
Where are you from: 
Comments:I hope that you are not hurting those who attend church on Sundays within those walls. We strive to reach those outside of the walls of a simple building. I know you have a heart for God but you must know that there are those out in the world who are hurt and receive rejection from the things you preach. I believe one day we will all have to hide from the new government that will be bent on destroying Christians but it is not harmful to use to meet in a larger building then a small home. Isn't it the same premise? To meet to lift up, encourage and learn? I feel you are against those of us who choose to meet in a larger group and also, who still believe in tithing. If church is going radical in one direction, aren't your beliefs going radical in another? Don't you think it is possible to be too radical when thinking about home church. I am personally not against those who attend a home church (or a church in a home) but you seem very bent on destroying my way of believing…
 October 23, 2003 19:29:11 (GMT Time)
 Response: Dear friend, I wish you had left an e-mail address so we could discuss your concerns. This site is not about house church alternatives and neither is it against Christians who choose to meet within the walls of a church building. The articles on this site, especially the "about us" page, explain precisely my intentions and they are not to destroy anyone's faith in Christ or discourage them from meeting together for worship, fellowship and mutual edification. I understand the reaction some have because it is not pro-institutional. My concern is not whether what I share here is "too extreme" against the mainstream… My concern is that Christ remains central in the lives of His people and that what we teach concerning Christian growth and maturity aligns with Scripture. I have never told someone to stop tithing or attending their church. But I have encouraged people to examine questions they have about both. I am not against tithing Christians, though I am not in favor of the modern doctrine of tithing (which, as it is taught today, is not biblical at all). I am not against institutional church attending Christians, though I am not in agreement with much of the mindsets and concepts that fuel organized religion. Everyone is responsible according to their level of knowledge. The hard thing is to embrace truth when ignorance is confronted and eliminated. It is not easy to do what is not popular, though it may be biblical. But it is absolutely a step in the right direction if our dependance is placed wholly on Christ rather than the religious governments made by men. I am pro the Church (as Scripture defines it). And I am pro giving according to grace and obedience to the Spirit of God (as Scripture teaches it) instead of expired Old Testament tithing rituals (which even today's brand of "tithing" does not align with). I love Jesus and I love the body of Christ. If this describes your feeling as well, we are mostly on the same page here. Let us just examine the application. Christians should not fear questions or be offended when differences of opinion are expressed. The apostle Paul said that there must be differences of opinion expressed in the church so that the truth would be made known from the error (1 Corinthians 11:19). If you have further questions I always respond to my e-mail so please write. God bless.

Where are you from:Kent, WA
Comments:I believe in home church very much, was involved in one for 12 yrs. It became inclusive and isolated.Today my oldest son goes there.I hope he will see whats up. Even so I still agree with the concept and am searching for one in my area. If you know of any please let me know. thanks, Patty
 October 15, 2003 21:52:53 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:LAGOS
 September 12, 2003 19:44:45 (GMT Time)

Name:Elder Dave Gavin
Where are you from:Maryland
Comments:This site is a blessing.
 September 11, 2003 14:25:44 (GMT Time)

Name:Shirley Mason
Where are you from:Farmville, North Carolina
Comments:This is my first time coming to your website and what I have seen so far is absolutely great! Continually to stay under the leading of the Holy Spirit. You will never, never go wrong.
 August 17, 2003 01:32:17 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Brooklyn , NY
Comments:Dear Sir , Your site is just a blessing as I was surfing on the prayer movement of God , I was want to say Thank for putting such great tool available for the benefit of the body of Christ . Keep the good work always in His love and Kingdom. In Christ Bobby
 June 30, 2003 00:32:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Kelly Miller
Where are you from:Minnesota
Comments:A great site to get the hidden manna! Thank you for having a sight that promotes truth and encourages all believer's in Christ to think deeper and not settle for "status quo." God Bless you richly!
 June 2, 2003 22:16:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Pennies For College Fundraiser
Where are you from:NY
Comments:'Pennies for college' is a fundraiser site set up to sponsor a college graduate. It is also a social experiment designed to see if people will actually care enough for their fellow man to send a single penny along with a prayer. Your donation will make all the difference in the world.
 May 10, 2003 22:47:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Carl Fields
Where are you from:Clinton Township, MI
Comments:Great site! Thanks for doing what God has set before you.
 April 26, 2003 17:20:30 (GMT Time)

