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The following teaching audio messages are shared freely by some of our Jesus-following friends around the world. To Listen: You can listen to any of the following messages simply by clicking the play button next to the title of the message. If the player crashes or does not load, try refreshing/reloading the web page. To download, simply right-click on the title link and choose Save Target As (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As (Firefox & Chrome). New entries are typically added to the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Hebrews 13 – by Chip Brogden

This is an great message by our bro Chip Brogden of the School of Christ website. This is one of my favorite passages in the book of Hebrews. Chip offers a great teaching going verse by verse through this chapter of Hebrews and offers insights as to why religion is just not sufficient for true followers of Christ. Highly recommended!

Thoughts on Fellowship – by Dave Y.

A while back I watched a movie called Beyond The Next Mountain, about a head hunter tribe in India (back in the early 1900’s) that converted to Christ with virtually no outside influence of religion! This movie inspired me to share a few thoughts of my own on the subject of fellowship as I believe God intends as opposed to what organized religion forces upon our thinking. (Recorded 5/18/2011)

Getting What You Want From God: The Error Of Balaam (Part 1)
Getting What You Want From God: The Error Of Balaam (Part 2)

This is a two-part audio message by the late Keith Green. This message focuses on the biblical character Balaam; a prophet of God who misused his gifts and his relationship with God for personal gain. Ironically, today it seems this mindset (which God entirely rejected) has become commonplace in the institutional church system. Balaam, who thought that ministry was a good way to make money for a living, ended up with the infamous title of “soothsayer” (indicating that this often becomes the end result of prostituting the gifts and callings of God; you start to do what you can to keep the people happy and thus keep the paycheck steady… God regards such as a form of divination – Joshua 13:22). Balaam’s error is repeatedly referred to throughout the Bible (all the way through the book of Revelation) with warnings following. Though Keith went home to be with Jesus in 1982 (at the young age of 28 years old), this message is just as timely in a day where it seems so many view “ministry” as a profession and engage whatever means possible to maintain their livelihood. Keith’s message of no compromise still rings true in our day. Great message.

The Man Behind The Message (Part 1)
The Man Behind The Message (Part 2)

This is a message Keith spoke shortly before publishing an article called “For Prophets Only” in his newsletter Last Days Ministries. I am not certain of the exact date of the publishing, but I believe it was sometime between 1980 and 1982 (not long before Keith’s plane crash). This is such an excellent examination of the prophetic gift as Scripture presents it and will help bring balance (for those that have ears to hear) to a grossly misunderstood and often abused subject. Keith offers that “if you think you’re a prophet”, please hear this message, but even if you’re not interested in the subject or don’t believe you have a prophetic gift, I encourage you to listen to this message as Keith so beautifully conveys the need for Christ’s followers to really and truly follow Him. As Keith himself put it: “I’m not called to be a Prophet, I’m called to be a Christian – A servant of the living God! To live up to that wonderful word – That is my only goal.” However, in today’s church system (and even among many outside of it) the so-called prophets (many, if not most, of them self-appointed) fail some of the most basic qualifications of Scripture. They often lack God’s love and temperance, are overzealous, and spiritually proud. They do not usually demonstrate the attitude and character of Christ. Even those who have the best of intentions, may fall into error and delusion if they are not careful to keep their eyes on the Lord and allow His love, mercy and truth to transform them. I really believe that this is an area where the devil can manipulate well-meaning Christians and we have seen those that have thought they were operating in a prophetic anointing, but which were instead manifesting the demonic, their flesh, and became slanderous and arrogant to the extreme; unwilling to accept any admonishment from other brothers or sisters in Christ. These types of people we should “leave them alone” as the Lord said. We can pray for them and we should also pray, especially, that God continues to work in our hearts to transform us (day by day) into His image. I hope this message encourages you as much as it did me. The video is also available on YouTube by clicking here and the original article text is available on Keith Green’s website here.

Recognizing False Faith Systems – by Dave Hunt

Born in 1926, Dave enjoyed the advantages of a godly upbringing and a fellowship of Christians sometimes known as Plymouth Brethren. Just before entering high school, he placed his trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Today, Dave fills numerous speaking engagements in many countries and is a frequent radio and TV talk-show guest. An effective means of communication between him and his readers is the monthly newsletter, The Berean Call, reflecting the unique ministry of exhortation and encouragement to which he has been called. Recognizing False Faith System is a message he gave several years back warning Christians to be alert concerning the corruption of doctrinal purity that is spreading through institutional churches across the globe, robbing believers of a simple and devout faith in Jesus Christ while cleverly replacing it with Occult and other heretical teachings. This is an excellent message that is highly recommended. Dave has endured his share of criticism for some of the uncomfortable observations he has made of various teachers despite their popularity in the Christian community; however, one thing I appreciate about this guy is his calm consistency to examine Scripture in context and deal, not with mere speculation or presumption, but actual quotes by those whose word he is challenging.

