What You Won't Find In A Christian Bookstore

The Bride, The Daughter of Zion – by Christian Pellone.


The (institutional) churches today have brought forth immature Christians because their “leaders” have taken the place of our Lord. They have attached the souls of the Lord to themselves and made them depend on them and have thus prevented their spiritual growth in Christ. The proof of this disaster is the level of childishness that we find in the churches. Christians quarrel over ecclesiastic futilities. Worse than that, this usurpation has introduced a sectarian spirit in the fellowships. This spirit starts to manifest when one dares to go against the flow and refuses to submit to rules and precepts of men who pretend to be clothed with the authority of the Lord. It manifests in full measure when one leaves all these structures. In this case the person that leaves becomes non existent and is not to be associated with any more. The churches have become dead because the spirit of Babylon has introduced itself there.

The Christians are evaluated in regards to what they do or do not do, what they give or do not give, their degree of faithfulness to attending the church meetings. A ladder of “spiritual” value is being set, and the levels to go up are presented as grades of spiritual maturity. Even better, in order to become a servant of the Lord a bible school is recommended, courses are advised – in short all kinds of actions that stem directly from the spirit of this age.

It is sufficient to read the bible to realize that these are nothing but human actions without any biblical foundation. When the Lord chose his apostles, He chose them after a night of prayer and certainly not according to ecclesiastic criteria. Would we today pick out Judas, a thief treasurer? None of the apostles of the Lord, nor any of the disciples described in the book of Acts, had to have a bible training. The New Testament did not exist yet, and few were even literate. Yet, they revolutionized the world. We see no model of a structured church in the bible, no evangelism technique with the goal to increase in number, no gathering pretending to create unity – none of what we see today. We see men and women filled with the Spirit of God proclaiming and, first of all, living the kingdom of God.

If this introduction has sparked your curiosity, download this great book! It will encourage and bless you greatly; especially if you are new in your exodus from organized religion or considering what to do about a mounting disillusionment with typical church life.

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2 Responses to Featured Book – The Bride by Christian Pellone

  • Don’t you think we have a kingdom porblem. we have one king but far too many kingdoms. How could there be one king and 300 churches in a city. If the Spirit produces unity… that says much about our not being in the Spirit.
    Bless You


  • I read your article and will go see if I can find your book. Interested to read more. One of my most favorite things in life is to read and study the bible. Old and New testament, to actually see my maiden last name attached to book on bibical matters, set my spirit souring…..


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