What You Won't Find In A Christian Bookstore

by Devon Leesley

Much of the confusion, much of the pain, much of the discouragement that abides with modern Christianity is, well, because of modern Christianity. Years of soul searching and self-condemnation is part and parcel to the whole atmosphere of today’s “church”.

A web of deceit, a pit of falsehoods, a myriad of misunderstandings about God’s true nature and His true plan for (and true nature of) His body has, with many, caused a life of despair and hopelessness inching toward the cliff of total rejection of the things of God. For others, they stay clear of the cliff but yet resolve themselves to merely “hang-on” regardless of the state of things no matter how excruciating things might be. Then there are those that follow blindly along the bottom of the ditch which they have long ago fallen into, believing “all is well in Zion”.

Point being this: God’s word, His designs, and His desires for the “body of Christ” are true, hopeful, magnanimous, all-perfecting, all-glorious, and all-set-in-stone. The problem is not with God or His wonderful plan. The problem is, and always has been, with man and this world system that man simply can’t break himself away from.

This note is to you dear saints who have broken both legs kicking yourself with. To you precious ones in the “body” that have spent most of the years, if not decades, asking “what in the world is wrong with me?” is this word addressed…

I give you the clear answer… It’s what’s in the world is wrong with the “church”.

I am not here to catalogue again that list of offences. For much has already been determined on that score and written in length and made accessible to the hurting believers thank God. But I do say that there is nothing wrong with your deep commitment to Jesus.

Satan has even accused you of surrendering too much. That’s how low you can go at times. No. Nor is there anything wrong with God’s Word. Nothing untrue there. His desires and designs is what He wants for His body. They simply are not accepted by the whole of the body. They are not longed for by the body. They are not heeded by the body.

There is a price to be paid for implementing His construct and a bigger price to pay for rejecting it outright. We see today the results of that rejection, which have also been catalogued and forwarded for perusal and study.

So be comforted. Be ready to answer the forward and rebellious and even the honest seekers. Hold to the Truth. Remain steadfast and unwavering in this tumultuous time. All ships are being tossed about. Be the anchor He called you to be. The anchors are the one’s God is looking to in this hour. The party is over and you have been designated as driver to transport those drunken with falsehood and emptiness home. Keep your keys handy.

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