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There are a number of wonderful people who have inspired me in life and to which I would like to dedicate this site to and in their memory. These are not in any kind of order (I hate prioritizing friends). Thanks to all of my friends, family and acquaintances who have been a part of my life. I appreciate you all!

My wife, Tammy:
I love you sweetie (but I’ll go light on the mush for the sake of our readers here – hehehe). I thank God for sending me the most incredible, unexpected and beautiful gift (and that from all the way across the ocean from Australia)! I am overwhelmed by what an encouragement you are to me and to have someone to share my life with, to laugh with, to dance with, and to love with. I am so thrilled to spend the rest of my life with you, my lovely bride and closest friend. I know God has an amazing purpose for us in the days that lie ahead. Love you babe!

Johnny & Lynne Johnson:
I’ve known these cool cats since I was about 12 or 13 years old. We’ve been through a lot over the years; many ups and downs. Still they remain as some of the closest friends on earth I’ve ever known. Both continue to walk with Jesus outside the walls of traditional organized religion and I love that they’ve never let the years make them old. They’re still two of the biggest kids I know (as are Tammy and me) and their continued faith in God through it all is incredibly encouraging to us. Thanks for the friendship and love all these years you guys! I’m looking forward to giving the devil many more bruises as we fight on together in Christ! 🙂

Shean Smith:
To my religious dung-slingin’ friend Shean. Though we don’t seem to connect as often these days, I want you to know I love and pray for you my friend. Thanks for all the help with the site bro! I could not have set this up without you (donating the theme editor and teaching me how to use WordPress). Thanks also for the times you shared even of your own finances to bless Tammy and me when times were tough. I miss our phone calls and your hilarious, irreverent sense of humor and the talks we often had about the Lord. Funny how years go by and relationships change and sometimes perspectives as well… I guess brothers can’t always agree on everything, but the Lord knows what’s in our hearts and the Lord knows I love my buddy Shean! May His grace and truth encourage you my dear friend.

Sean & Jamie:
I wish you guys didn’t live so far away. You have become some of the closest friends I’ve ever had. Sean, you really are like the brother I never had. There are few people that I don’t mind waking up at 3am just to say hello (and actually kinda hope I’m annoying ya – hehe), but it’s just because I’m so comfortable with you as my friend. I always laugh so hard when we’re on the phone. You’ve shared a lot of inspiration with me, a few debates, and you’re always just honestly yourself and I love that. I love you and Jamie so much… So move here already!!!

Matt & Sarah Deter:
Matt, you were my flat mate for over 9 years! You’ve seen the good, the bad and ugly in me and have remained one of my closest friends ever. We’ve had so many great discussions, arguments, and experiences as friends. Matt, you’re also one of the most generous people I’ve ever met and I am humbled by the times you’ve shown that generosity to me, in more ways that I will ever be able to repay. Christ shines through you dude! I’ve laughed till my sides hurt and that condition has only doubled now that you are married to Sarah. You guys are awesome friends – to both me and Tammy – and I look forward to many long years ahead as close friends. Thanks for including me in your life!

Drew & Carey Ecker:
Drew, you have been my closest friend since I was 15 (or was it 14?) and we have been through just about everything together. You really are like my brother… no, you ARE my brother! I’ve never laughed harder than with you and we’ve shared a few tears too. We grew up in church world together, then Bible school, banged our heads listening to too much Christian rock music (as well as trying to make some of our own), then it seems we both migrated out of the institutional church scene and here we are (better than 25 years later), still loving Jesus and still looking forward to even better days ahead – now with families of our own. God has been good and I thank Him for the friend I have in you man (and your awesome wife, Carey)! I love you!

Orland Myhre:
Few words can adequately describe my buddy Orland Myhre, but faithful friend almost seems insufficient. We were both hatched in church and have been friends, basically, since birth. In fact, before both of our parents were married, Orland’s mom was roommates with my mom and Orland’s dad was roommate’s with my dad! We both grew up with an incredible godly influence and, to this day, it’s not unusual to spend 4 hours or more talking on the phone about God. Orland is an amazing friend and brother in Jesus. We have laughed and argued over the years, but always have remained the closest of friends. Ladies, Orland is still single, one handsome dude, and you won’t find a stronger man of faith in Jesus who has such a sincere, teachable and tender heart. (write me if you want his e-mail address -hehehe)… Orland, the woman who grabs you is one blessed chick! Love you man!

Jason Cady:
Dude, you’re probably the loudest friend I have (hahaha) and I love ya man! I think everyone needs a friend they can laugh their head off with, geek out talking about computer parts, and go looking at “shiny things” at Best Buy with. We’ve been through a lot and I’m glad we’re still such great friends. You’ve encouraged me more than you know too, and I thank God for you! I’ve also watched as the Lord had pulled you through so much stuff and healed so much in your life. He’s made you a wise guy (in more ways than the one I’m most acquainted with – hahaha) and I am glad you are one of my closest friends! I love you man!!!

Russ Kelly:
What a great friend you are! God used you in an incredible way to encourage me and help me grow in my understanding of the Scriptures (especially concerning the subject of tithing). I am still so proud to share your book on the subject of tithing with everyone who may be interested (it is, quite honestly, the best book ever written on planet earth about the subject). We’ve shared some laughs, challenges and triumphs, and I hope, one of these days, we’ll actually get to meet in person. Thanks for being my friend bro and such an excellent voice of truth!

