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Floating-CoffinRecently, I was reading a post by radio talk show host Glenn Beck, who was talking about his Mormon faith. Strangely, a lot of Christians have embraced Glenn as a fellow Christian, ignorant of his religious affiliation. To be sure, Glenn is a Mormon and does NOT ascribe to the doctrine of Christ, but rather of the false prophet, Joseph Smith.

Glenn’s comments in his article were intended to demystify some of the odd practices and beliefs of Mormonism and present it as, essentially, a Christian denomination. One of the topics he addressed, ever so briefly, was the subject of baptism for the dead. Mormons believe that a living person can undergo baptism on behalf of a dead person, to ensure they obtain entrance into the “Celestial Kingdom”. Glenn asserts that this is just basic biblical teaching. So, what “basic biblical teaching” is he referring to and why does this matter?

Mormons argue that the Bible teaches the doctrine of baptism for the dead in 1 Corinthians 15:29. The KJV read this verse as follows:

1 Corinthians 15:29 (KJV) – Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?

As I studied this passage myself, I found that scholars have deliberated over its meaning for many years. It has sometimes sparked considerable debate and confusion among Christians. Catholics, by-the-way (and some other religious sects), also contend that baptism for the dead is biblical… and here we have a verse that appears to address the subject.

Could the Mormons be right on this? On the surface glance, one could argue, it may appear that the apostle Paul might have actually indicated that baptism for the dead was a legitimate practice… and he seems to affirm it by saying, “what would be the point of doing it if the dead didn’t actually expect to rise again?” It is therefore understandable that some Christians would stumble at the introduction to this rarely acknowledged passage of Scripture… isn’t it?

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Continued from Part 2

AzusaNow-WheelchairLadyThe person I told you about at the beginning of all this that shared the glowing testimony about their experience at the Azusa Now conference also told me that lots of people were miraculously healed. In fact, this person said they had a video of a healing they witnessed with their own eyes. I was eager to see it. In the video, a person in a wheelchair was receiving a mass of “Toronto Blessing” style prayer… Then, at one point, two large men gathered on either side of her (each taking an arm) and lifted her up and began to walk with her. As she walked (with the constant aid of these two men who never left her side), the crowd was cheering that the woman was healed. They walked with her and then all the way back to her wheelchair where they helped her sit back down in the chair. The woman then lifted her arms and was crying praise to God and everyone was cheering in joyous celebration that God had performed an awesome healing… But I did not witness any healing at all. As I mentioned, the woman never stood on her own two feet. In fact, you could see that her legs remained twisted and weak. She never cast off her wheelchair, she wasn’t ejected from it, she didn’t even get up on her own without help; she returned to it and left in it! YET, the crowd (and even the woman herself) was cheering that a miracle had occurred! Astounding!

I’ve observed this same thing in the days when I attended conferences affiliated with the Toronto Blessing movement. The guest preacher would tell hype stories about all the miracles he had performed in the past and observed… ALWAYS that happened at the last conference… Not the current one he was speaking at. I know this was routine because, at the time, I attended a ton of these conferences and never once saw any of the things these guys gave testimony of. One guy actually said that he had raised HUNDREDS of people from the dead. This kind of testimony stirred up the crowd with massive amounts of excitement and people were thronging the altars for prayer… Yet the only “miracles” witnessed were people being “slain in the Spirit” as the terminology goes. No radical healings, no confirmed miracles, nothing that would be viewed as “supernatural” in the least, yet the people cheered with as much excitement as if they were seeing elephants walking on water. After the conference people were telling testimonies to their friends about all the healings and miracles… but I noticed they were mostly just reiterating the stories the preacher had told, blended with the testimony of so many people getting prayer and “falling under the power”.


At one conference (many actually) I was asked to help catch people during prayer (as getting “slain in the spirit” was a regular occurrence at these events). I never much liked catching people and always felt that if something like that was genuine, no catcher would be necessary because God wouldn’t allow them to get hurt… Anyway, I was standing behind this lady and she was bending and swaying all over the place and then, all of the sudden, without any warning she just hit the ground with a thud. I didn’t have time to catch her. As soon as she hit the floor, she opened her eyes, grabbed my arm, and pulled me right down to where she could tell me to my face, “You’re not doing a very good job of catching! I hurt my back. You need to pay more attention young man.” To my own amazement, I spoke up and I replied, “Maybe you need to stop faking manifestations because if you really fell under the power, you wouldn’t even be talking to me right now and your back would be fine.”

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Note from Dave of TruthForFree: The following was originally a post on my friend Johnny’s Facebook page (November 10th) “Hard Truth”. The original two-part post has been combined into a single post for viewing here. Follow-up comments are welcome and Johnny also welcomes personal comments or questions directed to his email.

TRANCE’DANCE in Church-world
Which Witch is which?
Part 1

by Johnny Johnson

I rarely mention names in my posts because I know God can save people involved in the occult and I’m not on a witch-hunt. The information I will share may be all one needs to know and flee from Charismatic Witchcraft. That being said, if you want to know the name of this person I am exposing on this page let me know. Perhaps your own teens may be involved and this post might trigger some “catch phrases” you’ve heard them say.

Satan’s capacity for wicked imagination seems bottomless. Furthermore, he is not the least bit intimidated by today’s postmodern church leadership. And just when I think the devil can’t get any more brazen introducing his dark spiritual substitutes for revival into the spiritually empty sanctuaries of church-world, he pulls another rabbit out of his hat.

Currently there is a female “prophet” who has made quite a name for herself in the USA and abroad she proudly admits that she is a “New Mystic.” In my opinion she is none-other than a witch; a witch who is unleashing one of the most powerful manifestations of evil upon an unsuspecting and spiritually blind generation of believers.

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I’ve gotta say, I’m ALMOST too disgusted to blog about this today… I received an email from one of the blogs I subscribe to, featuring a video of an ad for a money-grubber preacher who goes by Master Prophet Noel. This guy, who claims to be a believer/follower of Jesus, SELLS prophecies starting at $20! For $365 bucks you can get a 30 minute prophecy! (You can watch one of his ads in the video below.) Absolutely disgusting. His website even has a “prophecy store”…. What in the world is a “prophecy store” and how on earth do people actually get caught up in following a guy like this? A large part of the reason is because they don’t know the Scriptures or they don’t really know Christ.

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