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Eating Sacred Cows by Graeme Carlé.  Hey there everyone!  I stumbled across a fine little book today, authored by Bible teacher Graeme Carlé.  It was first published in 1994 and remains one of the best concise publications explaining the biblical tithe in very easy to understand language, and why it really has no place amongst Christians today and has been completely misrepresented by the bulk of mainstream organized religion!


Graeme serves the body of Christ in the capacity of a pastoral figure; however, as this book illustrates, Graeme demonstrates an effective understanding of the difference between common-practice hierarchical leadership structures and big-business style religious organization compared to the simple yet profound kind of loving fellowship we see in Scripture.  Graeme’s approach does not concern itself with the various methods by which Christians choose to meet together, but rather emphasizes the organic quality of the Church and I love the way this book brings out a better understanding of the Old Testament tithe and shows that, in reality, it was essentially a three to five week holiday intended for THE TITHER HIMSELF and his family to enjoy.


Graeme will show how the modern doctrine of tithing is so far removed from what Scripture so basically and clearly presents that you will shake your head and wonder how on earth things got so twisted up as they are in most church organizations today! This book is truly unique among the many other books available concerning this subject and it can easily be read in one setting!


My only slight disagreement with the author is in one very small paragraph of the book he makes some comparisons of the Old Testament Temple and Levites to modern-day churches, worship leaders and ministers. Even so, this mention does not come across as legalistic or even necessarily “hierarchical” and it’s clear his view is simply meant to show that ministry is intended to functionally serve the body of Christ out of love, not as lords over the body, but as fellow workers together for God’s good purposes.


This is a beautifully-written book and, as I mentioned before, very easy to read and comprehend. If you want to understand how biblical tithing worked during the Old Testament period and then see how the New Covenant affords a much different way to look at giving, take the time to read this excellent book and then share it with a friend!  Hope you like it!

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3 Responses to Eating Sacred Cows

  • On page 13 it says “Abraham’s son Levi” – should that be Jacob/Israel’s son Levi?


  • Good catch Vickie! You’re right. I missed that one. Levi was the son of Jacob, who was the son of Isaac (Abe’s only son), which would make him Abraham’s great grandson. My guess is that the author made a “casual” mistake when he read Hebrews 7:10, which says, “Even though Levi had not yet been born, he was in the body of Abraham when Melchizedek met him.” On quick glance, if someone wasn’t thinking about it or wasn’t up on their Bible history, it might be easy to presume Levi was Abraham’s son… Oops for the author on this one. 🙂


  • You can download this book for free, pdf file.
    Eating sacred cows. A closer look at tithing. Author: Graeme Carle.


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