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The following is a beautiful article written by Cheryl McGrath (check out her website here).

When Jesus spoke the words “the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head” He was not referring merely to physical comforts (Matt. 8:20).  From the beginning of creation God has actively sought a resting place for Himself  among humankind.

In the first chapter of Genesis we see a progressive revelation of the environment that God creatively crafted in preparation for His human creation.  In the first five days the Heavens and the earth were given form; light and darkness were separated establishing time (day and night); vegetation to provide food and beauty were provided; the seas and skies were inhabited with abundant life, and then land creatures were created.  At various intervals of this progressive creative process God paused to observe and inspect what He had done, and declared it ‘good’.  On the sixth day God created humanity in the form of male and female (Genesis 1: 27), and then declared all His creation as ‘very (exceedingly, abundantly, utterly) good’.

And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done (Gen. 2:2). 

It is significant that God rested only after He had created the human race. It is also significant that within every level of created life, from grass to trees to living creatures and then humanity, God placed the ability to reproduce and multiply (Gen 1:11,22,28).

For what purpose did God create humanity?  God was not needy.  Within the perfect love community of Father, Son and Holy Spirit there is nothing lacking, for God is completely sufficient within Himself.  But the perfect Love that is the essence of our three-in-one God desires to express itself through multiplication. The unhindered Life that flows between Father, Son and Holy Spirit seeks to reproduce itself.  This is the nature of perfect Love and perfect Life.  It overflows.  Love produces love, Life produces life.

But why did God create a new race through which to satisfy this desire to extend the perfect community of Life and Love that already existed between Father, Son and Holy Spirit?   He had countless hosts of angels ready to obey His commands.  He had various other levels of creation from plant, to sea and bird life, to land animals.

But of all His creation, only humanity was created in His own image.  In humanity He could fully express the Life and Love that is His essence within creatures capable of returning that love and sharing that love beyond themselves, thereby expanding and reproducing the perfect love community of the Godhead, generation after generation.   In humanity God had created a race among whom He could dwell, fellowship and find His resting place.  God could overflow. Continue reading

The following article is provided courtesy of the website ChristsOwn.WordPress.com (original article published on June 3rd, 2016)…

This is a question that, I am sure, we have heard many people ask, and even many of us have asked from time to time. I have come across various answers to this, many of which fail to deal with the issue effectively. So, then, what is the right answer? How can we ever know, and how can we help someone else who is looking for the answer?

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David Wilkerson went home to be with Jesus in 2011. The following is a message he gave in January of 1993 about the love of God and I really like this one, so I’m passing it along. David was not like so many of the cookie-cutter variety preachers out there today. He was a man broken by God, in love with Jesus, and loved people. While so many pastors in traditional churches today are preaching about prosperity and money and serving the church program, David preached the Gospel of Jesus, the love of God, and the joy of knowing Christ as Lord. I remember one message he gave where he said the following about money:

    The Holy Spirit has laid on my heart something I need to share with you. It is a loving warning from the very heart of Jesus, who said: Take heed, and beware of covetousness (Luke 12:15)… Peter warned that false prophets would arise and through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you (2 Peter 2:3)… Peter warned us to beware of covetous ministers who would use the Word to exploit believers — greedy preachers who would develop a false doctrine of avarice and greed… God’s Word says of these rich, greedy preachers: Their judgment is near, and their destruction will not sleep (see 2 Peter 2:3). They have become blatant and arrogant in their greed. They now preach that you cannot receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit until you prosper. That’s blasphemy! Beloved, do not listen to this false gospel. It is satanic. It comes from the heart of men who are light and frivolous, jokesters, greedy for more. Isaiah the prophet has their number: Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain (Isaiah 56:11). I thank God that he has promised to supply all our needs. And I do not want any believer’s money to make me rich. We are rich when we have His peace and can live without fear all the days of our lives in holiness before the Lord! Thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry to the masses in New York City.

I just wanted to share that in preface to show the heart of this man who wrote the following article. I hope this encourages you! -Dave
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The following is an excellent article, authored by our friends at ecclesia.org.

Why Believers should not attend Church

[Note. There are many godly people who attend church, and there are many positive things about attending church. Many people have discovered and accepted Christ in a church. This article is not putting down churches as far as a place to gather and hear the word of God, because it does not matter where one hears God’s Truth, as long as they hear it! However, this article deals with the topic of “how” we are to worship God, and addresses the belief that one must worship God in a physical building called a church. There is a difference between going to a place to hear God’s Word, and going to a place to worship God.]

