What You Won't Find In A Christian Bookstore

Hi everyone! Dave here… Thanks for checking out the new (and, hopefully, “improved”) TruthForFree website! Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up concerning what’s in the works right now. I’ve been giving some thought as to how to best re-design the articles page of this website. Because I am now using a new design format, which requires me to learn a lot of new stuff on the fly, things may be a little clunky at first. Here’s my plan… I’m going to post all the articles from the original site on the articles page in two formats that all of you will be able to access right away; 1.) the original HTML web page (just as it appeared on the old site) and, 2.) a downloadable PDF document. Then, I will post one article either every day or maybe every other day in my blog. This will allow those who are subscribing to the blog posts to get articles sent to them on a regular basis, but will also allow those same articles to be archived and searched more easily in the future (by category). I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience as things are under construction. Remember, while things are under construction, if you would prefer browsing the original site it is still live on the Web and will be until everything here has been updated.

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