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Welcome to the TruthForFree Music Playlist Page!

Below you’ll find a list of great music by artistically-inspired Jesus followers. This page contains the same music as the main music page, but has been organized into playlists so you can easily listen to an entire album rather than just one song at a time. This page is experimental and may be updated in the future.

One of My Closest Friends (Anonymous Artist)
That’s not the name of a band, but it’s a true statement. This brother is a great friend of my wife and I and has offered to let me post the following songs from his Gospel albums (Nothing Special, Acoustic Hymns, and some of his previously-unreleased tracks). By request, he wishes to remain virtually anonymous. Some of you are likely familiar with his music or perhaps were referred to this site by a friend, so these are posted here for you to enjoy. These albums are no longer in print and you cannot currently get these “officially” anywhere else on the Internet (except here). I was blessed to have this brother play music at my wedding reception and he is one of my closest friends. We’ve spent hours laughing and talking about the Lord and life. Below you can either play or download individual songs or download the albums in their entirety.

From the album “Nothing Special” by my (anonymous) friend:
If you like the musical style of the late Keith Green, check out this offering by my friend (who himself is a big fan of Keith’s music, which inspired many of the tracks on this album).

  1. All I Need Is Jesus S.D. 3:23
  2. Because Here I Am S.D. 4:30
  3. Beware S.D. 3:42
  4. Follow S.D. 2:14
  5. Good Samaritan S.D. 4:50
  6. I Wanna Be A Christian S.D. 2:36
  7. Just Plain Nuts S.D. 2:16
  8. Lord Send Me S.D. 2:54
  9. Pharisee S.D. 3:23
  10. Take All Of Me S.D. 3:55


CLICK HERE to download a Zip file containing all the songs from Nothing Special!


From the album “Acoustic Hymns” by my (anonymous) friend:
This is a beautiful collection of familiar hymns (along with some original titles) performed on the acoustic guitar.

  1. Blissfully Speaking S.D. 3:25
  2. I Come To The Garden S.D. 3:43
  3. Just As I Am S.D. 2:30
  4. Old Rugged Cross S.D. 3:09
  5. On Christ The Solid Rock S.D. 2:59
  6. Somebody's Knockin S.D. 3:14
  7. This Is How I Cope S.D. 2:38
  8. This Ring S.D. 4:06
  9. Victory In Jesus S.D. 3:17
  10. What A Friend We Have S.D. 2:13


CLICK HERE to download a Zip file containing all the songs from Acoustic Hymns!


Unreleased Songs by my (anonymous) friend:
A handful of previously-unreleased songs by my friend. Some new, some old…

  1. Groovy S.D. 3:22
  2. His Father S.D. 5:39
  3. Just A Walk S.D. 6:09
  4. Keep Me In Your Hand S.D. 3:45
  5. Real Thing S.D. 4:04
  6. Song Of Repentance S.D. 4:16
  7. Sunday Song S.D. 3:08
  8. The World Can Wonder Why S.D. 3:47
  9. What If Today S.D. 3:55
  10. You've Gotta Pray S.D. 3:25
  11. I Am All Alone S.D. 4:27
  12. Finish Line S.D. & Sarah Schmidt 4:00


CLICK HERE to download a Zip file containing my friend’s “unreleased” collection.


Matt Deter & Punching Pilot (formerly “And The Pious”)
Matt and I were flatmates for nearly 9 years and he remains one of my closest friends. The following music is from his band’s demo release from a few years back. Matt continues to write songs and compose music and hopes to record a new album soon. Below you can either play or download individual songs or download the demo album (which includes the album cover artwork and lyrics) in its entirety!

From the album “And The Pious” by And The Pious:
Matt’s original band “And The Pious” (now called Punching Pilot) presents this creative, melodic, hard-hitting alternative rock album with addictive hooks and inspiring lyrics.

  1. Endless And The Pious 4:14
  2. Peachy Keen And The Pious 3:25
  3. A Conversation Of Opposites And The Pious 5:18
  4. Hercules And The Pious 3:58
  5. Difference And The Pious 3:49


CLICK HERE to download a Zip file containing And The Pious’ demo album.


David Yeubanks
Yup, that’s me (author of the TruthForFree.com website). Over the years I have written and recorded a few songs; however, nothing professionally. I’m hoping to take to my guitar a little more frequently this year and lay a few tracks down to share for anyone interested. Below are just a couple of track demos I’m sharing for fun. I hope you enjoy them!

Demo Tracks:
These tracks include a variety of styles ranging from acoustic guitar to trance/techno stylings.

  1. DYGC David Yeubanks 1:16
  2. Incredible Journey David Yeubanks 13:24
  3. Jesus Mix David Yeubanks 10:00
  4. The Matrix David Yeubanks 8:33
  5. David_Yeubanks-The_People 3:40
  6. David_Yeubanks-The_People(ExtendedMix) 4:39



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