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by Melissa Taylor (Forward by Dave Y. of TruthForFree.com)

The following article is written by Melissa Taylor. It was a term paper for one of her classes. She chose the subject because it “touched home” for her. As she put it, “I’m amazed at how many Christians believe our illnesses are the result of sin or not having enough faith. I’ve provided this as something to get you thinking, even if it doesn’t change your mind on the issue.” I wanted to share her article as I found it encouraging. All of us have experienced some measure of hardship and suffering and many of us have heard a lot of “religious” responses to our circumstances. One of my biggest personal pet peeves is with the so-called “faith healers” we see on television and the kind of twisted doctrine they espouse and promote that infects countless numbers of people with a distorted view of the Gospel, of the subject of healing, and of God’s love and grace (as well as His attitude toward us, especially in our seasons of suffering and the very difficult things we sometimes have to battle with in our physical bodies on a daily basis). I have not met Melissa, but I want to say thanks for writing this article. I hope it encourages others. -Dave


In 1928 the famous faith-healer Aimee Semple McPherson, in long, white, flowing clothes, proclaimed to the residents of Muskegon, Michigan that she had enough faith to walk on water. With full confidence she stepped out…

…and fell right in. (“Unfortunately, the person who had been paid to submerge a row of pilings forgot” (Around Lake Michigan, 343).)

This humorous story is an interesting way to introduce a controversial topic. There are some who will say that in all likelihood Aimee was not a Christian and was corrupt, and not a typical faith-healer. There are others who would no doubt believe she was truly going to walk on water and whoever wrote this account was biased in believing she was going to have human help in her miracle — perhaps she just lacked faith at that present moment to walk on water, and had done it other times for real. There are still others who would believe Aimee was like all other faith-healers — duping people of their trust and their money. Just as this story and its account may appear to have more than one possibility, so does the subject of faith-healing overall.

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Article authored by Terry Stanley of HomeChurchHelp.com

Note of preface by Dave Yeubanks of TruthForFree.com: The following is a well-written, concise article by Terry Stanley on the subject of understanding what a Biblical pastor is in comparison to how this “role” is commonly understood by the modern institutional Church. If you are someone who has recently come out of an institutional church organization, seeking truth, and have heard some of us giving reference to more organic terminology for how we believe the Body of Christ can be expressed in daily life, you may have concerns that have led you to ask honest questions such as, “What do biblical pastors really look like compared to what is popular in the modern church?” Many of you know of my personal contention with even the word “church” itself as not being technically biblical (especially with all of the baggage it has acquired throughout history). I contend that “church” as we have come to know it, is not worth salvaging because it was not designed by God. We might, however, differentiate the institutional design of “church” from other manifestations of gathering – such as the “house church” idea. Many Christians have embraced the “house church” concept, because of the example they see in Scripture of Christians gathering together in homes among friends and family… While I contend (ever so graciously) that even this concept of what we might label “church” can, often times, tend toward a mindset where the “house” has simply replaced “the church building”, I know that not everyone who embraces this ideology falls into this trap. To be honest though, I generally, personally exercise caution when I encounter this expressed method of gathering (just as I do with “church” in general), especially when it is used (and talked about) as a “model”. That tends to begin to sound very religious to my ears. But this is NOT representative of every case and so I am very careful not to simply judge people because they gather in one way or another or even if they slap a label on it. God knows the heart and I appeal to His wisdom and grace. It should be understood by our readers that Terry Stanley appears to be a supporter of the house church model for Believers gathering together so he may use the term “church” in that context. He also uses the term as a general reference to the “Body of Christ”, which I have no complaints regarding. The word itself is not a problem if we understand it to mean the people who belong to Christ Jesus the Lord (which I absolutely believe that Terry does). Despite only minor contrasting preferences on a few things concerning how some of these terms strike me, I love this article and Terry presents an excellent, straight-forward discussion of this topic that gets right to the heart of the matter.


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The following is a great post by Chip Brogden. I was just talking about this subject with a friend the other day (as we were discussing the IHOP “International House Of Prayer” phenomenon)and then received Chip’s post via email. Great timing. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did. Be sure to check out Chip’s website too for more great articles and podcasts. –Dave


by Chip Brogden

“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites… but when you pray, enter into your closet and pray in secret… and when you pray, do not use vain repetitions… after this manner therefore, pray… (Matthew 6:5-9ff).”

For too long we have practiced and preached prayer as a means towards our own ends. I am thinking of several popular teachings and books on the market today which make prayer out to be a ritual through which we can induce God to give us what we want. This philosophy gives us the illusion of a manageable deity, a “god” who is under our control, having no choice but to respond to a prayer properly worded or recited. A person of average intelligence should be able to see that this is a ridiculous caricature of God – it is a misrepresentation and a deception. The widespread popularity and success of these teachings should make us at least a little suspicious as to the spirit which prompts men to perpetuate it. It cannot be the Holy Spirit.

Jesus takes it for granted that His disciples will pray. This is why four times in a row He says, “WHEN you pray” and not “IF you pray.” But from these brief excerpts of Scripture we learn that there are at least two classes of prayer. One is unacceptable to God, and the other is well-pleasing to Him. One is of hypocrites, the other is of a pure heart. One is done openly to be seen of men, the other is hidden to be seen of God alone. One is nothing more than vain repetition to accomplish my own ends, and the other accomplishes God’s purpose.