Name:David Yeubanks
Where are you from:Kennewick, WA
Comments:Oh my! This site it sheer excellence! I have never visited a website so perfectly designed and so thoroughly informative. This is certainly thee best website every created on the face of the earth. I am stunned and amazed and must tell all my friends about it. (hehehehehe)
 March 12, 2003 18:38:45 (GMT Time)

Name:curtis flowers
Where are you from: 
 March 6, 2003 06:05:37 (GMT Time)

Name:Mandy Millican
Where are you from:Texas
Comments:I was looking for some song lyrics on the internet (I lost the CD jacket…oops), and I came across your review of theBenjamin Gate CD, Contact. I totally agree with you..they rock!! I've seen them in concert twice, and they are awesome. I felt the same way about the CD as you did, it really grew on me. Although I have to disagree with your feelings on the first CD, I thought that it was just as awesome as the second! But definitely a great review of a great band. Bravo! God Bless!
 January 5, 2003 04:34:21 (GMT Time)

Where are you from: 
 December 23, 2002 02:15:58 (GMT Time)

Name:Rusell Earl Kelly
Where are you from:Momma when she lived in Miami, Fla.
Comments:Cool site dude.
 December 10, 2002 03:55:33 (GMT Time)

Name:Bernard Loke
Where are you from:Singapore
Comments:Hello, I very glad I found this site I'm bless with the content of the articles. I have learn much. Thank you.
 November 24, 2002 13:55:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Gus Wheeler
Email:Teleportation @ Hotmail. com
Where are you from: 
Comments:I thought PrayerShack was brithed in prayer. For the purpose of Praying for the weak ' suffering and those who desired to grow in Christ. Can all this other information do this Gal.4:19. In Christ Wisdom. Gus
 November 17, 2002 23:37:30 (GMT Time)
 Response: Dear Gus, my brother, you and I have been through so much together and I love you so much man. Yes, the Prayer Shack was birthed in prayer, but bro, we must be careful never to place too much significance on a building. The reason why God poured out so wonderfully in my home was not because I lived in a shack or some special location, but because there were people gathered together there who were desperate for Him and who agreed to seek Him with all their hearts and to allowthemseves to be used by God however He desired. We indeed even dedicated the use of our home for this purpose and I praise God for every wonderful thing He did there. I'll also be the first to admit there has come a kind of sentimental attachment to the physical place because of the memories, sweet memories, of what happened there, but brother if we ever think that a house of sticks has anything to do with the outpouring of God we have been sadly deceived. Praying for people and meeting needs isn't dependent upon a physical building bro. That's the lie we were all sold in church world. The real Prayer Shack is our individual lives where God has chosen to place His throne. "What is man, that You should exalt him, That You should set Your heart on him? (Job 7:17) and "When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; what is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?" (Psalms 8:3-4) This is the revelation God has awakened in me bro. To cease with focusing on institutions, building, and religious programs and discern the real body of Christ; the true Church of Jesus Christ. God is interested in these "prayer shacks"; His people. His concern is not with all of the nonsense we waste time with and falsely think is essential. If you will take the time bro, and I pray you will, to really examine some of the articles posted on this site, which have been written by so many different brothers and sisters in Christ (some who have walked far many more miles on this road with Jesus than even you or I combined), you will hopefully begin to see that it's not just about "information" but it is about an awakening that is happening all over the globe as people are become re-focused on Christ rather than rituals and routines, many of which actually have no root in Scripture but were birthed out of pagan traditions and non-Christian religious influences. I know that you are a big fan of the many traveling prophetic conferences and you enjoy reading books and listening to sermons from a number of various "celebrity" ministers and perhaps that's fine for you. But wouldn't it be just as fair for me to ask whether "all this other information" can really help you grow in Christ? That's not meant to accuse you, but simply to say that brothers and sisters sharing with each other constitutes body function and there may be things we can glean from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. To just write off what is shared from the hearts of your fellow family in Christ, labeling it as "other information" without even examining any of it, is not really fair is it bro? As to your reference of Galatians 4:19, I'm not quite sure your intent with that proof-text. Paul is expressing his weariness with the Galatians because they have followed false teachers, even a different gospel, and their lives do not demonstrate Christ effectively. In fact, the previous verse indicates that Paul was disgusted with them because they only faked being zealous when hewas present with them. What is your intent to convey with use of this passage? Are you suggesting that my zealousness for truth and to follow the Lord and leave the distractions of religion (even that which presents a false gospel) behind is fake? Are you inserting yourself as an apostle figure in my life? If you think that, have I ever treated you any differently in person than I consistently behave like in your absence? Bro, I love you. I know my views are uncomfortable for some and if they offend you I am deeply sorry. My intent is not to offend. But I also have a conscience and I would be wrong to deny it and to also ignore what I truly believe to be the direction of the Lord for this season of my life. The truth is that I receive letters frequently from many brothers and sisters in Christ who have been greatly encouraged by some of the articles on this page. Even just reading through these guestbook entries you can observe this reality. I don't take credit for that. Most of the articles here are not even written by me but by other members of the body of Christ. Even some who have gone on to be with the Lord many many years ago, but who left a wealth of Holy Spirit-inspired wisdom for us who have ears to hear to hear. This is a Church thing man; a body of Christ thing. It's not a Dave thing or even a Prayer Shack thing. I praise God for the work He is accomplishing in people's lives and I pray that more would become free and recognize who they are in Christ so they can walk unfettered in their relationship with Him and with their other brothers and sisters in Christ. This was a long response, I know, but I want you and others to know that "the Shack" is mostly just the name of a website. But, judged by the heart and the content, is about far, far, far more than what happened in some little house in Kennewick, WA almost 9 years ago now. It's about Christ in us, the hope of Glory! I love you my bruthaaah! You are a dear friend and I know you are just trying to watch out for me. In His grip, Dave.

