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Good news! Everything has been plugged back in and working. Despite the concerning picture above, I was not harmed in the process (that’s not even me in the pic… I assume it’s the poor guy who had the job of connecting the new server – hehehe). The upgrade is complete and everything appears to be operational. I’ve been told this will improve the speed and security of the website, which is great news on both fronts. I’m still working on some minor issues, but all seems to be working. Enjoy browsing the updated site!

If you get a notice indicating there is insecure content on the page, it doesn’t actually mean that the site is unsafe. It just means that I have content on the page that needs to be updated manually to recognize the new SSL security certificate. This detail will take some time to complete, but please don’t be afraid to load the page if you get that notice. Eventually it will go away as I get everything updated.

Please also be aware that it is possible that some pages may experience minor issues after this transition (such as images not loading consistently). I don’t anticipate much of that, but I’m actively working on those details as well.

Thanks for your patience during the upgrade. God bless!!!

Hi everyone… Just a quick post here to let you know I have just published a new version of the TruthForFree app on the Google Play Store for Android users (called TruthForFree 3.0). It’s simple, but functions much better than the prior app… and, best of all, NO Ads!!! I was able to find a product that assisted me with creating a portal app that was free of advertising. Time will tell how long that detail remains true, but so far this appears to be a good thing. You can download the app right now off the official Google Play store. Just click the image below:


AND, good news for iPhone users! The app will be available soon in the App Store also! I have already submitted it for review and am simply awaiting approval from Apple. Check your App Store periodically to see if it’s there.

The app remains under development. Presently I am working on adding more sharing options to make things much more “mobile friendly” than they are at the time of release. So, open the app periodically to see what’s new and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or problems.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know how it works for you. As I mentioned before, it’s functions are very basic at this time; primarily serving as a portal to TruthForFree.com’s content. I will continue to build out the features as time goes forward and hope to add more content soon.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day! God bless you!!!

In His grip,
Dave (TruthForFree.com)

Hi everyone!

I just added a cool new feature to the website… Now you can subscribe to receive free text message updates whenever the website is updated! (standard text message rates may apply) If you want to sign up for this service it’s easy, just CLICK THIS LINK and enter your mobile phone number and carrier! That’s it! You can also unsubscribe any time you like. Text messages are sent personally by TruthForFree and only occasionally.


(This info updated July 28th / 3:10PM) Hi everyone! Some exciting news today! Thanks to a great little company called AppsGeyser, TruthForFree.com now has its very own App for Android phones!!! AND the app has also just been officially released on the Android Market (a.k.a. Google Play)! You can download it directly from AppsGeyser or browse for TruthForFree on the Android Market. Make sure to select the option for automatic updates to make sure you have the most current version of the app.

This is the “first-run” official app for the TruthForFree.com website and I’m very excited to offer it, but it remains a work in progress. The app provides a more convenient portal to the mobile version of this site and also quick access to the TruthForFree YouTube page and Facebook page and now, best of all, GROUP MOBILE CHAT!!! This new update allows people using both the phone and the website to connect and communicate! Since this addition, I decided to remove the Envolve Chat program you used to see at the bottom of the page. I liked the Envolve chat, but it doesn’t work right on many mobile devices so I decided to better utilize the chat room on this site. Now that it connects with the app and mobile website, it’s that much easier for all of us TruthForFree-ers to connect! Well, that’s the hope anyway. 🙂

Although the app serves primarily as a portal to the mobile site (rather than being a full-featured stand alone app), it does have some unique advantages over a standard “bookmark” saved on your phone… Here’s a few worth mentioning:

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Hi everyone… I wanted to share some news about the TFFBook website that many of you signed up to connect with other like-minded believers on this journey together with Christ “outside the walls” as it were…

After having the TFFBook.com website up and running for several months, I have decided to go ahead and close that page down due to the fact that the site does not appear to be getting used much. It also requires a fair bit of effort (and money) to maintain. To avoid any confusion here, I want to emphasize that I am NOT referring to TruthForFree.com. TruthForFree is not going anywhere! For those of you unaware, I created a “sister” website a few months back called TFFBook.com with the hope of giving like-minded believers a place to connect in cyberspace.

While my hopes were big, I think the likelihood that I was probably trying to re-create the wheel in some respects became apparent the more I worked on keeping the page up… especially considering that there are already perfectly functioning resources that are more popular and efficient like Facebook.

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Hi everyone! I have some GREAT news today! The TruthForFree website is now 100% free and clear of malware! I contracted with a company called Sucuri that scanned and cleared out all traces of infection from the website and then secured it. They also contacted Google for me and got my website removed from their blacklist so Google is again reporting the site as safe! This is a year pay-contract and they will scan the site every three hours and immediately report of any future potential attacks… and, even better, they will fix them if an attacker happens to get through again.

Thanks everyone for your patience during this incident. I am so happy that everything was able to be fixed. I also hope that no one was too terribly inconvenienced by this complication. If any of you have a website or WordPress blog, may I recommend the same service I used to fix and protect my site: sucuri.net. These guys were awesome and had everything cleaned out and fixed up in no time with no damage to any of my website settings! I am really impressed with the speed and quality of their service.

So… now we can back to topic and the most important GOOD NEWS of all; the power and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

God bless!!!!

In His grip,

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news for you all today… I’ve just launched the Beta test site of TruthForFree’s new social networking website called TFFBook.com! For more information and to give it a test drive, visit the link below. This information is also available under the Links menu on this website. Remember, this site is in beta test mode so you may experience some glitchy behavior, but overall it seems to be working so far. Check it out! 🙂 Yes, as always, IT IS 100% FREE!!!


Hello again everyone…

Just another quick update about the website. The issues the site was having yesterday seem to be all resolved now and that means we’re back up an running again like normal. The folks at Bluehost (the company that I host my website through) were quick with the troubleshooting responses to help me get things figured out and I appreciate their great service!

Hope you all have a great day and a Happy New Year!!!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a great week… Just a quick note to alert you to some issues I’ve been experiencing with the website. I consulted my hosting company’s technical support staff for some help with a problem and after they “fixed” it, most all of my website links started experiencing problems… Specifically the links to ebooks and audio files seem to be affected; For some reason they are not working properly. Most appear to take you back to the Home page.

I apologize for the inconvenience and am trying to get these back up and running as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all having a great day so far… Just a quick note to let you know I’ll be putting up some new audio files at the website. Presently, on the Teaching Audio page, there is an 8 part concise series on Creation Theory, authored by Paul Abramson of Creationism.org. This logical, scientific and biblically-based presentation provides an excellent response to proponents of atheistic evolution theory. I was encouraged to find that the author shares these messages freely and invites listeners to download them and share them with anyone.

I will also be adding some audio messages by our friend Wayne Jacobsen soon. I just haven’t had the chance to get them uploaded to the site yet. If you know of a website with some great audio teaching that is also freely distributed, please be sure to let me know about it. We may be able to encourage folks to check it out from this site as well!

Have a great day!

Click Here to visit the Audio Teaching page on this website.

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