Now if we pray the prayer of the hypocrite we are wasting our time. God will not respond, He will not move, He will not listen to such praying. That is not to say that someone (something?) will not answer this self-centered prayer: but the answer, when and if it comes, will not come from the Father in heaven. Much praying is done in vain because the one praying has never gone to the Word to investigate the kind of prayer that is well-pleasing to God. Just as there is a worship that is “spirit-and-truth” and there is a worship which is fleshly and vain, so there is a “spirit-and-truth” sort of praying and a flesh-and-blood praying which is done in vanity.

So by the grace of God we would like to look to the Lord to teach us to pray. Let us ask Him to show us the sort of praying that is acceptable to Him.

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Introduction by Dave Y. of TruthForFree.com: The following article was written by Tom Riggle at the blog site revelife.com. I do not know Tom personally, but very much appreciated his exposition of the following passage of Scripture. Already, since the re-election of President Barack Obama, I have heard a number of pastors and Christians in general quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14 declaring that, if we will only pray, God must heal America. Now, while I strongly believe we ought to pray for our national leaders (and I do pray for this country and that God would show mercy), I must say that I agree with Tom’s article here; that there is a much more important revelation to consider, one of profound implications, and one we are totally missing when we misunderstand the meaning of a passage like this. Please give it a read and feel free to share your thoughts in response. –Dave



2 Chronicles 7:14, A Misunderstood Verse?
by Tom Riggle


A Promise God Never Made and A Prophetic Application Overlooked

First, the verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14:

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

This verse is, first of all — as it is often presented — a promise never made.

The implication of many American websites, sermons, books, posters, songs, and bumper-stickers is that if America, or the Christians in America, will seek God’s face then He will hear their prayer and heal our country. The reason why many misconstrue this verse as having special application for America and for her revival is that they take these words out of context, focusing instead on special words and phrases that can be reloaded with other meaning. Once the text is denatured and re-natured it comes out red-white-and-blue — and totally at odds with the context. The essential points of misunderstanding are these:

“My people” = Americans. Rational: Were we not a Christian nation?

“Called by My name” = Christians. Are we not called by Christ’s name?

“I.. will heal their land” = America. God will heal our country.

As I said, these applications are arrived at by seeing this verse as self-contained. One well-meaning pastor even makes this verse part of his “single, stand-alone Scripture series”! But to see any verse — especially one like the present — as stand-alone is a recipe for exegetical disaster. Context, always helpful for understanding.

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Here’s a little quote for the day I’d like to share…  My friend Deanna posted the following recently on her Facebook page.  I really liked it and thought I’d pass it on.  Short but sharply to the point. –Dave (TruthForFree.com)


Have you ever heard anyone use this phrase? “I go to church because I need to be fed”. My answer has always been this: Helen Keller was blind, deaf and mute and still she was taught to feed herself.  Only baby birds eat regurgitated food. Stop eating another saints regurgitated revelations. The Father alone gives us our daily bread. When Jesus invites us to “Come Sup With Him”, He requires us to sit at the table like big boys and girls and feed ourselves. Go to church for fellowship, for encouragement or even for the music – but for God’s sake don’t go to be fed. My thoughts are this; if you have been following the Lord for 5 years or more and you’re still having someone feed you? You need a hospital and not a church.

Forwarding comments by Dave Y. of TruthForFree.com: I recently discovered the following article after researching some information related to the discussion that’s been going on in the Sozo post on this website.  A few people have written me and chastised me for not supporting the mainstream excitement over “deliverance ministry” programs and tactics.  Because of my personal opposition to so many of these methods and the mindset behind them, I have been accused of being anti-Holy Spirit or ignorant of spiritual truths.  Ironically, the same folks who have made this accusation of me can never seem to point out a clear biblical defense for their own doctrine concerning deliverance…  The reason, simply, is because their brand of deliverance really is not found in ANY example of Scripture!  Despite my pointing out this important detail, I am said to be the ignorant one.  So, when I happened across the following article, I decided I would post it for review.  In preface I will only say that I do not know the author, nor am I familiar with all of his personally-held beliefs on various subjects related to Christianity; however, I very much appreciated his candid testimony of how he was so heavily involved in the business of so-called “deliverance ministry” for years, before the Lord opened his understanding as to why these kinds of distractions are generally a recipe for spiritual bondage rather than genuine freedom.  I realize this article is very long, but some great points are made.  If you are supporter of any of the popular mainstream deliverance programs bouncing around in the Christian community today, or if you have experienced questions about it, or sensed that something is not quite right about them, please take a few moments to examine the following testimony.  As always, I encourage everyone to feel free to comment after the post and share any personal reactions to it.  God bless!

In His grip,

Dave Y.

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