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Hi everyone! I have some GREAT news today! The TruthForFree website is now 100% free and clear of malware! I contracted with a company called Sucuri that scanned and cleared out all traces of infection from the website and then secured it. They also contacted Google for me and got my website removed from their blacklist so Google is again reporting the site as safe! This is a year pay-contract and they will scan the site every three hours and immediately report of any future potential attacks… and, even better, they will fix them if an attacker happens to get through again.

Thanks everyone for your patience during this incident. I am so happy that everything was able to be fixed. I also hope that no one was too terribly inconvenienced by this complication. If any of you have a website or WordPress blog, may I recommend the same service I used to fix and protect my site: sucuri.net. These guys were awesome and had everything cleaned out and fixed up in no time with no damage to any of my website settings! I am really impressed with the speed and quality of their service.

So… now we can back to topic and the most important GOOD NEWS of all; the power and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

God bless!!!!

In His grip,

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