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I wanted to share some news with you all about a recently released film, produced by my friend Devon Leesley. The movie is called Maddy and is about a homeless woman who lives on the streets. This is a privately produced family movie with a Gospel message. Devon put thousands of his own money into this project and has a heart to share it freely with all who wish to see it. There are no professional actors. It’s an all volunteer cast and a labor of love entirely; intended to alert believers to the need for Christ amongst the downtrodden in this world. He has sent a number of free invitations to institutional churches, most of which have rejected the offer for various reasons. Devon tells me that one church repeatedly ignored the invitations to show the film until he offered them a considerably-sized donation. Another church said they would play the movie for their church only if Devon would PAY them for the cleanup after the showing! I wish I could say these types of reactions were shocking or unbelievable, but sadly they are commonplace in today’s church system. However, it would not be fair to cast presumption on every group. There are some who have opened their hearts to the offering and perhaps there will be more. Granted also that individual criticism or positive affirmation will naturally follow any kind of entertainment-based production and this movie is no exception (In other words, some will really enjoy the film and others may not and that doesn’t necessarily make their opinion inherantly good or bad). But in any case, I think it’s absolutely wonderful to see creativity in motion among God’s people and certainly those who have the ear to hear the message that is intended I believe will be blessed. I love that Devon has put his heart into this endeavor and especially that he offers it freely for the glory of God.

The note below is an “advertisement” by Devon for Devon’s new movie called Maddy. If your heart is moved by this, please respond. There’s no charge to see the film.


We are sending a FREE copy of our finished movie “Maddy” about a bag lady living on the street to anyone who wants one. This is a family movie with the Gospel message. If you want a copy I’ll need your full address. We are in the USA so tell us your country also. God bless. Devon Leesley, producer, YET productions.

P.S. You may make copies for distribution but please do not charge. Thanks. gobigred3@cox.net (712)328-2427

To read articles about the film click:

  • www.omaha.com/article/20110122/NEWS02/701229950/-1
  • www.familychristianmovies.com
  • www.godtube.com/watch/?v=929E1CNU
  • Filmed in Omaha/Council Bluffs

    If you want to make a donation, this is appreciated but please do NOT feel obligated. Please make check out to Devon Leesley. Thanks. God bless.

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    2 Responses to A Movie Called Maddy

    • I would love a copy of the film Maddy. I spend alot of time working with and loving the homeless. Maybe this movie could be an aid in encouraging others to get involved in esteeming others greater than themselves… Thanks and God bless.


    • It was a tough row to hoe but God did give us a prophetic word concerning Maddy. He said the organized church is lacking natural affection. In other words, they are deader than dirt. Maddy is all about natural affection from start to finish therefore the ‘church’ has no interest in this film. After 35 years of rejection by the system, Maddy was our last ditch effort to reach them. But we still have hope. God gave us a word in ’80: they will come to you one day asking ‘please show us the way. We’re tired of the way things are’. So we continue to study and rely on Him, waiting for the day they will come. Brothers and sisters, this message is for you also. Be ready when they start knocking on your doors.


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