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Thanks to a great little company called AppsGeyser, TruthForFree.com now has its very own App for Android phones!!! AND the app is available on the Android Market (a.k.a. Google Play)! You can download it directly from AppsGeyser or browse for TruthForFree on the Android Market (You may also click here or use the small banner on the right of your screen to go there directly). Make sure to select the option for automatic updates to make sure you always have the most current version of the app – and we would greatly appreciate a positive review (this helps the app gain popularity on the Android Market).

NOTE: Once the app has been downloaded 100 times, ads will be displayed while in the app. I cannot control this without charging for the app and this is not something I ever want to have to do. It would seem odd to me to have a “TruthFor99Cents” app. hehehe… I will continue to explore options to remove ads, but just be aware of this detail. If anyone notices ads that are offensive or inappropriate in any way, please let me know immediately. Thank you! I would also greatly appreciate your feedback on this. There may be an option of creating an ad-free version of the app, but it would require a small purchase (not my requirement, but a requirement of the service I use to create the app). If anyone is interested in this option, please give me some feedback (you can contact me directly or use the comments form at the bottom of this page). I really like being able to always have a free solution and NEVER want anything from this website to be about trying to make a buck off anyone for any reason!

This is the “first-run” official app for the TruthForFree.com website and I’m very excited to offer it though it remains a work in progress (developing apps is not yet my area of expertise). The app provides a more convenient portal to the mobile version of this site and also quick access to the TruthForFree YouTube page and Facebook page and now, best of all, GROUP MOBILE CHAT!!! The Chat tab allows people using both the phone and the website to connect and communicate! Since this addition, I decided to remove the Envolve Chat program you used to see at the bottom of the page on this website. I liked the Envolve chat (because of its similarity to Facebook), but it doesn’t work right on many mobile devices so I decided to better utilize the chat room on this site. Now that it connects with the app and mobile website, it’s that much easier for all of us TruthForFree-ers to connect! Well, that’s the hope anyway. 🙂

Although the app serves primarily as a portal to the mobile site (rather than being a full-featured stand alone app), it does have some unique advantages over a standard “bookmark” saved on your phone… Here’s a few worth mentioning (the following will also serve as a tutorial for using the app; especially the chat portion of the app):


For one, you can view the full TruthForFree.com website if you desire and zoom in to read the text and the app will format the page so the words wrap for easy reading (something not normally possible when viewing the site directly). In order to view the full site, you will have to choose the option on the page itself to switch to the full version of the site (this is located at the bottom of the mobile website – see image below for screenshot; click image to zoom larger).

There are also convenient tabs you can press to instantly take you to the TruthForFree YouTube or Facebook pages as well (and, of course, the new chat tab)!!! Press your menu button on your phone for even more options like Share (to tell your friends about the app and give them an easy link to download it) and Refresh (in case the pages stall while loading)! More tabs may be added in updated versions. I’m a totally rookie at this app stuff, so I appreciate your patience.

I sincerely hope you guys with Android phones enjoy this new app. For all you iPhone users, I would love to eventually provide an apple-friendly app as well in the future. I’m sorry, but I do not have an estimate for you at this time. Luckily, the regular TruthForFree site should be iPhone-friendly in its auto-switching mobile version already. iPhone users can easily bookmark the site on their devices and they can also use the mobile chat option! The main website should auto-convert to whatever mobile device you are using, but if you like you can try going directly to the mobile site by entering mobile.truthforfree.com into your device.

Have a great day all! God bless!



Below are some tutorial images that both demo what the app looks like and also instruct you how to use some of its features. I hope they are helpful.



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