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Come Out Of Her My People

by Peter Whyte

In “Come Out Of Her My People” Peter presents an astonishing proposal; that believers who are dissatisfied with “churchianity” are in fact being led by the Holy Spirit! If you’ve felt confused as to why you can no longer identify with or find enjoyment in the traditional church routine, be encouraged, you are NOT alone! God is at work in your life! This book is an endeavor to help those along the way to look afresh to Jesus, the only authority on the being and function of His Body and Bride. If you are perfectly content with “your church” and wondering what this is all about then PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IT IS NOT WRITTEN FOR YOU.

Come Out Of Her My People (Chinese Version)

我的民哪 出巴比倫

Peter Whyte’s wonderful ebook is also available in the Chinese language!!! Our friend, Lana Hu, lovingly donated her time and effort to translate this entire book into Chinese. Please feel free to share this with your Chinese-speaking friends and family!


Should We Just Throw Out The Baby With The Bathwater?

by David Yeubanks

Originally a blog post on the website from January 27th, 2014. This writing deals with the mindset so many church-going people express when they meet those of us who do not any longer live our lives centered around the church organization; While some of them find agreement with our dissatisfaction with religion in general, they often tell us to be careful about “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” (as if that were a bad idea).


When The Church Leaves The Building

by David Fredrickson

This is the story of a man and congregation that valued God’s life above their own experience and the amazing journey that led them to undertake. They discovered what most people only dare to dream. You’ll be shocked at the choices they made and inspired by the lessons they learned. This is not the story of a well constructed success strategy and how to implement it, but of a people willing to go on a journey even though they could only see one step at a time and whose destination was far from clear. The costs were considerable, the rewards far greater.


The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy

by George Davis, Michael Clark & Kirk Pearson

Why did the Greek words presbytery (the elderly), apostle (envoy or sent one), and deacon (servant) remain un-translated into the Anglicized form? Why was the Greek word presbuteros (older or elderly) translated priest? Why was the word office added throughout the New Testament when it is not in the Greek text? Why indeed! There is little doubt that these words remained un-translated and others were mistranslated so the clergy could redefine them, interpreting them with the strongest institutional and hierarchical connotations. Was this mere ignorance, or a means of creating a ruling class of super saints?


David’s Magnificent Temple Built In The Flesh

by Shawn Nelson

This writing suggests evidence that Solomon’s Temple may not have been God’s will but rather was the product of David’s flesh. God promised that one of David’s descendants would build a “house” for His name through Nathan the prophet. Did David misunderstand God’s response through Nathan or was he so determined to build his temple that he read his own will into what God revealed? Did God bless the temple merely as a concession rather than purposing to do so from the beginning? If the author’s argument is correct, the implications are enormous. An intriguing read!


Free Indeed?

by Shean Smith

In clear, easy-to-understand prose, author Shean Smith explores how the church has muddied the waters of religion. Each chapter takes up a different aspect of church-going, from tithing to assembly, and explores why these church regulations sometimes do more harm than good. Smith offers suggestions for making more of your faith, including making Christ the center of your life and doing away with the guilt forced on you by the church. This warm and inspirational book can help you realize your freedom in Christ.


The Bride: The Daughter of Zion

by Christian Pellone

Today’s churches have brought forth immature Christians because their “leaders” have taken the place of Christ. They have made the saints of God dependent on them instead of the Lord and thus have prevented their spiritual growth in Christ. This book will encourage and bless you greatly; especially if you are new in your exodus from organized religion or considering what to do about a mounting disillusionment with typical church life.


Rethinking Women’s Role In The Assembly And In The Family

by Scott W. Brians

There are those in the present-day church system that prescribe that all honorable women in the assembly of Christ have no voice. The question as to whether women should remain silent or not (referring to 1 Corinthians 14:33-35) must be answered correctly. If women are really to remain quiet, but then talk, we have disorder in the assemblies. On the other hand, if women should speak, and are silenced, then we have paralyzed half the body! The reader can readily see that the implications of getting the answer wrong are far reaching. The importance of this topic demands that the issue is covered carefully, not leaving any stone unturned. This is an exhaustive and enlightening read that will put to rest the great many misconceptions about this topic.


Head Coverings For Christian Women?

by Dr. Annette Brians

1 Corinthians 11:3-16 is a controversial passage. Some have concluded that a Christian woman must wear a head covering when she prays or prophesies. However, when reading all of the verses in their proper context, we see that the apostle Paul actually argues the exact opposite! If you’ve entertained questions about this topic or have had conversations with those who argue intently for head coverings, this will surely be an enlightening and informative read.


Should The Church Teach Tithing?

by Dr. Russell Earl Kelly, PhD.

This is the complete, non-abridged (Third Edition) of Russell Earl Kelly’s amazing book. This is no ordinary discussion of the subject of tithing either! Russell’s book is the most thorough, in-depth investigation of the biblical tithe and principles of New Covenant giving practices available anywhere! Warning: Some pastors will not want their members reading a book like this, as it absolutely exposes the whole truth about the monetary tithing doctrine! If you consider yourself a Bible-believing member of the body of Christ, you owe it to yourself to read this informative work!


Rethinking The Tithe

by Scott Wallace Brians

Scott’s book is the result of 18 months of initial effort for several hours a day, marked with the sincere intent to discover the whole truth about biblical tithing compared to the notion of tithing prescribed by modern church doctrine. Scott’s research led him to the unmistakable conclusion that, not only is the Christian NOT obliged to pay a tithe, but furthermore, the Christian is NOT ALLOWED to pay any tithe!