Name:Mr. and Mrs. GladneyIsaac
Where are you from:Tuscaloosa,Alabama
Comments:Thank You!!! Praise the Lamb of God.
 November 8, 2002 16:41:01 (GMT Time)

Name:David Benrexi
Where are you from:Tarentum, PA (near Pittsburgh)
Comments:I'm a friend of Jack Helser. He told me about you. Call anytime or write. 724-226-8484.
 November 6, 2002 22:33:25 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:Pennsylvania..but now in the rockies
Comments:Saw your listing on His_systemless. THis is a great website you have!
 October 23, 2002 21:28:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Tuck Tellier
Where are you from:Hartford, NY
Comments:Hey there Brother! I did a (Google)search on David Yeubanks and found your great site. My prayers are with you in whatever you do for Jesus. Keep up the good work. Brother Tuck (Rev. A. D. Tellier, D.D. to the religious inclined ;-)wink wink)
 October 14, 2002 15:11:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Linda Rose
Where are you from:Potrero, California (San Diego County)
Comments:I enjoyed your article from the heart. I believe His true remnant are also those who are intimately involved with our Lord outside the walls of the institutional church.
 September 3, 2002 23:47:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Kevin Truett
Where are you from:Des Moines, Iowa
Comments:Hey Bro, Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. I love you man! Your brother, Kevin
 September 3, 2002 04:07:44 (GMT Time)

Where are you from:I am from Nigeria, West Africa
Comments:Please my dear brother in Christ, I am seeking for help in your reputable kingdom, for urgent help. I was a successful business man in my country, but due to a bomb explosion that occured, I lost all my family, both my God-given children were nowhere to be found up 'till present time. Any little kindness can console me from this shabby condition. May God Almighty guide and protect in all your endeavours. I am yours faithfully, Henry Nnodim, for the family. Expecting your urgent response.
 August 9, 2002 12:05:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Darrell Yeubanks
Where are you from:Kansas
Comments:Great site here Dave really enjoyed goin thru it. Give me a shout sometime bro when ya get some time k?. see ya later Darrell
 June 15, 2002 04:24:14 (GMT Time)

Name:David Yeubanks
Where are you from:Kennewick, WA
Comments:Hi there! Just testing the new guestbook to make sure it works. Everyone enjoy the site. God bless!
 May 31, 2002 01:11:34 (GMT Time)

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