Michael Clark & George Davis:
You guys are great bros! I have identified so much with the wisdom you have shared through your website (awildernessvoice.com) and have been encouraged by the testimony you live out where it counts! I know we don’t get to talk all that often but you guys hold such a fond place in my heart and have encouraged me more than you may know. I love ya!!! Give me a call the next time you guys are traveling through. Would be awesome to get together again!

Joe & Dee:
You guys have been such great friends to me over the year and I love you so much! We’ve been through a lot together and you remain always in my prayers. I miss you! Wherever you guys are now, know that the love is still strong here and you will always be my friends.

Jack Helser:
Jack was one of the first guys I came into INDIRECT contact with several years back, actually BEFORE I left organized religion. Somehow, I got ahold of one of Jack’s articles on tithing and shared it with my friend Matt… and this stirred up quite a bit of trouble for us in the “church” we attended at the time. Without even intending to, I stumbled across Jack’s site a couple years later and, lo and behold, we exchanged some e-mails and phone calls and became friends. It was great to also meet Jack and his wife Karen a few years back. Great people! I am very thankful to God for the friends like Jack He has brought into my life.

Scott and Annette Brians:
Such precious people! I love you guys! Thanks for sharing your great website (his-kingdom.net) with me and for all the inspiring e-mail exchanges. I appreciate so much the encouragement you’ve shared and for keeping me in the loop of life with you guys. So amazing how God brings people together the way He does. I look forward to the day we get to meet in person!

Other Good Friends & Acquaintances:
It really would be impossible to list the many friends and acquaintances I’ve been privileged to meet along this journey of life and I do apologize if anyone feels left out from this list. I have listed those friends that I have had the most frequent contact with and whom I feel have made a very significant influence on my life (particularly with respect to my journey outside of organized religion and whom have partnered with me in some way related to this website), but there are others too numerous to list. I thank God for folks like David Fredrickson, Wayne Jacobsen, Larry Vanyi, Neil Girrard, Devon Leesley, Chip Brogden, Frank Viola, John & Susie Drummond (John was my flatmate before moving off to Scotland to marry his wife), Curtis Flowers (who was a flatmate of mine as well and remains a great friend), Joshua Hayes, Justin Greenhalgh, Liana Palooza, Chuck and Jan Shupe, Darin Hufford, Jim Catlin, Rick Meyers, and so many others (especially all of you that have contributed to this website in some way by sharing articles, links or books). God has used each one in some special and significant way in my life and, again, just because they are listed in short reference – or perhaps a few that I missed – doesn’t mean they are any less significant to me in my heart. My heart is full with all the love He has shared with me through His people.

All of my Family:
I am so thankful to God for all of my family, both immediate and extended. It has made for a rich and happy life and God has taught me much through these relationships. It’s hard to start listing names on this one because the list would go on for too long. I will say thanks to my mom for raising me up to have a heart after God and for demonstrating the character of Jesus through your life. I know that a large part of who I am today is because of your direct influence on my life. I love you so much mom! In a world where so many marriages call it quits when things get hard, I watched you and dad endure through and make it work. What an incredible testimony you have demonstrated. I pray that God will give me the grace and strength to follow in your footsteps with my own spouse and family in the years ahead.

Mark & Karla Reimers:
Though my wonderful sis and bro-in-law, Mark and Karla, haven’t really had anything to do with this site directly, they have been a great encouragement to me personally (and to Tammy). It’s probably almost unfair to mention them exclusively apart from the rest of my awesome family, but it’s just that I’ve been blessed to enjoy a lot more time with them in recent months and God really has knitted them to my heart in such a cool way. Both of them have such an amazing heart for the Lord and are just cool people in general! Both flew all the way to Australia to be there for my wedding and Mark was also one of my groomsmen. It’s always a blast to get out of town, drive up to Chelan, WA, and take a break from the routine and spend time with my sis’ family. I love you guys (and all the rest of my family too – so please don’t get upset that I didn’t list y’all here)

To Those Who Have Passed On:

This site is dedicated to the memory of my father, Allen Dale Yeubanks, who went to be with the Lord January 31, 2001. I love and miss my dad so much and know, one day, I will see him again. In the “About Us” section of this site (specifically the page about me) I share some of the wisdom that my father left with me before he left this world to return to his Father in Heaven. Dad was a free believer completely! He was never embarrassed to just be who God made him to be. Sometimes that made other church folks slightly uncomfortable but neither was anyone more loved than my dad, and probably just for this very reason. He had so much joy and such an incredible love for God and dad was always giving to everyone who had need. Both my folks often took in house guests to live with us and it seemed there was always music, prayer and lots of laughter in the home. When times were tough and money was tight, dad always reminded us that God is always faithful and will never forsake his own… It would usually be about that time that there would be a knock at the door and we would answer to find bags of groceries that an anonymous person left. Once, when one of my father’s friends passed away, dad worked double hours to help pay his friend’s widow’s bills! What a guy! My dad! I’ll never forget the times, walking past his bedroom door, and peeking in to find him on his knees with tears running down his face as he prayed for his family. It’s because of my dad that I have come to know what a real father is and this example God used to draw me closer to my heavenly Father. Dad always pointed me to God and always reminded me that I was a son of my Father in Heaven. In his last days of life he counseled me to beware of men that want to set themselves up as “fathers” in my life. This was but a few months before my own exodus from organized religion would take place. Words cannot express the thankfulness and love I hold in my heart towards my earthly father.

This is site is also dedicated to the memory of Rex Prince and John Vella. Both were regulars at the Prayer Shack prayer meetings in the mid-late 90’s and were amazing friends. Now they’re with Jesus and I can’t wait to see them again someday… Well, I can wait, but I am looking forward to that day! 😉

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