The Widow’s Mite – by Gary Carpenter

This is an excellent message by Gary Carpenter! Most of us have read the story in Scripture of the widow who cast in the last of her income to the Temple treasury and most of us have probably heard this story right at the open of an invitation to give money into the offering during a church service. Great emphasis is often made concerning Jesus’ acknowledgment of this poor widow who so sacrificially gave all she had. But have we missed something monumental in this passage? Could it be that the institutional church taught it to us wrong? Gary offers some convicting and sacred cow-smashing observations in this incredible examination of the full context of the passage. This message is a must hear! You will never think of the story of the widow’s mite in the same way again… Every church-attending Christian who is familiar with this story (as well as every person who has stood behind a pulpit and used it to take up an offering) ought to listen to this message. Gary comes from an institutional church background (which you’ll detect in his style of sharing the message), but he is not a typical preacher! Gary cares deeply about the truth (regardless of whether it’s institutionally popular or not) and he doesn’t charge money for his ministry! In fact, he gives all his teaching materials away for free through his website! Gary’s heart is the Gospel truth and that people are encouraged and set free in their relationship with Christ. That makes him tops in my book! Read what a recent listener at this site said about this message:

    “Wow! I just listened to Gary Carpenter and the true story of “The Widow’s Mite” what a revelation of truth. I for the first time in a very long time have hope. My life must be an open book of truth, I am far from that at this time but God used this man to help me see His truth about a false doctrine that I have heard in Church’s all my life. I challenge any Pastor or Leader to listen to this truth and study it out for yourself, and I do not want to forget about those that sit in the pews believing all that a man says is truth without studying it out for yourselves. And may God have mercy on the souls that do not repent. I know that I am repenting right now!!! God help me.” -Lynne (06/26/2010)

Podcast Interview – S.D. with Dave Y. (2006)

For those of you interested, you can listen to an interview I (Dave) was invited to do with my fellow bro-in-Jesus, Sean, a few years back (in September of 2006), on his website Podcast (which is no longer active). Sean is a great bro in Christ, one of my closest friends, and an incredible musician. I had never done a Podcast before Sean’s invite and so he did a fair bit of editing just to get this into the time format for his “show”, which is good because I tend to talk a little bit like I write (looooong – hehehe). This interview gives a fairly decent overview of how this website got its start and where my heart even remains today concerning my life, walking with God outside the walls of organized religion.

One Woman’s View of the Journey – by Lynette Woods

This is an audio interview from Wayne Jacobsen’s podcast called The God Journey. This particular interview features a conversation between Wayne and a sister in Christ by the name of Lynette Woods who shares a bit about her journey outside the four walls of organized religion. Lynette also has a website called Unveiling where she shares her heart through a series of articles (all of which appear to be completely free of charge). I’ve only just discovered her site and have only read a couple of the articles, but it looks very good so far. If you would like to check it out visit this link.

Let The Lions Come – by Larry Norman

In early 1972 One Way Records released Bootleg, a double album retrospective covering the previous four years of Larry Norman’s music career compiled from demonstration recordings made while at Capitol Records, private recordings from his friends, and various interviews and live performances. Among the speeches included is “Let the Lions Come”, which Norman addressed to Russia for Christ Ministries, which was founded by David V. Benson in 1958. I love the sincerity in Norman’s voice as he talks about devotion to Jesus. I am often encouraged by listening to some of these recordings from the Jesus People era in the early 1970’s. It fills my heart with hope. God bless!

Defending Creation Theory by Dr. Paul Abramson

The following set is an 8 part introductory explanation and summary argument of Creation Theory (authored by Paul Abramson of Creationism.org). I stumbled across this great concise teaching set several months back and was very impressed. It is both scientific and logical and provides an excellent response to proponents of atheistic evolution theory. These may be downloaded and re-copied FREELY for any educational purpose. The author invites listeners to share them with friends, co-workers, classmates & skeptics.

Part 1 – “Is Creationism Inherently Unscientific?”
Part 2 – “What About The Dinosaurs?”
Part 3 – “What About Radioactive Dating?”
Part 4 – “What About The Hominid Fossils?”
Part 5 – “What About The Grand Canyon?”
Part 6 – “What About Noah’s Flood?”
Part 7 – “How Do Creationists Explain Distant Stars?”
Part 8 – “Conclusion – What Do The Dead Sea Scrolls Teach Us?”

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