Rethinking The Offering

by Scott Wallace Brians

This the companion follow up to Scott’s fantastic book “Rethinking The Tithe”, where Scott now takes to a thorough examination of biblical offerings and demonstrates the host of misconceptions many Christians have about this subject.


Sowing and Reaping

by Scott Wallace Brians

Here once more, Scott takes up his pen to continue his study exploring the problems and misunderstanding surrounding the subjects of the tithe and offerings. This analysis directs itself at the marketing of services/products through the enterprise regarded as “the church”, which true Believers understand that the body of Christ is not a business or program or building, but a people who are called out by God as members of His family. Scott asserts that the tithe collector is allowing himself to be a channel for Mammon, which Jesus indicated that it was impossible to be a servant of God at the same time.


Eating Sacred Cows

by Graeme Carlé

Explains the biblical tithe in very easy to understand language, and why it has no place among Christians today! Graeme’s approach does not concern itself with the various methods by which Christians choose to meet together, but rather emphasizes the organic quality of the Church and demonstrates how that even the true Old Testament tithe was nothing like what most churches practice today but, in reality, was essentially a three to five week holiday intended for THE TITHER HIMSELF to enjoy. Graeme illustrates how the modern doctrine of tithing is so far removed from what Scripture so basically and clearly presents that you will shake your head and wonder how on earth things got so twisted up as they are in most churches today!


Who Are The Clergy?

by David Yeubanks

This e-book examines some of the typical modern day concepts surrounding what many refer to as “clergy” and “laity” as well as some of the common ideas people tend to hold concerning “church” and “ministerial service”. This article introduces some sincere biblical challenges to traditional religious norms but seeks to emphasize a greater central focus on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, His Gospel and the manifestation of His kingdom. Written in April of 2005 with the editing assistance of some friends of mine. I hope you find it encouraging and informative.


The Pilgrim Church

by E.H. Broadbent

It ought to be obvious to even the casual observer of history that the real story of the Church is not the one recorded in secular history. This classic work by E.H. Broadbent (1861-1945) demonstrates that the true heart of this amazing drama is not even recorded in church history books. This is the saga of those intrepid believers (over the centuries), who not only were persecuted by civil authorities, but were denounced, defamed, and decimated by the professing church.


Corinthian Elders

by Jack Fortenberry

We are to be disciples of Christ but not of Christian leaders. Corinthian Elders addresses the Pauline concern that following leaders will harm our relationship with Christ. The book concludes that following teachers hindered the Corinthians from abiding in Christ and this is corroborated by passages in Colossians where Paul was alarmed when believers were following authoritative leaders.


Falling Away From The Simple Faith

by George Davis and Michael Clark

(includes Part 2: Unreplacing Jesus) Many believe that there will be a falling away, yet future, and view those who depart from their ranks as apostate. On the contrary, the falling away has already happened, and there is an ongoing move of God’s Spirit to restore what was lost. For it to be otherwise, the church would have had to remain pure down through the years, and that would require a total rewriting of history. No, history attests to a radical departure from the faith. This fantastic book is authored by our friends at


So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore

by Jake Coleson

What would you do if you thought you’d met John the Apostle and he told you things that resonated with the deepest longings of your heart? Perhaps that may sound preposterous to some, but over a four-year period the author of this story (who calls himself Jake Colsen) tells his story of twelve life-changing conversations he had with a mysterious stranger that changed virtually everything he believed about God, the Christian life and the nature of the church. This is an engaging, convicting and inspiring true story that chronicles this man’s encounter with a brother in Christ whose character manifested Jesus so purely that he thought, “if I didn’t know better, I would have to presume this was John the Apostle.” Of course, that is not the intended conclusion of the book and you will have to read the entire story to understand it all, but it presents a fascinating journey, which the author warns has not been easy.


The Naked Church

by Wayne Jacobsen

Written by a former institutional church pastor who worked in this capacity for 20 years before he felt the Lord was calling him out of status-quo church experience. Wayne shares his testimony, which I’m sure will encourage many people who have found themselves confused, burned out and disillusioned by their church experience. Discover how intimacy with the Living God and his family can fulfill your deepest hungers. The Naked Church is an invitation for believers to forsake superficial Christianity and discover true intimacy with God.


The Way Of A Man With A Maid

by Robin Phillips

This may be one of the best books you will ever read concerning the subject of the “courtship and betrothal” movement that has influenced so many churches in our day (negatively I might add)… In fact, it’s one of the only books available that thoroughly examines the problems inherent in the ideology. This is a newly updated version.


The Characteristics of the City of Babylon

by Scott Wallace Brians

As Revelation 18 indicates, the religious harlot (Babylon the Great) exists. It is big, everywhere, and readily accepted yet still remains largely unnoticed. The vast majority of those who are followers of it are not aware. Many of God’s people are caught up in a World Slavery system, driven by the mammon motive, but packaged as if it were God’s Temple. Jesus said one can either serve God or Mammon… It only stands to reason that the Devil would create such a system in the Elect’s own back yard. What are the characteristics of this “City of Babylon” and what is the mission of true Believers to Babylon?

More to come! Also be sure to check the website for more resources.