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In my last post, I was talking about the Azusa Now event the recently occurred down in southern California and the acquaintance/friend of mine that spoke favorably of it. In this person’s estimation it was an exciting testimony to the widespread anticipated explosion of revival that many believe is soon about to occur in America. That all sounds wonderful and just might give you goosebumps, except for the detail that the folks leading this “movement” are literally willing to disregard the doctrine of Scripture for the sake of unity among different religions; namely Roman Catholic and Protestant (though my friend who attended also indicated that “all faiths” were represented there). I mentioned in my last post how one of the leaders at this event publicly told the 100,000 people in attendance that Jesus doesn’t care that Christians and Catholics disagree on doctrine! They may call it Azusa now, but I would dare call it Apostasy Now!

I also talked about how both Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are really part of the same religious bloodline (as are virtually every Christian denomination in existence today because they all hail from a “protesting” ideology. Like Luther, they reject some of the legalism and doctrine of Mother Rome, but they have held on to much of the rest and merely “Christianized” its elements for the Christ-follower’s consumption. This is NOT how true followers of Jesus identify themselves. The identity of a true Believer is found in Christ Jesus alone and has no concern for trying to fit within the legalistic boundaries that other religions sets forth as essential, by re-labeling or adjusting those practices so that they appear “Christian”. Neither does the Gospel of Jesus afford that the doctrine of Christ is secondary to a so-called “vision of unity” among all faiths. This is a grand deception, but one that has been at work for many long years and we are now starting to see it emerge more publicly and more widespread than every before.

There is this image in many Christians’ minds that there has been this huge divide between Protestants and Catholics. Now we are seeing famous religious leaders proclaim that God is restoring unity between the two camps. But those who are not ignorant of the origin of the Protestant movement, understand that the two have always been related to each other (and in fact one literally was produced from the other). When you understand this fact, it becomes easy to see that this proclaimed “unity” (or re-uniting) is nothing more than a smoke screen to a devious delusion that has been in the works from the very beginning. Many Christians who do not describe themselves as “Catholic” have long thought their religious identification was perhaps best described by the term “Protestant”. In other words, if you’re not a Catholic, you’re a Protestant. But there is a massive problem with this concept, namely that does not come from Christ and cannot be found anywhere in Scripture. Nor is it the least bit representative of true Christianity.

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Note from Dave of TruthForFree: The following was originally a post on my friend Johnny’s Facebook page (November 10th) “Hard Truth”. The original two-part post has been combined into a single post for viewing here. Follow-up comments are welcome and Johnny also welcomes personal comments or questions directed to his email.

TRANCE’DANCE in Church-world
Which Witch is which?
Part 1

by Johnny Johnson

I rarely mention names in my posts because I know God can save people involved in the occult and I’m not on a witch-hunt. The information I will share may be all one needs to know and flee from Charismatic Witchcraft. That being said, if you want to know the name of this person I am exposing on this page let me know. Perhaps your own teens may be involved and this post might trigger some “catch phrases” you’ve heard them say.

Satan’s capacity for wicked imagination seems bottomless. Furthermore, he is not the least bit intimidated by today’s postmodern church leadership. And just when I think the devil can’t get any more brazen introducing his dark spiritual substitutes for revival into the spiritually empty sanctuaries of church-world, he pulls another rabbit out of his hat.

Currently there is a female “prophet” who has made quite a name for herself in the USA and abroad she proudly admits that she is a “New Mystic.” In my opinion she is none-other than a witch; a witch who is unleashing one of the most powerful manifestations of evil upon an unsuspecting and spiritually blind generation of believers.

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by Jan Fletcher (TBC Extra, September 2006)

(Note: This article is sourced from The Berean Call website by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon. TruthForFree.com has received a lot of feedback from people who have either been abused by Theophostic programs or who have concerns about family and friends who are involved with it. I am posting this article by Jan Fletcher as an update, since a number of the program’s tactics have changed over the months.)

Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM) is taking thousands of churches by storm around the world. This fast-growing inner-healing technique is an offshoot of Agnes Sanford’s teachings. Sanford, deceased for over two decades, advocated healing of the memories through mystical prayer. She taught that one should visualize a past situation, and then envision Jesus coming into the memory to solve the problem.

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posted by David Y.

I recently discovered a newsletter article with some information about the dangerous inner-healing program called TheoPhostics that is sweeping through a lot of churches right now. This information has also been added to the previously-posted article on this subject. Also, beware of other programs that come out of the Elijah House Prayer Ministry and similar programs such as Sozo.



Elijah House Prayer Ministry

– being sued

Editorial Comment: Some time back CWM issued a warning about Theophostic Counseling which had been adopted by “DUNAMIS” (Brisbane, pastors Shawn Hanson and Trevor Chandler) and by others. We believe that the following report justifies our warning:

Go to: www.lyingspirits.com/news2006.html — for an interesting summary of law suits originating in British Columbia, Canada, involving the so-called “Christian prayer counseling” ministry of Elijah House, founded by U.S. residents John and Paula Sandford.

They use “inner healing” techniques drawn from occultism, especially the “recovery” of repressed memories in order to heal those memories (as they say). This is sometimes called “Theophostic Prayer Counseling” (TPC). Elijah House counselors are, among other things, taught to help people recover emotional wounds and hidden memories in order to “apply the healing power of Jesus” through prayer. In my book True to His Ways6 I compared this practice with kundalini yoga (which is actually orthodox Hinduism). In yoga, practitioners uncover repressed memories and then apply the healing power of kundalini (i.e., the serpent).

Eastern thought, not the Bible, is the source of such practice.

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By Dave Y.

Recently, a visitor to TruthForFree.com shared a concern with me about a new “deliverance/inner-healing” ministry out there called Sozo. I did a little research and it appears that this new ministry fad (which is reminiscent of the TheoPhostic counseling program mixed with Toronto Blessing phenomena) is starting to become more and popular among a lot of church groups.

Sozo is a mystical healing method created by a group of people from Bethel Church in Redding, California; however, it has been duplicated and is spreading through many churches all over the world. As an additional note, there appear to be other “ministry” groups that bear the same label (“Sozo”), which are not necessarily affiliated with Bethel. My inclination, however, is to exercise caution (even strong warning) against involvement with ANY group that claims to have special revelation about the work of Christ and then puts their own label or trademark on it. Virtually all such groups do not present teachings that are clearly identified in Scripture, but are only derived through the “special teaching” of whatever program or method the group espouses and as give its special title to (which it generally also claims was given by divine inspiration), and which often comes (rather conveniently) with a monetary price tag.

The Lord Jesus instructed us to ONLY make disciples of HIM, not of men, not of church organizations, not of special doctrines, methods or religious programs. He is the only King, the only Lord, the only GOD, the only Deliverer!

In years past I was myself involved with the Toronto Blessing movement and deliverance programs like “Cleansing Stream” so I am sensitive to these influences. I’ve also researched and known folks that have gotten involved with TheoPhostic counseling so I am very aware of the dangers in this movement as well. Bits of all of these programs are present in Sozo (including involvement with and endorsement by a number of religious leaders that I would personally consider dangerous), which only confirms to me that there really is nothing new under the sun.

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