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Here’s a little quote for the day I’d like to share…  My friend Deanna posted the following recently on her Facebook page.  I really liked it and thought I’d pass it on.  Short but sharply to the point. –Dave (TruthForFree.com)


Have you ever heard anyone use this phrase? “I go to church because I need to be fed”. My answer has always been this: Helen Keller was blind, deaf and mute and still she was taught to feed herself.  Only baby birds eat regurgitated food. Stop eating another saints regurgitated revelations. The Father alone gives us our daily bread. When Jesus invites us to “Come Sup With Him”, He requires us to sit at the table like big boys and girls and feed ourselves. Go to church for fellowship, for encouragement or even for the music – but for God’s sake don’t go to be fed. My thoughts are this; if you have been following the Lord for 5 years or more and you’re still having someone feed you? You need a hospital and not a church.

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